Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos,  Enron, "Mad Dog" Mattis, George Shultz, Sam Nunn, Henry Kissinger, Adm. Gary Roughhead, Dr.  William "Bill" Frist and the Evolution of "Trade Secrets"

by Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

"What makes this crime so hideous is that it preys on peoples' fears and hopes when they are the most vulnerable.....usually when they are facing a long-term debilitating illness and when they are looking for answers.  I hope that there is a special place in a sulfur-bubbling hell for Ms. Holmes and her kind and given that her list of fraud-pushers.....attorney David Boies the attorney for Andy Fastow the Enron CPA who faced 78 indictments for fraud, "Mad Dog Mattis", Gary Roughhead, George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, William Perry, Sam Nunn and Bill Frist jumped on this greasy band wagon I'm hoping that they ride along with Ms. Holmes to a place where more will be required than a single drop of their ice cold blood or whatever it is that pulses through their obviously hardened arteries."    

  - Fabian Colbachi.

     Things were looking up for the daughter of Enron Vice President Christian Rasmus Holmes IV. Elizabeth Holmes, a graduate of St. John's School, Houston, Texas and of Stanford University, created Theranos, a California-based high-tech blood testing business that promised to revolutionize the way blood samples were collected and tested. Former Secretary of State George Shultz would be recruited by Elizabeth Holmes for the Theranos board of directors. Shultz assured the American people that Iran-Contra was an aberration and, during the Iran-Contra hearings gave the American people a civics lesson on honesty and openness in government. That was before Schultz joined Bechtel whose "Bechtel Water Wars" in Bolivia attempted to monopolize that nation's water supply restricting citizens from collecting rainwater from their rooftops. Hearing Ms. Holme's plans for Theranos, George Shultz promoted others for the Theranos board of directors leading to the arrival of U.S. Senator Sam Nunn, former Defense Secretary William J. Perry, former Wells Fargo Bank CEO Richard Kovacevich, General James "Mad Dog" Mattis, USN Admiral Gary Roughhead, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Tennessee Senator Dr. William 'Bill' Frist.  Lydia Ramsey of Business Insider analyzed the glaring contradiction in Theranos' need for medical expertise and board member selection based on political connectedness instead of scientific knowledge and qualitative and quantitatively critical thinking.  That contradiction came to a head with Tyler Shultz.
     Tyler Shultz, former Sec. of State George Shultz's grandson, was hired as a Theranos executive, but soon sought protection under a whistle blower law suit during which he proclaimed "fraud is not a corporate trade secret."
     "Tyler Shultz perhaps remembered George Shultz's testimony from the Iran-Contra hearings during which Michael Bromwich became the leading prosecutor, insuring that convictions did not include anyone higher in rank than Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. Bromwich went on to lead an investigation of Houston's Harris County Medical Examiner's lab in the city that had spawned Enron where Elizabeth Holmes' father worked and, indirectly, Theranos," said independent investigative journalist Fabian Colbachi. "The Harris County crime lab was overseen by Dr. Joyce Carter and District Attorney Johnny B. Holmes. It is not known if Elizabeth Holmes is related to Johnny B. Holmes or to Boston surgeon, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. who coined the word 'anesthetics' for opium products, nor his son, Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., whose judgeship overlapped the period of U.S. drug policy development that helped create the cultural climate for the U.S. 'War on Drugs'," said Colbachi noting Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.'s connections to Boston where Caleb Cushing and John Perkins Cushing's opium trade fed the growing need for high grade pain killers within the growing field of surgical medicine as well as a battlefield necessity becoming the core product of Union artillery commander and pharmacist, Eli Lilly's, post-Civil War pharmaceutical business.  "That Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. was the poet who wrote of Herman Melville's paternal grandfather, Major Thomas Melville, the poem The Last Leaf shows how close was Herman to the New England opium traders in as much as I am convinced that Moby Dick was a symbol of the traders' hot pursuit of the white drool of the Golden Crescent's opium poppies that would sink the Pequod, Ahab and the last life boat which led to Herman's tyranny-checking follow-up novel Billy Budd," said Wigglesworth.
