Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Homeostatic Societies

Wrestling With Change: Now The Hell Will Start?
By Cher Ng Hirbegboner for CPW News Services

     Pierre B. Pasquale of the Center for the Study of the  Mutation of Homeostasic Societies(CSMHS) in Montreal, Canada has been studying the difficulty of social and societal accommodation of alternate cultures.
     “In 2009, Black American movie director, Spike Lee, bought the film rights to the book by Brendan I. Koerner, Now the Hell Will Start,  about an African American soldier who shipped out to Burma with his U.S. Army unit to build the alternative to the Burma Highway, not unlike the British soldiers who were sent from Hong Kong by the Japanese as forced laborers to build the railway through the Burmese jungle and over the river Kwai.   The soldier’s true life story is a perfect example of the mutation of homeostatic societies in microcosm.   He left his military unit under duress and accommodated himself to the surrounding culture, not unlike Spanish explorer, Cabeza de Vaca, both of whom lived among indigenous head hunters,” said Pasquale.
     “Cabeza de Vaca floated across the Gulf of Mexico to wash up on the shores of Galveston Island in what is now Texas to live with the Carancahua Indians.  Cannibals, they not only did not eat the Spaniard, but welcomed him as something of an oddity into their clan and cult.   The same was true for Pvt. Herman Perry as he left his U.S. Army unit and joined the cannibalistic Nagas natives as Perry fled the difficult work by black soldiers on the Burma-Nepal-India theater’s Ledo Road,” said Pasquale.
     Many cultures that would not think of literally eating you, will actually eat you alive in other ways and it was obviously this aspect of the culture he fled that prompted Herman Perry's tale.   Marrying the daughter of the Nagas chieftain, Perry was, for some reason difficult to fathom, homesick for his family back in the United States.  “The Ledo Road was not Shangri-La,” said Pasquale.
     Pasquale sees the difficulty of mutations within homeostatic societies as a primary reason that war, immigration policies, final solutions, border skirmishes, bussing, segregation, integration, Jewish-Palestinian conflicts, Sunni/Shiite conflicts, Protestant/Catholic conflicts and other classic conflicts between human groups exists.
     “Even when they say they change, they typically do not.   The Bible, and I know that people don’t  read that anymore, but if they did it would tell them that ‘the sins of the fathers are visited upon the third and fourth generation.' Four generations is about two hundred years.  I had a friend named Edwin Black who wrote a book called War Against the Weak.   It told of how Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ was informed by the U.S. Eugenics program at Cold Spring Harbor, New York and backed by Western technology which ironically was exported by American power elites to not only the Nazi Reich, but to the Bolsheviks according to another author, Anthony Sutton, in his book The Best Enemy Money Can Buy.   Black was interviewed by a rabbi about his earlier book, The Transfer Agreement, which showed the evolution of the State of Israel via an agreement between the Nazi Reich and wealthy Jews who helped the Reich circumvent the Allies’ embargo of German products.  Those that helped through the “transfer agreement” were Zionists who migrated to Palestine to establish the nation of Israel on the backs of the other Jews who couldn't get out and whose inhospitable accommodations....Auschwitz, Treblinka, Dachau....were fueled by the Nazi goods sold on the black market.   "In a way the elite Jews killed their own, just as Hitler purged his own ranks motivated by his dysfunction and maniacal paranoia.   It was like an animal eating its own leg," said Pasquale noting the American Civil War was essentially the same thing.  "There was no moral high road.   Lowell P. Wigglesworth has shown beyond a shadow of doubt that the American Civil war was a way to hault the South's push to the Pacific and the Pakistani, Iraqi, Indian, Iranian and Turkish poppy fields beyond," said Pasquale.  Abolition of slavery was the fascade, the lace curtains on the slaughter house that was essentially a drug war," he continued.
