Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

American Foreign Policy In The Twilight Zone

As Trump Bombs Syria Ronald Reagan's Deputy Treasury Secretary, Hawaii's Representative Tulsi Gabbard and "Shock Jock" Michael Savage Join Alex Jones In Doubting U.S. Version of Gas Attack

by Rodney Jepurdy Meadows, CPW News Service

      In Rod Sterling's popular television series The Twilight Zone a bookish librarian hides in a vault so he can finish a novel uninterrupted.  He comes out of the vault to find that nuclear war has demolished the earth.   On April 9th five climbers in British Columbia stand together on a faulty ice ledge and plunge 1600' to their deaths.  According to Ronald Reagan's former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and supporter of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential election, Paul Craig Roberts, we are now rushing headlong toward nuclear annihilation and we are collectively standing on a precipice....all out thermo nuclear war with a captured President in the White House.  Paul Craig Roberts (The U.S. Stands Before the World As A Criminal Nation, April 10, 2017) is joined by outspoken and circumspect former U.S. military soldier in Iraq, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii who quit the Democratic National Committee when she became aware of the depths of corruption in the Clinton-led 2016 Presidential race.  CNN's Wolf Blitzer attempted to unhinge Gabbard for her skepticism concerning the Syrian incident.  She backed Bernie Sanders primarily because of his anti-war posture.  Enter Michael Savage.
     Michael Savage has joined the fray from what some believe is the fringe conspiracy theory elements of U.S. society.   Both Savage and Austin, Texas-based Info-Wars' Alex Jones are now claiming that the sarin gas attack in Syria was neither Assad's doing, nor sarin gas.  Savage who claims a background in epidemiology and health science believes that the agent was cholorine or phosgene based since sarin would have killed the majority of the first responders and didn't.  Sarin gas will stay in victims' clothing and release its deadly nerve agents for up to half-an-hour after a strike.
    Supporters of war with Syria include, according to Paul Craig Roberts, the NeoLiberals and the NeoCons....fringes of the former Conservative and Liberal elements of the U.S. body politic.  The NeoCons are the Bushites who under Paul Wolfowitz, Lawrence Summers, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Elliot Abrams and the Iran-Contra Republicans never saw a projection of U.S./World hegemony they didn't like.   These are the policy-coup leaders that General Wesley Clark said would create seven wars in the Middle East in as many years and are now the exact seven nations that are on President Donald Trump's no-fly list.....Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Iran,  Afghanistan.
    "Chapter 7: Trump's War Against the War Machine" is Savages' expose' in his latest book on Trump's coming resistance to the U.S. power elite military industrialist whores for which he is now pimping.  "Phosgene is a choking agent and not a nerve agent," said Savage.  "He thought by appeasing the warmongering crowd, the McCains, he could raise his poll numbers......I thought Trump was a man of peace and not a man of war.....boy, was I wrong....Bannon was out, Trump's son-in-law was in a there was an attack.....It was a false flag....now you know you're on the wrong side....It looks like Hillary won and Trump is now doing their bidding."
    According to independent investigative reporter, Peter Pezonus, Senator John McCain is a mountebank.  "Yes, he's a fraud.  A review of his military record will send any conscience-minded American to admit that just because a man was captured and spent time as a POW, does NOT automatically make him worthy of deciding U.S. military policy," said Pezonus.
    "How is this an American First decision.....no foreign wars?"  asked Savage.  "It is a good question," said Pezonus.
     "Look, on October 26, 1967 John McCain was shot down over Hanoi.  He had already crashed a plane into the Gulf of Mexico while in basic training.  He had already mishandled his ordinance on an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea that lead to shipmates' deaths.  I believe he demolished five USN aircraft....a statistical impossibility for the average pilot....they would have been drummed out of the service, but McCain is the son of a USN Admiral.  He got special consideration," said Pezonus.
    "On October 26, 1967 under the command of Commander Burton Hale Shepherd, a sortie bombed the power station for Hanoi, North Vietnam.  Twenty planes from the USS Oriskany flew to Hanoi with instruction to avoid SAM missiles, drop their ordinance without unnecessary heroics and to return to the carrier.  Shepherd's mission was a success with one exception.   They lost one pilot, the son of an Admiral.  Shepherd returned with his wing to the Oriskany, refueled and returned to Hanoi to provide cover for the downed John McCain.  For that Shepherd received the Navy Cross, but his commendation does not mention what was surely the prayer of a lifetime.....'Dear God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, our help in ages past, our hope of years to come, our shelter from the stormy blast and our eternal home, don't let my entire military career be tanked by the loss of Johnny 'Yee-Hah' McCain....that little shit!'
    Admiral Burton Hale Shepherd went on to become a Christian clergyman and he delivered the sermon for Admiral Elmo Zumwalt at Annapolis.  "Zumwalt was responsible for spraying Agent Orange over the entire Mekong Delta and his son died, Zumwalt believed, from the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam, dying from lymphoma and Hodgkin's Disease at 42, a truth that Zumwalt said as a lawyer he could not emphatically prove, but irreversibly believed.  President Bill Clinton said at Zumwalt's funeral "Arleigh Burke has been called the 'spirit of the U.S. Navy', but 'Bud' Zumwalt was it's conscience,'.    Zumwalt lamented the use of Agent Orange all of his remaining life in the same way that iconic WWII US Marine, Chesty Puller, cried when his son stepped off a helicopter in Vietnam, tripped a landmine and blew both legs off and later committed suicide.  This moronic rush toward war mongering is a prescription for world-wide annihilation," said Pezonus.
    "Meanwhile, religion is used to justify the craziness.  In the U.S. we find the pulpits silent.  Franklin Graham whose family covers-over American misadventure under the shroud of Christianity finds no clearly articulated prophetic voices taking on the false prophets of their pseudo-religionists.  In cities like Houston where kiddos like Joel O'Steen and Ed Young, Jr. play religionists with their feel good oil-cartel supported bimbology.....while the legacy of Jesus, Peter, Stephen, Paul, Luther, Zwingli, Hus, Wycliffe, Knox, Calvin, Bonhoeffer, the Scholls, MLK and others go as limp as a dish rag.  On the other side of the line the Saudi royal family that controls the two high holy sites of Mecca and Medina plays Shia and Sunni traditions against each other not even making Trump's no fly list while they provided 15 of the 19  WTC hijackers....if we are to believe the totally unbelievable 911 Official Report of the U.S. government," said Pezonus.
   "It's time for a  10 million man/woman march on Washington.  You hear me?" asked Pezonus.  "We now need a 10 million man/woman march on Washington D.C. to demand the impeachment of Donald Trump.   We need not carry weapons, only ourselves and the number 1 on the front of our t-shirts and the number 2 on the back of our t-shirts.  Paul Craig Roberts, Tulsi Gabbard and Michael Savage should lead the walk to the capital.  Take it to the streets!"

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