     "Look," said Colbachi, "Elizabeth Holmes is a graduate of St. Johns School, Houston, the alma mater of William Stamps Farish IV, and of Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, daughter of Humble Oil founder and Rice University anthropologist whose colleague in the Rice history department, Dr. Frank Vandiver, sat over the letters of Jefferson Davis including that amazing letter from Davis to Barbara Pierce Bush ancestor for whom in speeches for his wife, Hillary, in 2016 and 2017 Bill Clinton strangely became an apologist, President Franklin Pierce. The Jeff Davis letter acknowledges the close three-way fraternal relationship of Jefferson Davis and Franklin Pierce to New England opium trader, Caleb Cushing. That is the alliance that historian Lowell P. Wigglesworth has claimed is the real motive for the U.S. Civil War....wrestling the Great Southwest flatland rail route from Savannah, Georgia to San Diego, California from the Confederates and putting the New England Brahmins with their minions at Yale, like William Huntington Russell, the Heards, the Tafts, Cushings, Delanos and others in control of the Ottoman Empire's Golden Crescent opium supplies and a war-footing dialect of bullets and pain killers that spawned the U.S. military industrialist security complex," said Colbachi.
     Colbachi noted that the Transcontinental Railroad's Leland Stanford sat over the Southern and Central Pacific that linked the route from Omaha to San Francisco while the South's ambitions were squelched. "You find no more clearly the evolution of this part of history than in the work of Lowell P. Wigglesworth who maintains that Stanford's Hoover Institution defector, Anthony C. Sutton, blew his own whistle on this secret history of the American power elite establishment while exposing the self-perpetuating, addictive and dynamic business model dialectic of bombs and pain killers'."
     "You have to remember as we watch President Donald Trump face resistance to his appointments that President John Tyler holds the record for Senate rejection of his cabinet appointments, but those appointments in 1843 help to underscore the place that opium had in our nation's history, much hidden from  our civics classes and university lectures.  In December of 1843 Tyler appointed the former Port of Boston Customs Collector, David Henshaw as the 14th Secretary of the U.S. Navy.  In March Tyler appointed Caleb Cushing as Secretary of the Treasury.   Henshaw was a druggist.   Cushing an opium trader.  Do you see any correlations there?  Well, when Henshaw proposed that factions within the U.S. Navy, factions that split along the North/South divide, he recommended that sailors from the North be assigned to the South while the sailors from the South be assigned to the North.  Henshaw's appointment was overwhelmingly defeated.  Within a decade Jefferson Davis was personally laying out the South's rail route to the Pacific from Savannah to San Diego with the South's own China Trade ambitions clearly coming to light, but swept under the rug of predominant U.S. mythology," said Wigglesworth. "It's hard to get soldiers to lay down their lives for yellow cake uranium hidden in the desert of Iraq from which, historically, David Sassoon shipped for the British East India Company Golden Crescent opium from Baghdad and Basra to China, much less to get 600,000 U.S. soldiers more than a century earlier to die over poppy greed as was the case in our Civil War.   Better that they fight like Spartacus over freedom and liberty imagined....especially when the war promoters knew that one set of chains would be replaced by another to their profit," said Wigglesworth.
     Wigglesworth has noted that it is Edwin Black's book The Transfer Agreement that challenges the assessment of Ronald Reagan's Under-Secretary of the Treasury, economist and Wall Street Journal contributor, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who said that the current U.S. NeoCon/NeoLib agenda of worldwide U.S. hegemony is an Anglo/Zionist conspiracy.  "It's not an Anglo/Zionist conspiracy, but a Aryan/Zionist conspiracy.....as shown by Edwin Black in the Germanic Aryan and Ashkenazi alliance that created the "transfer agreement" between Hitler's Germany and Zionist leaders.  The Anglos, especially the American Anglos had rejected the proposal of Rudolf Hess to create an Anglo/German alliance against the world.  However, that dream is at the heart of the NeoCon/NeoLib agenda still."