     “Black identifies the American connection to Hitler’s Reich as the Cold Springs Harbor, New York Eugenics Institute which was supported by Mary Harriman whose husband's family had a vested interest in seeing their railroad making it to San Francisco before the South's railroad to San Diego, California.  Many Confederates would be natural allies with the Cold Spring Harbor mentality after they were decimated by 1865.  The Eugenics program?   It's been only sixty years since this project in the 1930's that, out of embarrassing necessity, had to admit the waywardness of their assertions. They do not fit within the Biblical paradigm of four generations from errant assertions.   If Black were asked ‘would you serve on the board of Cold Spring Harbor today?’   he would have had to say not only ‘no’, but ‘HELL NO’…..why?  Because it takes at least a couple of hundred years for the social toxins to dissipate to the point that change is really possible,” said Pasquale who said "my son challenged me on this saying....'hey, I'm not anything like you!' To which I said....'the system, the system,  the system cannot cleanse itself of these malignant toxins in sixty years.   Nieburh's Moral Man And Immoral Society says it.  Individuals may see themselves as moral agents capable of significant change, but their cultures do not change easily.  Their societies are more powerfully influential," said Pasquale.  "They are the cocoon in which good and evil battles, flourishes, wains, lives or dies."
     Pasquale was circumspect in his analysis.  "Let's say your pappy started Cold Spring Harbor Institute which is damn sure that nothing good ever came out of Africa except diamonds, oil, gas,  uranium, zebra hides and elephant tusks.    Forget Mitochondrial Eve!  You'll paint her into a dark corner!  Chances are,  too,  that if you are Mrs. Harriman's number one son you will tow the line into the future and the little kiddos will follow for some time.  Let's say you are the son or daughter of the law firm that opposed integration.   The soft, cushy cocoon of the law firm your pappy served will give you every reason to tow their line well into the future, too.  You will continue to be part of the problem.  Not the solution.   Let's say you are the number one son of the Starbuck's Coffee Company.   Your pappy pays the poor farmer, Mr. Guzman in Peru, ten cents a pound for his coffee or $6500....for 60 thousand pounds of it from Guzman's 60 acres....which Starbucks will sell retail for $10.5 million.....then you wonder why little Central and South American kids are jumping your non-existent border fence at Tijuana, El Paso or Matamoros to get a good paying job at Starbucks with benefits?  But you like the coccoon.   It's warm for you and all fuzzy right where you are and change is uncertain, but don't think you are part of the long-term solution," said Pasquale noting "George W. Bush and Jeb, counting their great grandfather Samuel Prescott Bush, are pushing the 'third and fourth generation rule'."
     Pasquale didn't stop there.  He is obviously a serious student of America's recent history.  “Let’s take the Fourteenth Amendment and Brown vs. the Board of Education that eliminated 'Separate but Equal' in the U.S. in 1954.   It was in 1968, fourteen years later,  that Hispanics realized that they were not automatically included in the Brown vs. Board of Education decision.   Change would not come automatically for them, either.    Now when their case came up in the Cisneros vs. Corpus Christi ISD case in 1968 the plaintiff was Jose Cisneros who defended the Hispanic community against CCISD and its attorneys.   While Jose Cisneros is named in the Texas Handbook Online as defending the Hispanics, the CCISD attorneys are not listed at all, even though this case went to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1970.   It is not easy for the ruling elites to admit that they are part of a homeostatic society that resists change for at least four generations.  This is why I study the mutation of homeostatic societies.  Sadly, the future of the earth must have inclusive leadership which it does not really have.  The illusion of inclusion?  Yes, but it is merely an illusion.  Though Jose Cisneros is listed in The Texas Handbook it nowhere mentions  the attorneys for the Texas school district, as I said, but from the court records it was  G.W. Gary and Richard A. Hall.   They lost, but their mission likely remains the same for another hundred and fifty years and probably influences conditions in that town to this day with little acknowledgement of the realities pointed out by Reinhold Niebuhr in Moral Man and Immoral Society.  And why should they?   Niebuhr was writing to those about those with a conscience who as Howard Zinn said don't want to be on the side of the executioners.
     The judge in the Cisneros vs. Corpus Christi ISD case, Woodrow Seals, argued for change and he stood on the high ground of certain Constitutionally assured protections of any and all citizens in the United States' democratic republic.

