Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, January 11, 2016


by Sonny Bright CPW News Service
Photo from funeral of Anastasia Somoza at Woodlawn
     Fortunate sons maintain family fortunes secretly according to Bernardo Bandini Machiavelli Medici of Padua, Italy and Hialeah, Florida, president of the International Fellowship of Machiavellian Motive Watchers.  "Money gains more wealth and power and wealth protects power, power protects wealth....often brutally as with the June 20, 1979 murder of the ABC newsman in Nicaragua, Bill Stewart, who just arrived from Iran where the hostage crisis was reaching a fever pitch before the 1980 Presidential election.  White House staffer, Barbara Honegger, author of the book, October Surprise, presented at the December 17, 1992 National Press Club  her findings on this under-reported 1980 event that many have credited along with Jimmy Carter's failure to act decisively on the uncontrolled oil prices and failure to free the hostages, losing the White House.  
     GHWB and Ronald Reagan had, according to Honegger, a leg up on the competition, Jimmy Carter.   By receiving a promise from Iranian leaders that U.S. weapons with which to fight the Iraqis, weapons overpriced with profits from the Iranian transactions going to support the Contras whose war against Somoza's opposition would supposedly avoid another Cuba in the region, so the Iranian Mullahs would not release the hostages until after the November election.  "That's just how it happened," said Medici saying "We were like Franklin Pierce backing William Walker in Central America in the 1850's or like France or Britain backing the Union or Confederacy during our Civil War in the 1860's, but to what end? Oil and the fueling of another Civil War in Central America under the Contras and Somoza's brutal followers in the 1980's."
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      Medici noted that in 1980 Abolhassan Banisadr was complaining as President of Iran while negotiating with the Jimmy Carter administration for the release of the U.S. hostages that  Reagan/Bush representatives were secretly negotiating with the Iranian Shiia Mullahs for the later release of the hostages which was tied to military aide for Iran to be used in a war with Iraq.   The roots of the Neo Cons' breeding of wars in the Middle East (reported by General Wesley Clark) are found in the Iran-Contra fiasco of the 1980's, the "October Surprise" of 1980 and the Iraq-Iran War that Bush's buddies fostered and then continued in its morphed form covered with yellow cake crumbs and dribbled into the creation of ISIS that wars with Iran and, like Al Qaeda, is really supported by the Saudi royal family that has it own colony of tethered gerbils far up the Saud/Bush relationship and vice versa.  The 1980 "October Surprise" would not reveal itself to the U.S. electorate until after Reagan and Bush won the Presidency.   On January 11, 2016 JEB Bush told Joe Scarborough that Obama had wrongly talked with the Iranians sending the wrong message to the Saudi royal family in Riyadh.   "Bush is a slick one, isn't he?  Where did he learn that distrust of the Iranians and trust of the Saudis who were the focus in 1992 of the FinCEN investigation of Saudi influence peddling in the U.S. with GWB's Air National Guard roommate, James Bath, as a main person of interest because of his place on the Bank of Commerce and Credit International that Robert Gates, hardly a Bush outsider, called the 'Bank of Crooks and Criminals'?" asked Medici who saw the entire era as one of playing one group of Muslims against another for financial gain with flagrant disregard for the cost to humanity and the environment.
Echoes of Katrina
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      "This of course punctuates the shady history of U.S. and Iranian and Nicaraguan connections, not to mention Cuban relations in supporting the equally repressive Cuban leader, Fulgencio Batista, who like Somoza in Nicaragua, essentially preparing the Cuban nation, including its 30,000 man army, to join the 500 man army of Castro....a similar fate deeply feared by the Sunni Arab royal families in their battle against Iran.   "You couldn't have done a better job of fueling consent for a long, protracted Cold War, just as with the Saudi/Iran situation the Neo Cons fueled a phony protracted war on terror like the phony war on drugs.  The Bush family had the choice of appearing to be, hell being, Tory supporters of the outcast monarchial system of the past like Benedict Arnold, while financially benefitting from the Saudi monarchy's oil money, or taking the U.S.'s historic high ground with respect to championing liberty and freedom.  Guess which one they chose?  These chefs like to pee in the soup," said Medici. "The current oil glut cannot be blamed on Arab over-production.  It has come with the advent of new technologies including horizontal drilling used in fracking and that technology was developed by geologist and engineers like the husband of Rhonda Glover, Jimmy Joste, in Texas," said Medici.  "It's close control can steer humanity away from clean energy for decades like the little rudder on Exxon Valdez," he asserted.  "We don't have decades!"
    While the Contra death squads similar to those operating in Chile, Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia under their various U.S. allies....Pinochet, Mubarak, the Shah, Saddam Hussein and Saudi royals,  appearances are kept up by pointing to the hope of a "kinder and gentler nation" and a "thousand points of light"....little specks of insignificant pin pricks amid a sea of utter darkness," said Bernardo Medici.  "To be benevolent, on the one hand, while swinging a big stick with the other....the dialectic is part of the process of bamboozling and that process has morphed over time until Americans' eyes are glazed over and the growing black yin runs over the shrinking white yang," said Medici who added...."time to balance the wheel."