     "Elizabeth Holmes' father, a VP at the criminal enterprise of Enron that evolved from Robert Herring's Houston Natural Gas, also held positions at USAID, the United States Agency for International Development, which you must never forget has played a role within the story of John Perkin's book Confessions of an Economic Hitman. This makes Elizabeth Holmes the great great granddaughter of Christian Rasmus Holmes, Sr. who died in Manhattan, but who was buried in the Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio, the significance of which I have covered extensively in my writings with respect to Alphonso Taft, progenitor of Yale Skull & Bones and final resting place of the highest concentration of Civil War era Union Generals who are buried in Spring Grove near Alphonso Taft," said Wigglesworth.  "Taft, a Scottish Rite Mason in the vein of the KKK's legal counsel Albert Pike, Jeff Davis' chief Indian agent, saw William Howard Taft, Alphonso's son, join his Cincinnati SR temple in 1908, while Pike's brand of Free Masonry was not the same as the more egalitarian York Rite Masonry of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and the other Founders, but instead came through the German/Prussian royal court, passing through the Jacobite regions of Scotland with its monarchial and pyramidal passions and leap frogging the Atlantic to infect and usurp York Rite Masonry in America.  This is a significant assemblage when you consider that Alphonso's and William Huntington Russell's associate, Caleb Cushing, who negotiated the first U.S./Chinese trade agreement, the Wanghia Treaty, was believed by President U.S. Grant, to be loyal to something other than the Union, a viewpoint earlier shared by Congress who refused to appoint Cushing Secretary of the Treasury for President Tyler.  I cover all of that in my writings," said Wigglesworth.  "By 1833 the New England opium traders and Yale power elites had canonized the Germanic traditions of Wilhelm Wundt and secretly aligned with an Aryan/Hapsburg/Jacobite tradition that was anything but supportive of the traditions of the Founders.  The monarchs of Britain had employed the Hessians of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha region of Germany against the American colonists, which as researcher Edwin Black has shown us in his book The Transfer Agreement and War Against the Weak found no problem with employing phony, pseudo science if it furthered their draconian, Machiavellian cause," said Wigglesworth who is fond of reminding the world that the Godmother of George Herbert Walker Bush's sister-in-law, Elizabeth Kauffman Bush, was a Nazi spy and wife of the Saxe-Gotha-Coburg Duke of Windsor, Prince Edward, Wallis Simpson Windsor.
     "The Christian R. Holmes Hospital in Cincinnati was built with contributions from William Cooper and Jane Elisa Procter, Charles Phelps and Anna Sinton Taft, as well as Bettie Fleischmann Holmes, Christian R. Holmes’ widowed wife, and others indicating the relationship between the Holmes family and the Taft family of which Alphonso was the patriarch. It underscores their mutual interest in trade with the old Ottoman Empire's Golden Crescent, China and patent medicines and healthcare delivery systems worldwide. This cannot be overlooked when considering the evolution of Theranos or even of the Fleischmann Yeast Co. of which Christian R. Holmes was an heir and which was sold as much for a laxative as it was a bread dough additive," said Wigglesworth.
    "Neither can you forget that it was Tennessee Senator, close friend of George Bush, and surgeon, William Frist, whose HCA/Columbia merger produced through attorney, Rick Scott, the record setting highest Medicare/Medicaid fraud fine in U.S. history of $1.7 billion before Scott went from his Columbia/HCA CEO position with his $400 million severance package to finance his gubernatorial campaign in Florida where the electorate was swimmingly insouciant or deeply ethically challenged even after experiencing the 2000 Presidential chad-clinging under Florida Governor Jeb Bush.  It was Dr. William 'Bill' Frist who plugged that weird, errant, through-the-lung-bullet that hit General David Petraeus during a troop inspection at Fort Campbell Kentucky.  It was also in Houston, home of Christian Rasmus Holmes IV and daughter Elizabeth that the Washington Post's Metro Editor, Vernon Loeb, editor of the flagrantly flawed account of Pat Tillman's death in Afghanistan and Jessica Lynch's rescue in Iraq was followed by Loeb's co-authorship of Paul Broadwell's book All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, that ruined his career at the CIA moved to become Editor of the Houston Chronicle...right there in the cradle of cross-over corruption from the S&L scandal of the 1980's, to the same players involved in Iran-Contra according to Houston Post reporter Peter Brewton, author of the 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush. From the S&L debacle to Enron and Theranos, not to mention the more recent cross-over of the Nabors/S&J/Miami Employees Retirement Fund scandal, the push-pin plops down on Houston where Connecticut resident GHWB was conveniently absentee-domiciled in the run-up to his 1988 election in a year that saw Osama Bin Laden's brother, Salem, flying a borrowed ultra-light into a high power line at Cibolo, Texas while CIA Middle-East agent, Matt Gannon, was returning to Washington to ask about Al Qaeda when he died on Pan Am 103 with General David Petraeus delivering Gannon's eulogy at Arlington National.  The arrival of Vernon Loeb to the city where Michael Bromwich had investigated the Medical Examiner's office for corruption guaranteed an umbrella over the Mecca, Medina and Vatican of oil cartel bamboozling dating back to the travesty against Oppenheimer by Kenneth Pitzer and Gordon Gray, father of Bush lawyer, C. Boyden Gray," said Wigglesworth noting the connection of LBJ's "Suite F-8 Group" to Houston and its place in the evolution of the "benzene bubble-blowers fellowship."
