Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, May 1, 2017

An Open Letter To Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Former Under-Secretary of the Treasury of the United States

Rethinking Everything
by Rev. Quillermo De Monrovia, CPW News Service


Dear Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,

     While touring the Guggenheim Museum I remembered walking through the Whitney on an earlier trip to Manhattan.  The Whitney had strangely unveiled the work of former Houston, Texas artist and curator of the Houston Museum of Contemporary Art, Mark Lombardi.   Lombardi had, from his front row seat in Houston's "Art Museum District" supported as it is by the petrochemical industry's Vatican, Mecca, Medina and Baghdad on the free flowing River Carbonicus Fossilius and supporting the evolution of industrialized applications of sulfur, lead and petroleum products....the backbone of the Texas economy and the U.S. military industrialist....and as you, Paul Craig Roberts now say, security complex....artfully sketched the Iran-Contra network of the 1980's in clear and vivid detail.  It was as if Martin Luther's 95 theses had been drawn in graphic form to help the rabble visualize the power structure of the top-down, pyramidal, monarchial mindset of the Pontiff's power base.
     That Lombardi's work emanated from the city where Julius Robert Oppenheimer had been defrocked from the Deep State's cloistered oil cartel assembly of acolytes led by the President of Rice University, Dr. Kenneth Pitzer, singing in harmony with the Gregorian chanting of William Liscum Borden under the direction of chorus-master, Gordon Gray, takes one to St. Peter's Basilica at the height of the Spanish Inquisition.   That this city produced not only Philip Zelikow, Paul and David Rhodes, but also....about fifty miles to the north in Huntsville.....Robert Abercrombie Lovett, father of the preemptive bombing of civilian structures....and Trump's Secretary of State, Enron's "T-Rex" Tillerson is obviously informative, but missing from Lombardi's grid work because of his untimely and questionable demise.
     Lombardi had visualized the entire Iran-Contra network that was woven through the Houston economy like a script of a dress rehearsal for the 2008 housing bubble pop and bailout, the earlier 1980's savings & loan crisis that Houston Post investigative journalist, Peter Brewton, showed was clearly staffed by the same bottom feeding opportunists, many of them proving the profitability of such butt-munching.  Between that earlier crisis and the later one that would not, could not, avoid implicating major Texas banks, like James A. Baker's Texas Commerce Bank that would be absorbed by the leading "too big to fail" bank of New York, Morgan-Chase, there was the failure of First City Bank that had been the key bank for Houston's Enron and their lawyers, Vinson & Elkins, who worked closely with CPA's Arthur Anderson Inc.....experts in hiding real debits and credits with a paper shredder.
     Some at the Whitney were saying that Lombardi's masterpiece of politically inspired reverse-Pollock-painting should have been shredded, too, but wasn't.   This brings me to the fact that you, sir, had the insider's seat at the right hand of Ronald Reagan's Secretary of the Treasury, James A. Baker, III.    How has that vantage point inspired your obvious change of position with respect to capitalism as the solution to the world's problems?  Do you feel bad that when reflecting on ABC's reporter, Bill  Stewart, having returned from Iran to investigate the connections in Central America between the Contras and the approaching 1980 election between Carter and Reagan, only to find Stewart blown-away by the hedge hog of Anastasio Samoza's National Guard brutes?  How has this inspired your claim that you had not, back then, a better understanding of the depths of our national corruption?
     As a theologian-in-the-trenches I have often reflected on the fact that from this same bastion of slick and slippery bamboozling that has produced, beyond Enron, the more recent blood-letting of Elizabeth Holme's Theranos,  the equally disconcerting, disharmonic screeches of a choir clearly off-key.  Yes, the academics whose nasally cantillations do not improve with their cranial-colon impactions have joined in all led by the likes of Rice University's Dr. Frank Vandiver, who for decades sat over the letter of Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce in which he describes their close fraternal fellowship with Boston's premier opium trader, Caleb Cushing.  Caleb's desire to reach the Pacific and the Golden Crescent's Yin of the growing complex's war-weaponry's Yang, anesthetics, informing the investigative work of historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth.  As James A.  Baker's chief strategist for "trickle-down" did you, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, factor into the U.S. economy the unreported influence of this untaxed, or is it an unreported tax on America's urban poor, as part of the U.S. economic equation?
    I am mindful of that terrific Renoir painting "The Luncheon of the Boating Party" and I envision that in that masterpiece sits John Perkins Cushing, Caleb Cushing, the Forbes, Lowes, the Delanos, Huntingtons, Russells, Heards and Tafts....and with the Delanos....we can't forget the Roosevelts who said of Samoza..."He's an SOB, but our SOB".   There is also the wannabes.....who like some star-struck underling, Frank Buchman perhaps, or a Paul Adams Rush in the court of a Stuart Bowen, who aspired to sit on the yacht's fan tail sipping, not grog, but julips.   Forget that Caleb Cushing owned America's fastest cutter yacht, that the Heards' opium cutter Frolic was skippered by Edward Faucon, the opium hauler model for Dana's Two Years Before The Mast and that Cushing's personal impulses informed the development of the American merchant fleet and navy....about which Richard McKenna would write The Sand Pebbles, omitting the U.S gunboat Panay's defense of the Rockefeller interests merged as they were with the pursuit of oil and opioids.  There's reason why this history is a blur when the Hollywood director. Robert Wise, regretfully omitted as the opium connections in his 1966 film of the same name while historians have similarly done the same to the relationship between China's opium trade and the Union's Southern river clearing agent, Admiral Andrew Hull Foote, whose connections to the unexplored motives for the U.S. Civil War are unpacked by Lowell P. Wigglesworth in great detail.
     Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, have you read, by chance, the interview with Dr. Lucien Von Pyre titled "On Playing A Trump Card" or the other one relative to the Flint, Michigan water issues?  Are you,  sir, simply playing the Trump card in an effort to rewrite your own history?


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