Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Ryan Crocker Sees Syrian Refugee Crisis and Middle East Issues Getting Much Worse

“What I see are two lines that are very troubling.  The need is going to go up and the resources are going to go down.  So….as bad as things are today cherish the moment because looking back in six months these will seem like the good old days.”

                                      -Ryan Crocker, 12/17/15, Arab Center of Washington

R.K. Uhrtoz
By Raleigh Kurel Uhrtoz, CPW News Service

      He was the Bush and Obama Ambassador to Syria before that nation followed the script that former head of NATO and U.S. Presidential candidate General Wesley Clark laid out in his books and video on the Bush/Republican Neo Con agenda of seven wars in the Middle East all brought to you courtesy of Uncle Sam.

     “Well, Clark ought to know,” said independent U.S. investigative reporter Fabian Colbachi.  “Crocker is now head Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University where the Bush Presidential Library that has within its archival bowels the documentary evidence of the truth about Iran-Contra and kept under lock and key.   Crocker will argue for accepting Syrian refugees while Trump says we need to slow things down until we understand just what is going on.  Well, Angelo Dundee and Don King know what’s going on.   It's called in their lingo ‘the fight game’.   With two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, General Smedley Darlington Butler, it was called ‘the racket  of war.’  Few know this game like the soldiers whose buddies have had to make the trip through Dover AFB in a box,” said Colbachi.

      “Crocker, another 'fortunate son', was working with Iran after 911 to bring Al Qaeda to justice and to curb the Taliban in Afghanistan.  So what happens?   George W. Bush delivers his ‘Axis of Evil’ speech and that cooperation disintegrates.  Then just this week Saudi Arabia which had harbored Al Qaeda after it had been spawned in Egypt under the repressive Hosni Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood…..which, by the way migrated to Syria where Assad expelled them….as they sought refuge under the Saudi royals with which Bin Laden shared such a chummy relationship….and now the Saudis are beheading an Iranian cleric along with twenty five members of Al Qaeda.    Trump is damn smart to ask the question…..’What the hell is going on?’    Wesley Clark could tell him, but it means alienating the festering core of the Republican Neo Con assholes whom Trump scares to death,” said Colbachi.

      The Arab Spring evacuated the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt along with Mubarak who was reportedly running CIA black site and torture programs within his borders as the Shah had done with his secret police SAVAK.  When the Arab Spring erupted in 2011 the Saudi King who was in the U.S. for elective surgery cancelled his operation, flew home and started handing out the money…..essentially bribes…..to the princes and their minions to quell a potential parallel revolt in Saudi Arabia.   Bush and Crocker weren't about to play Oliver Cromwell or, hell, George Washington and Ben Franklin against King George, by encouraging a similar search for enlightenment in Saudi Arabia as the Egyptian youth were wanting there.  The Saudi oil money, even a tubby and boyish Michael Moore had shown in his documentary, Fahrenheit 911, was too enticing for the Bush and Neo Con interests.  Now, these are the bed wetters with Prince Bandar Bush whose ties to the Bush family gave Al Qaeda an easy entrance into the U.S, but the Bin Ladens a quick exit from the U.S. after 911.   The Bin Ladens even owned a Houston, Texas airport, Houston Gulf Manor, purchased with the help of James R. Bath, GWB’s Texas Air National Guard roommate with money provided through the Saudi royal banker, Khalid Bin Mahfouz, while Bath, the focus of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network that could have netted the 15 Saudi 911 hijackers had it been left in place since 1992 and if the FBI had done its job when it stood down the FinCEN program in a critical Presidential election year.  “That election year found the Saudi connections silenced, GWHB losing to Clinton anyway based on ‘read my lips’,  but with Clinton essentially sharing the crib with Bandar and Bushy as the new wayward, fortunate son...a Rhode Scholar and Oxford student..... who turned a blind eye to Mena, Arkansas and made Arkansas the banana republic that it is,” said Colbachi who believes that the Bush family is the most Machiavellian clan since Machiavelli.  "Their motto is likely 'where there is no conflict of interest, there is no interest,'" said Colbachi.   "The same principle that was followed by Tammany Hall.  What I am describing is essentially the criticism of the Bush legacy revealed in Senator Bob Graham's redacted 28 pages of the official 911 report that fingered Saudi Arabia for culpability.   Bill Clinton's lawyer, not surprisingly, is using that 28 pages to make a case for the Twin Tower's families to sue Saudi Arabia, but they have a dual lawsuit against the yellow cake purveyors," said Colbachi.  "The hand's off policy of the U.S. for Saudi Arabia that Michael Moore demonstrated so clearly, is Graham's concern, too, as well it should be." 

     Senator Bob Graham who chaired the U.S. Senate committee on 911 oversight believes the U.S. people have a right to know the whole truth with respect to these 28 pages.  Graham was joined by 46 Congressmen and Senators in pressing for disclosure of the 28 pages.

      Colbachi sees the Saudi royals becoming as paranoid as Pinochet in Chile, Samoza in Nicaragua and as the Shah of Iran whose 1953 toppling of Iran’s democratically elected leader as troubling to the core given these events were dependent on the CIA’s covert actions.  Crocker is a walking, talking crock of Neo Con political crap and cronyism,” said Colbachi.
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      Colbachi urges citizens of all faiths to join the growing movement known as the Knights of the Golden Rule.   “Castrate your leaders,” said Colbachi, “by refusing to play their game.  They control both corners of the fight. Refuse to fight.  Think of it as electricity.  When you turn on the love light the war light automatically goes out.  Meanwhile read everything you can to better understand where other people are coming from.  Crocker is coming from the far side of the planet Izadumas,” said Colbachi smiling.  "Crocker and the Bush administration are not the ones to be talking about Syrian refugee policy given the Neo Con agenda that General Wesley Clark laid out for us, but neither is Hillary Clinton or JEB Bush," said Colbachi as he held up a poster of the universal Golden Rule from various religions.

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