     When venture capitalist Tim Draper called Elizabeth Holmes a victim he inadvertently helped to underscore the historical cabal's wagon circling to protect its own in much the same way as was seen with the defense of Ken Lay at Enron before that ship went down like the Pequod.  Did Bloomberg or Forbes, the NYT or Washington Post ask "just who is Tim Draper?"  No.  Draper cut his teeth at Alex Brown & Company whose patriarch, Alexander Brown of Baltimore hatched Brown Brothers for which U.S. Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler wrote in his book War Is A Racket that he had helped pacify Nicaragua for Brown Brothers and Costa Rica for United Fruit which had preciously been Boston Fruit Company.    Ms. Holmes, for all of her rhetoric about wanting to help people get the jump on bodily health issues, she is aligned with the gears of the military industrialist security complex that grinds under peoples health in a myriad of high tech, but barbaric ways according to Colbachi.  "Draper argues that though Ms. Holme's Theranos may not have invented the holy grail of blood tests....the one prick....one drop do-it-all blood test....that someone will invent it," said Colbachi.  "Yes, well you can't claim that ground if you didn't plant a flag in it," said Colbachi and problem is that when someone does they had damn well better be phalanxed by a powerful wall of protection not to have these insipient cowbirds steal their babies," said Colbachi noting their historical proximity to the U.S.'s Deep State.
     "Nothing provides a 'get out of jail free card like a connection to the U.S. government's power elite and a corrupt local medical examiner," said Wigglesworth noting the Tuskegee Experiment and Pruitt-Igoe Experiment along with the "criminally negligent slow response to ban lead and asbestos that Europeans banned decades earlier than the U.S..   Legal penalties and fines leveled by the Feds against the corruption seen in Columbia/HCA or Enron cases, Theranos aside since its bold criminality and eventually deduced bamboozling-hype of $9 billion valuation prevented its 2016 IPO, still yields on average an 80% return to the criminals at taxpayers' or investors' expense when the news of the fraud hits the streets and the stocks plummet just after the prior bonus transfer of funds by the executives to their Swiss, Bermuda, Cayman or Channel Islands bank account," said Wigglesworth.
    "What makes this crime so hideous is that it preys on peoples' fears and hopes when they are the most vulnerable.....usually when they are facing a long-term debilitating illness and when they are looking for answers.  I hope that there is a special place in a sulfur-bubbling hell for Ms. Holmes and her kind and given that her list of fraud-pushers.....attorney David Boies the attorney for Andy Fastow the Enron CPA who faced 78 indictments for fraud, "Mad Dog Mattis", Gary Roughhead, George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, William Perry, Sam Nunn and Bill Frist jumped on this greasy band wagon I'm hoping that they ride along with Ms. Holmes to a place where more will be required than a single drop of their ice cold blood or whatever it is that pulses through their obviously hardened arteries," said Fabian Colbachi noting that Elizabeth Holmes discussed with former Secretary of State George Shultz the importance of people making their personal health information more accessible based on her vision of lower testing costs.  "Now there's a scary thought," said Colbachi.

     For an analysis of who is at fault for allowing and promoting the Theranos fraud see Tyler Durden's May 19, 2016 article in Zerohedge.

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