Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reese Witherspoon, Colin Firth, The Devil's Knot and The Evolution of Evil

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By Godiva Z. Skeanidiphar for CPW News Service

     If you missed the 2013 Toronto film festival release of the movie Devil's Knot about the West Memphis 3 and the horrific 1993 murder of three eight year old boys in that city, Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth's reenactment of the true story was released the week of the murders in 2014 in limited theaters and DVD's.   The film follows on the heels of the release and pardon of the living Memphis 3, not to be confused with the three dead victims, all of whom were hogtied, two of which drowned and one of which bled to death from the removal of a major portion of genitals.  In 2012 the mother of victim Steven Branch, Pam Hicks, filed a law suit against the West Memphis Police Department demanding to see Steven's possessions including his bicycle. 
    "West Memphis is in Arkansas," said Rita Blythe Clinton of West Memphis who has been following the case since the grizzly discovery in 1993.  "It doesn't seem likely to me that one man...black, white or blue.... could have held down the three boys.  It ain't likely that one man hog tied all three without one of the boys running away for help....then cut off one's genitals while the others watched, if they hadn't been drowned yet...and that doesn't seem likely cause someone twisted enough to do this thing would surely want them to see his kinky evil,  then drowning the two in the creek to cover his tracks....and then he walked into the Bojangles so that his tracks could lead right back to the muddy creek?  I'm no criminal investigator, but how damn weird is that?   Now I know that Arkansas is one sycophant society, but this gives logic a cranial anal impaction," said Clinton who worked in Mena, Arkansas across from the Mena, Airport when Barry Seal was "running CIA/Iran-Contra planes in and out like a Little Rock pimp at midnight," said Clinton.  "I know that when Bill Clinton was Governor that place was really hopping and I felt damn bad that Asa Hutchinson was the state's Attorney General when Barry Seal was murdered in Louisiana before Seal could give testimony in just who was at the top of the Iran/Contra drugs for weapons and hostages program that nearly cost Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush an impeachment.  Mena had a similar murder of young boys.   Two young boys whose parents say they went out one night to shoot rats or something and were found run over by the train that ran by the Mena Airport....Kevin Ives and Don Henry....God rest their souls," said Clinton.   "Hutchinson, now Governor of Arkansas, was appointed the head of the DEA when he was unable to protect Barry Seal whose testimony would have blown the cover on the entire Iran-Contra plot all the way to the very top of this ugly food chain," said Clinton.
      Clinton also read Burl Barer's book, Fatal Beauty, about the Jimmy Joste murder case in Texas and his common law wife's assertions that she was protecting their son from ritualistic sacrifice by a powerful and twisted den of demonologists.  "Rhonda Glover, the parents of the boys from Mena, the parents of the boys from West Memphis have a lot in common," said Clinton noting that bizarre story was covered by Peter Pezonus.  "I would want to know if Stevie Branch was in any way part of the Taylor Branch family.  Taylor Branch was a close friend of Bill Clinton who spent Clinton's victory night in the 1992 election in Little Rock and who was at the estate of the Washington Post's Catherine Graham in Washington D.C. on inauguration night with the newly elected President Clinton.  That was reported by the  Michael Sragow  in his September 27, 2009 article 'Clinton Confidential: With a Historian's Honesty, Taylor Branch Relates Eight Years of Conversations With His Friend In the White House, '" said Rita Clinton adding...."it would be good that Branch not write about the Mena Arkansas airport operation nor about the Iran-Contra banks' origins in Little Rock through Arkansas banker, Jackson Stephens.  Four months after Bill Clinton's inauguration Stevie Branch and the other boys were dead.   The U.S. seems to have to accept a slickly managed and cryptic murder-message aimed at intimidating families, but not the wholesale slaughter of people like we have seen with the U.S. backed Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein before Kuwait, Augusto Pinnoche in Chile or Anostosia Samoza in Nicaragua....the recipient of Bank of Commerce and Credits' Iran-Contra funding, hostage tradaing, weapons and drug distribution," said Clinton.  "Not yet," she added, "but that, too, may have arrived on 911," she continued.
    Colin Firth and Reese Witherspoon are not the fist Hollywood celebrities to take an interest in the Memphis 3 story.   Johnny Depp championed their release and his ties to Austin, Texas where the Joste/Glover story intersects with issues in Devil's Knot seemingly goes beyond Depp's attraction to Austin's Amber Heard and was covered in an article titled "Johnny Depp or Johnny Dipp?" said Clinton.  "Could the Memphis 3 have been patsies?  Certainly.  Would Steve Branch's step father have killed all three boys to get rid of his stepson?  Not likely," said Clinton. "If a wacko step-father was trying to eliminate the seeds of competition in his family, he'd more than likely make it look like an accident, not draw a huge magnifying glass to a trio of deaths," said Clinton.
