Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, April 3, 2017

Neil Gorsuch's Mother, Anne Burford Gorsuch, Wore Combat Boots And Suckled Her Son on Lead Paint?


by  Farouche N. Souchiant , CPW News Service

     Anne Irene McGill Burford Gorsuch, born in Casper, Wyoming was Ronald Reagan's EPA Director.  Like Trump's EPA Director, Neil Gorsuch's mother didn't like the Environmental Protection Agency which she sought to dismantle.  She was held in contempt of Congress for failing to testify on issues before the nation...mishandling the $1.6 billion Superfund.  Beyond that she relaxed air quality standards, spraying of restricted pesticides and purposely overlooking EPA regulations to limit lead in gasoline.  European scientists had seen the dangers in lead decades before the U.S. outlawing lead in paint in Europe in 1922.
     There is a history with gasoline, cars and lead that informs Anne Gorsuch's political positions.  General Motors created an "anti-knock" additive called tetraethyl lead additive, TEL for short, assuring the public that there were no environmental issues.  At Standard Oil of New Jersey's Bayway, New Jersey plant workers at the "Looney Gas" building mixed the additive.....thus showing the marriage between the automotive, gasoline and lead industries and how they lubricated each other's core businesses while giving credence to Ralph Nader's future assertion that automobiles are "unsafe at any speed".....even idling in neutral.
     Debra Blum of Wired.com ("Looney Gas and Lead Poisoning: A Short Sad History," Jan. 5, 2013) wrote "In October of 1924 workers in the TEL building began collapsing, going into convulsions, babbling deliriously. By the end  of September 32 of 49 TEL workers were in the hospital; five of them were dead."
    Anne Burford Gorsuch was married to Bob Burford, the head of the Bureau of Land Management that deals with oil and mineral rights under public lands of which the Koch Brother have been beneficiaries....even leading within the bitter Koch brother's battle over control of Koch Industries Inc. to charges that the family defrauded the government on the mineral concessions.
   "Is it any wonder that the Koch brothers are pumping up the endorsement of Trump's Gorsuch nomination to the Supreme Court?" asked Kelly Smithers of Eugene, Oregon.  "I was down in Texas back in 1999 when Koch Industries was under fire for illegal benzene releases at 15 times the national allowable level.  A 100 count indictment and a $320 million dollar fine evaporated with the 2000 election of George W. Bush who would have loved Anne Gorsuch for his later administration.  After 2000 Koch's penalty turned into a 1 count indictment and a $20 million fine." said Smithers.
   "The myth of American modernity is exactly that," said Smithers pointing to the Winsip Custer article "The House In The Middle Should Have Been The House on the End," that explores the U.S. military industrial/security complex's illogical love affair with lead.
   "It's a lot worse than people know," said Ivana Driver who has shown the clear connection between the marketing of lead in paint to the author of  the 2001 Slate.com article, IGNORAD, Scott Shuger, through his family's Baltimore, Maryland paint manufacturing business..


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