Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Dear Hillary: An Open Letter To Hillary Rodham Clinton
By Gertrude Stein Plath for CPW News Service

Dear Hillary,
     Now that it appears that the Republicans, in spite of many who want to dump Trump, will likely find the parroting of Mussolini quotations a regular part of their future, I am writing to urge you to uncork your effervescent personality and create in America the equivalent of the bastard queen of England, Henry VIII’s daughter by Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth.  Not that you should aspire to be a queen, we have enough of that silliness during America's debutante season, but a serious leader. It was, after all, Elizabeth who said on the eve of the defeat of the Spanish armada of Kent and its Dover cliffs, the future home of Winston Churchill, a region unrestrained by the primogeniture laws that bred corruption throughout the rest of England, like the Bush dynasty from 2000 to 2008 in the U.S. as GWB hob knobbed with the Saudi royals....   “If it weren’t for Kent, all of England would long ago have gone over to the Spaniards.” 
    I know that your husband treated you badly, but to your credit you rose above it and moved on.  You didn’t kill him as many wives would have and neither did you divorce him as Trump so often does his spouses.  At least he hasn't beheaded any, yet.  Trump will likely bring up Monica, but when he does, use that George Carlin line.  Tell the nation… “Bill compared his administration to Camelot as had JFK, but JFK had affairs with Sam Giancana’s mistress, Judith Exner and with Marilyn Monroe.  JFK came a lot.  My husband came a little as Miss Lewinski showed the whole world, but I stuck it out.  I prevailed and in this nightmare of a 20 billion dollar, oops, did I say billion?  I meant 20 trillion dollar quagmire, so can you!"  Use that slip up on the billion for emphasis.

     Now, I am less concerned about Bill’s lapses of marriage fidelity than I am of the fact that he is from Arkansas.   Never mind that when one crosses the Arkansas border they slip into a third-world environment….I’m talking about the problems at the Mena Airport, the Iran-Contra connections, the deaths of Kevin Ives and Don Henry and so many innocent people in the wake of Bill’s rise to power that make Benghazi look quite tame in comparison since it took place in Libya instead of the U.S..   There's no make-over, no lip gloss....though sunglasses might help...for that  pig of a state.  Arkansas, no matter how many Winthrop Rockefellers or Jackson Stephens or William Fulbrights come from there, sucks dust and dog squalor.   Arkansas was also home to Albert Pike the chief legal counsel for the KKK.  Oh, and tell your husband that if he's going to claim his Rhodes Scholarship status he must correct the errors in his speech to the students of George Washington University and his first stump speech for you in January in New Hampshire, when he said that Franklin Pierce was from a "small state like Arkansas" and the first two Presidents of small states were Bill and Franklin Pierce before him.  Woodrow Wilson was from New Jersey.  You know, New Jersey....across the river from Trump Tower where his new sidekick, Chris Christie, used a bridge closure to punish his opponents.  That's not the worst of it.  He claims Franklin Pierce was a good President who could not "avoid the drift toward Civil War."  That claim has been shown to be as big a whopper as "I did not have sex with that woman."  Pierce ran headlong into Civil War like the Neo Cons did with Barbara Pierce Bush's son's yellow cake party in Iraq.

     Hillary, why don't you think about moving the Clinton Foundation offices out of Harlem, and not to Manhattan where Bill originally wanted them, but to St. Louis, the heartland, perhaps to the Pruitt-Igoe area to show, like Jimmy Carter and his wife flying into Three-Mile Island in the middle of  a potential nuclear melt-down, that there is nothing to fear, but fear itself.  You could move into the new One World Trade Center tower that replaced the "Twin Towers", but that might be awkward.

     You are going to need a response to the fact that you say that you confronted Wall Street in 2007 before the 2008 bailout which was as big a clustered copulation as a Saturday night in the 80's at Club 54.   Then, there is Bill’s 1999 failure to stop the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, the historic 1933 firewall that the nation’s leaders built to prevent another Great Depression and without which we witnessed, with the promised windfall of deregulation, the smut of Enron, WorldCom and Robert Merton's and Wall Street's Black-Scholes credit default swaps, the short-selling tyranny of numb nuts betting against America and for which no one was hung.  Bill essentially opened the door to the 2000 Bush bamboozle that led to the Neo-Con’s war mongering....and as for the windfall of deregulation....it turn out that Greenspan's “put” that was really one big poot in the face of the average American that was followed by Hank Paulson’s financial rape of the whole nation.  Trump will use his four bankruptcies to claim that that's what Hank Paulson and GWB should have done in 2008, which is quite true, but not if it left unchecked the break-up of the big banks who lathered us up to the hilt while our military-industrialist-complex was bombing the holy hell out of people sitting on Middle Eastern oil, which by the way, makes the politicization of Global Warming by Al Gore who sold his T.V. business for oil money, look quite suspicious when it is not the bimbo politicians who should so argue, but the nations' best scientists. They all know the truth.  Especially the best solar and wind energy scientists or the gas phase catalysis scientists who die mysteriously when they are working on fuel cell technology.   They know that they are like Copernicus and Galileo held captive and under house arrest or worse, not by the Pope, but by the new Pope and his college of Cardinals whose Vatican is sinking into a sink hole.....the fossil fuel fuckers.....the world's oil cartel.

    You and Bill may not be able to say "we will always have Paris," but you will always have Chelsea between you like "the sun through yellow curtains and a rainbow on the wall," and that, my dear friend, is enough to have made it all worthwhile.
     Let’s face it, Hillary.  If Bill had any real hair on his Monica-mollycoddled- gonads he would have demanded by executive order that the nation perform a full….by full I mean FULL…..recount in Florida in 2000 and not hid behind the venomous "get over it America" rendering of the Supreme Court led by, God rest his unruffled soul, Antonin Scalia.  So such an act of responsible leadership would have appeared a Democrat conspiracy?  So he kicks it to the Supreme Court, but uses his executive power to demand a FULL recount.  As it is, given Bill's having become an apologist in the last few months for the legacy of President Franklin Pierce, an ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush, it is clear that he was a Bush family consigliore even when he was a feel-good Democratic President with a budget surplus and his hand on the chicken koop latch.  This is not your fault any more than Anne or Catherine or any of the others could not control Henry!
     Finally, Hillary, be your own bitchy broad like Elizabeth.  As the first woman U.S. President there will be many fine, strong, fair-minded citizens who will want to carry your colors into battle, but only if you steer a solid and dependable course between the far left and far right, which we all know from having seen it in Stalin and Hitler, always meet each other on the opposite side of sanity like Donald Trump's attorney Roy Cohn and his close associate, Senator Joseph McCarthy meeting Che and Fidel at the Havana Hilton in 1958 for a cigar and Pina Colada.
     There were surely times when checking out of the political process, perhaps even out of life itself, would have seemed preferable, but you didn’t.  You are still here and while it seems that there is no way to dig ourselves out of the 20 trillion dollar hole that we’ve fallen, hell, were pushed into, you should come totally clean and tell Bill NOT to campaign for you any more.    Just say “Folks, I love my husband for all of his faults, but from Monica to Manhattan I am not choosing to follow Bill’s bamboozles any more than I am the belligerent Bush wackings of GWB.  The time is short and the issues are too serious to jack around with the same old crud. I'm Hillary Rodham Clinton and I approve this message."

                                                   Your sister in the trenches,

                                                   Gertrude Stein Plath

P.S.  If you should find yourself running short of material to use against Trump you will want to consult John Oliver.  How I wish he was one of the sisters, but he does seem to share Elizabeth's irreverence and sense of mission that informed  our march toward democracy and the original Boston Tea Party!

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