     The 1970 Supreme Court Case failed to uphold separate, but equal practices.   The case drew in the expert legal mind of Harvie Branscomb, the son of Vanderbilt’s long-standing Chancellor many of whose leading educators left Vanderbilt as part of his racist leadership tendencies.  In 1960 when the Vanderbilt trustees insisted that he expel a black student named James Lawson for his stance on equality, Branscomb supported the trustees and faced the resigning of a dozen professors in protest.  It's hard to leave the cocoon.

1971 Cisneros Case (above)

1970 Cisneros Case (Above)


     Today, Texas still provides the illusion of change.  The University of Texas football coach is a black man who in his first year earned a record income for any first year coach.  "One has to remember that like Obama who did not challenge Bush policies significantly or like Colin Power who many say was an 'Uncle Tom serving up yellow cake and coffee' for the White House, but who is now a champion for education, that things have apparently changed, but not really.  The racket of war is what is served up in the end and it is always a two-edged sword.  Football is the American iconic imagery for supporting militaristic imperialism....gaining ground....deep penetrations....blitzing and bombs.... and the illusion of change is often hung out like on a physician's shingle by the key placement of highly visibile figures of color actually masking the homeostasis.  Meanwhile, the coach's boss is the new UT Chancellor, Admiral William McRaven of JSOC and SEAL Team 6.  Hello!" said Pasquale.  

     "Cabeza de Baca returned to Toledo, Spain and pledged not to study war anymore.  That the U.S.'s militants will do the same is highly unlikely....at least in the immediate future.   Homeostasis is hard to resist and wars are profitable for weapons makers!  This means that the earth is on a collision course with a fiery or flickering ending and it doesn't have to be.    Using only 10% of our brainpower, however, we will have to build new avenues to those imaginative unexplored and unused portions of our noggins....and I'm not talking about a DARPA implant, either," said Pasquale.  "You'll probably find one of the Bush or Blue boys behind that idea!" said Pasquale.

    Pasquale went on showing how these exciting new avenues are easily shut down.   "Vanderbilt and the Texans had found in Harvie Branscomb a champion for racial purity that complimented the Cold Spring Harbor emphasis while not unlike the New England's Brahman and Yale and Johns Hopkins elites' emphasis on the Germanic traditions of Wilhelm Wundt, looking to a German model of natural selection in student housing.  When Branscomb learned that Vanderbilt's ROTC students gladly shared racially integrated barracks 'Branscomb proposed following the pattern of German universities, that assumed no responsibility for the housing and social aspects of students' lives.   He believed that if such a projected plan were launched on a scale large enough to capture the imagination,' it would be done without serious damage to Vanderbilt and could in a single stroke change the future of southern race relations,'" (Roger Reiger, Ed., History of Higher Education Annual, 1999: Southern Higher Education in the 20th Century, New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers, Jan. 1, 1999), Pasquale argued.

    "Now you see the problem?  'Capture the imagination?  With a single stroke change the future of southern race relations'?  This wasn't change.  It wasn't imagination. It was wholesale homeostasis pure and simple with the role of public education upon which any empire is dependent....and none more so than democratic republics.....being systematically peeled of certain unwanted elements in order to provide the illusion of education of citizenry while usurping the very principle it upholds," said Pasquale.

    "I know what was really bugging  Chancellor Branscomb.  It wasn't sharing the dorm.  It was sharing the shower and if group showering had been illegal in Germany in the 1940's Hitler's 'Final Solution' would have been much more difficult to achieve and much more costly! Anyone who has seen the Harrison Ford film 42 about Jackie Robinson's initiation as the first black man into  all-while major league baseball in the U.S. knows of his reticence to share a shower with his white team.  Well, frankly, most of the time I don't like to share a shower with anyone....not even my wife.....except on that rare and increasingly rarer occasion that emotions overtake hygiene.  Thankfully, technology has provided a solution for this most sensitive aspects of group interactions.  With nothing more than a garden hose and drain, or heck and back yard that needs watering,  every person can now have their own personal shower for about a hundred bucks.  Hot showers! Eureka!" said Pasquale.  "If a personal shower is homeostasis then I say 'homeostasis today, homeostasis tomorrow, homeostasis forever!  Unless some new fascist movement decides to put some ungodly toxin in the primary water source and then I say 'quit showering altogether!''" Pasquale advised.


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