    Devil's Knot, however,  is an excellent story of the degree to which U.S. diversity in religion has continued to provide an interesting backdrop for social analysis and pop culture conjecture.  If the Salem, Massachusetts history of witches and covens seems far removed from American life, it isn't.
     While the film takes substantial license with the facts of the case, what it does not attempt to conceal is the degree to which Memphis 3's leader was an occultist who held Aleister Crowley in apparent high regard.  Admitting the ritualistic drinking of human blood as part of his religious practice because there is "power in the blood," Damien Nichols' honest and forthright admissions of his religious dogma and ghoulish ecclesiastical rubrics brings a refreshing approach to a traditionally dark art.   It also explains how the void of traditional morality in America has been filled with alternative practices and beliefs that the mainline media has increasingly fed since about 1993 with shows about vampires, blood lust, cage fighting and 24/7 military channels," said one culture vulture critic.
     The black man seen at Bojangles Restaurant on Wednesday May 5th, 1993 and therefore a possible suspect, was never found and blood samples were taken from the restroom where he left substantial physical evidence that was botched by the West Memphis, Arkansas police whose top law enforcement official was Attorney General, Asa Hutchinson.  Hutchinson, ironically, a graduate of the ultra-conservative Bob Jones University serving in a state whose leading historian and biographer of the Confederacy's Attorney General,  founder of Scottish Rite Masonry,  slaver and reported Satanist and chief legal counsel for the KKK, Albert Pike, is the University of Arkansas' prominent historian and professor, Walter Lee Brown.  It's  not altogether clear that the black man's trouser legs were wet as Devil's Knot shows.  The official police report indicated that he was wearing black pants, not Khaki as in the film.  His shoes were muddy according to the Bojangles witnesses.  "It's not likely that the black man intentionally wore black pants to cover blood stains, but priests often wear black vestments to cover wine stains that dribble off their chins.  Everybody knows that people often intentionally wear black to cover stains and it does a marvelous job at doing that.  Water stains, liquor stains, food stains, blood stains," said medical uniform salesman, L.V. Inne of Little Rock, Arkansas.
      "You have to really be looking close to tell and a quick glance into a restroom wouldn't likely yield that much information if the guy was wearing both a black shirt and black pant, but whoever saw him, by putting the black man in black shirt and pants just white washed the whose African American race," said Inne. 
      "Now if there was some caked on red clay mud on the black pants, that would show, but then why would the film not just do that instead of changing the pant color altogether as it does?   And what right-minded black man would be a satanic priest in the Arkansas where the patron saint of kinky was Albert Pike, a slaver?   I saw Devil's Knot and it appears to me that it is tying a tighter knot.   That's just what the film was doing, tying one hell of a twisted knot like the one in the legend of Phrygian Gordium ," said Clinton a Greek Classics minor in 1983.
     Noting that Hollywood often depicts the South....and West Memphis is in the South....as a region of backwoods bozo bimbology, Clinton noted that Bill Maher and Nancy Pelosi's daughter had used Mississippi as an example of a Southern malignancy without doing the deep analysis required to show the South's rootds in the industrialized north.  "Albert Pike came to the South through Savannah and New Orleans and Arkansas, but there are plenty of followers of Aleister Crowley in New York, Boston or Baltimore and their ideologies are not that much different.  They were both essentially slavers!  Passionate pyramid sitters like the head lopping Mayan royalty or Egypt's Pharaoh," said Clinton noting a story that included Pike's Arkansas biographer, Walter Lee Brown.