       "Fact is, the families of these tyrants are given special U.S. protection and their diplomatic immunity or near immunity which means that they can recreate amid the U.S. body politic the same conditions that lost them their leadership elsewhere.  Their immunity is our infection.  The widow of Anastasio Somoza died at 90 in Houston, Texas nor far from the home of GHWB in the heart of the smuggling route that provided covert supplies for William Walker's expeditions to Central America, the Bay of Pigs and Iran-Contra the Reagan/Bush program that sought to reestablish Somoza in Nicaragua.  Just as in Nicaragua where Bill Stewart was murdered by Somoza's National Guard, in the U.S. people die, too....Don Ives, Kevin Henry, Gary Webb, Mark Lombardi, Sibley Riggs and scores and scores others," said Medici.
       "JEB Bush's involvement in the CIA while his brother was on vacation from the Texas Air National Guard is a story people don't want to hear, but need to hear.  If you were Bill Stewart's brother or sister, nephew or uncle, you'd be following this story," concluded Medici who believes that Wayne Madsen's article on JEB's CIA days is an important source of information for a "brain-dead electorate" pumped by the leading nerds of the Washington Post and Columbia University, Steve Coll and Jeff Leen or of the University of Missouri's School of Journalism, Steve Weinberg.  Medici referenced the University of Missouri's recent woes and the choreographed attack on Gary Webb by IRE's former Director, Steve Weinberg in concert with Jeff Leen and described in Truth In Search of a Unicorn.
     Madsen's concerns are echoed by Barbara Honneger who has claimed that Robert Parry's FrontLine documentary on the Reagan/Bush "October Surprise" had discredited key witnesses which Honneger, a Reagan staffer, defends.  Parry would, after the damage was done, later confirm that key Iranian official had made the arrangements, but after 911 Robert Parry became a key target of  David Ray Griffin whose "Why Do Bill Moyers and Robert Parry Believe in Miracles?" which has been tauted as compelling argument for a 911 bamboozling by editor of Harper's Magazine and Lapham's Quarterly, Lewis Lapham, who has cited Griffin's book on the subject Debunking the 911 Debunking.
     Madsen provides a letter from Jeb Bush, an employee of the James A. Baker owned Texas Commerce Bank that was purchased by Chemical Bank of New York in 1987.  Robert W. Gambino, the letter's recipient, was the head of security for the Central Intelligence Agency and nominated by Ronald Reagan to be Deputy Inspector General of the U.S. Synthetic Fuels Corporation, the government owned business that would help build U.S. energy self-sufficiency based on the fuels that competed directly with the fossil fuel industry in the same way that J. Robert Oppenheimer's nuclear ambitions would do when he was deposed of his national security clearance thanks to the testimony of Dr. Kenneth Pitzer.  Pitzer was the President of Rice University, Houston.  Rice University, home to the James A. Baker Center for Public Policy was where Pitzer, also a chemist, was working on high octane jet fuels at the time of the Oppenheimer's defrocking for the fossil fuel cartel," said Medici.  "These guys are like the Pope holding Galileo and Copernicus' nuts in a noose," said Medici.  "They believed that the oil at the center of the earth makes earth the center of the universe....hell, IS the center of the universe in spite of the fact that its use will kill the planet in a couple of decades while the sun will shine for about three or four billion more years.  Meanwhile these greasy bastards are sucking the Royal Saudi's oily pump handles in a region that has only two warring Muslim religions proving to be the meat market and money mill for their war profiteering," Medici maintains.  "Think about that next time you hear your neighbor's boy or girl is processed through Dover Air Force Base, Delaware," said Medici.
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Robert W. Gambino from Madsen Report.
     "A clear link to Robert W. Gambino and the Gambino crime family was not established by Madsen in his article on JEB Bush, though Peter Brewton, the award winning reporter for the Houston Post and author of the 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, provides a meticulously documented account of the Bush/Mafia connections to the 1980's S&L crisis," said Medici.
     Brewton argues (p. 166) that Stefan Halper who was named Policy Director by GWHB for his 1980 campaign had been selected primarily to see "whether Carter's people might be able to pull off an 'October Surprise', in getting the American hostages in Tehran released before the election, possibly thereby securing victory for the Democrats."
    Brewton adds:  The Times quoted an unnamed source as saying, "There was some CIA stuff coming from Halper, and some agency guys were hired."  One former CIA official working for Halper during the campaign was Robert W. Gambino, who headed the CIA super-sensitive Office of Security.
    "Had the information that Bill Stewart was carrying from Iran to Nicaragua during the 1980 Presidential election been shared with Anastasio Somoza it would have come from Gambino," said Medici pointing to an article on his desk by Peter Pezonus titled Somewhere Between the Properline and the Dirty Low Down that linked the Texas airport where Salem Bin Laden died in 1988 to the the National Reconnaissance Office.   "That's not the scary part.  Somoza's business partners in Nicaragua were Neal and Linden Blue, Yale fraternity brothers of GWB who make the U.S. Predator and Reaper drones that have become the favorite weapon of enforcement of U.S. foreign policy and putting in the backseat the traditional intelligence requirements of a nation that has honored in the past, its distant past and early beginnings, the ethics of justice, fair play and humanitarian ends.....so now along our relatively short ride the saddle is sliding off the horse's ass.  It's a really shitty place to be," Medici concluded as he mentioned the governments use of drones on its own U.S. citizens in recent police investigations.
     For a fine account of the Somoza legacy and history with the U.S. power structure read the award winning NPR contributor George Evans' Deaths of Somoza at DailyKos.com.   -SB

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