Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Foxcatchers In Hen House?

John DuPont Film, Heath Ledger, Paul Walker, Robin Williams and the Law of Probability

By Virginia May Hemm for CPW News Service

     With critics panning the new film about John DuPont’s sad life as a petro-chemical heir turned wrestling promoter, Foxcatcher,  and the chemical release that killed four DuPont employees over the same weekend the movie was released, finds many wondering about the timing of Hollywood film releases like Heath Ledger’s Batman movie, Paul Walker’s racing films and Robin William’s final film, A Night At the Museum 3.   "There is rising concern that there may be  a connection between apparent bad luck incidents, suicides, unintended drug overdoses and other apparent accidents and box office ticket sales," said
    “It’s hard to say exactly what the impact is on ticket sales following the death of a leading actor.   John DuPont’s character, Steve Carrell,  is still living so the likelihood that there was foul play is not easily correlated.   On the other hand, said Ivy Driwalls, of the Society for the Study of the Correlation of Death and Film Commerce, “it cannot be totally ruled out that there may be some contrived correlation between the two.   Our statisticians believe that the correlation between these recent deaths depending are highly suggestive of foul play….about like the statistical correlation between natural death and what the insurance companies experienced in the 1950’s Murder Incorporated case,” said Driwalls

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