     Colin Firth's interest in the film is puzzling.  However, there is a logical connection to the British that goes unnoticed.  "Albert Pike's Scottish Rite Masonry in Arkansas spread across the South and that swept the South and replaced the Christianized York Rite Masonry of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.   Their beliefs did not originate in the Germany and Pike had a decidedly Germanic Thule flavor similar to the occult of the Nazi's Heinrich Himmler.   The British royal family is not British, but the German Saxe-Gotha-Colburg family that gave Winston Churchill hell in the 1930's and 40's.   Churchill had to put the Duke of Windsor and his American Nazi spy in exile in the Bahamas where they could do less harm to the war effort. He didn't think it wise to have a full-blown Nazi spy running around Buckingham Palace.  They were exiles to the Bahamas where FDR's people could watch them more closely.  Wallace Simpson, the Duke's wife for whom he abdicated the British throne, met her royal husband in San Diego, California  at the Coronado Hotel near where the U.S. Navy SEAL headquarters are literally built in the shape of a swastika.  The "Navy Mayor of San Diego" is married to Linden Blue, Skull & Bones brother of GHWB and founder of General Atomics that makes the U.S. Predator and Reaper drones that drop uranium shells on the world's battlefields.  The Saxe-Gotha-Colburgs ascended to the British throne with a fortune of $500 million dollars which today is $14 billion made mostly from uranium and Linden Blue and his brother own the largest uranium deposit in the North America.  Albert Pike's Scottish Rite originated in the Prussian Royal Court, entered the U.S. through the South, but the South's President, Jefferson Davis, for whom Albert Pike was Attorney General, was close friends with Boston's Caleb Cushing, the world's leading opium smuggler and negotiator of the U.S./Chinese Wanghia Treaty that led to the U.S. overtaking the British as the opium dumpers that led to Chinese Cultural Revolution.   After the U.S. replaced the British as the world's drug conduit history repeated itself as it had for the Brits with the Boxer Rebellion and Opium Wars.  Is Colin Firth aware of these British/American connections and if so why did he join Witherspoon in making this film?" asked Clinton.,
     "Science could have solved the Memphis 3 case as it could have solved the Rhonda Glover case, but not with the evidence disappearing.   In West Memphis it was the black man's blood that vanished.  In Austin, Texas it was a little boy's ear," said Clinton.  "At any rate, as we learned with Dr. Joseph Mengele in Germany or with the Cold Spring Harbor Eugenics pseudo-science funded by Mary Harriman, the Hypocratic principle of 'first do no harm' is not always at the center of science or police work, just as 'whoever harms a child...it's better for a millstone to be placed around their neck and they be thrown into the sea,' isn't either," said Clinton who was joined by another disgruntled voice.
     "I am sick and tired of Hollywood screwing with the facts of history!" said retired private investigator Samuel G. Spade of St. Louis, Missouri who said that Omaha, Nebraska's Franklin Cover-up and Happy Valley's Sandusky scandal could well be a part of the Memphis 3 case when you consider that Coach Joe Paterno delivered the pep talk at the 1988 Republican National Convention at which the Franklin Scandal's Lawrence E. King sang the National Anthem.   I don't care that Johnny Dipp, Damien Nichols, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten or whoever got a tattoo of some Sumerian Ouija board on their tits or pecker heads at the same Hollywood tattoo parlor.  Somebody will likely make 'em into lampshades someday for a little lamp made from a ram's horn to cast a soft light on a small plate of liver and a side of fava beans," said Spade.  "That police report is a historical document and the black man's pants were black, not Khaki!  The West Memphis police and the whole state of Arkansas is a boiling cauldron of criminality as far as I'm concerned and the death of those boys would have sent one chilling message to Hutchinson and even to then President Bill Clinton and Taylor Branch, his biographer,  who had to have known about Mena.  The message was the same as that to Barry Seal's colleagues in the CIA. 'Shut the hell up!  Hear no evil, see no evil and certainly speak of no evil!'   Now that's really evil!  The West Memphis 3 story has cover-up written all over it and the strong possibility that the two poles of good and evil are a type of dialect being manipulated by some mighty powerful players. Were the Memphis 3 framed?  Maybe.  Maybe not, but the right drug cocktail and their lives could take a twisted turn from personalities even darker than them.   What if the police's report on the murder of Lincoln indicated correctly that he was shot with a pistol, but Hollywood calls it a Winchester rifle?  It wouldn't bring him back, but by God in heaven you can't jockey with the facts like that to sway the sensitivity of the viewers.  The Winchester would have left a much bigger hole.  I don't know what happened in West Memphis, but I know that if Damien Nichols is going to continue to drink human blood with this Ebola thing going around, he needs to find a good source of homogenized human blood that has been well sanitized," said Spade.  "That could become a new industry in Sierra Leone, Nigeria or Liberia and might even hasten the eradication of the Ebola epidemic there. Given these struggling nation's economic woes and health crises.....now that their other natural resources are likely the target of diamond miners, oil drillers and uranium companies," said Spade, "canned homogenized blood for ritualistic celebrations of vinous venues could bring on an economic boom for the region, but may not pass FDA approval in the States unless one of Arkansas' Hutchinson boys has been appointed FDA Director," said Spade.

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