Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, February 29, 2016


 by Fabian Colbachi, CPW News Service

"I like that quote 'I'd rather be a lion for a day than a sheep for a hundred years.'  Yea, I know Mussolini said it." -Donald Trump

"I forgot to tell him about 'The devil is a roaring lion seeking to devour whom he will,' and that Mussolini said 'Fascism should more correctly be called 'Corporatism' since it is the merger of state and corporate power.'  Never mind what David Duke has said."
                      -Mrs. Wilma Poole* the 99 year old
                              Sunday School teacher referring to 1st Peter 5:8.

     According to Lowell P. Wigglesworth, who claims that the Confederate General long associated with the KKK, Nathan Bedford Forrest, disavowed the KKK, Donald Trump is on a collision course with a brokered Republican Convention.
      “There's a growing 'dump Trump' sentiment among Republicans.  The KKK was the product of its chief legal counsel who had been the Confederacy’s head of Indian Affairs, Albert Pike.  Pike was a Roman Catholic and the U.S. founder of the Scottish Rite Masons who usurped the York Rite Masonry of Franklin and Washington….Washington….who disavowed slavery, but only after his death by his probated will in 1799, the only founding father slave owner to do so.  Pike would have been what is today called a ‘human trafficker’, but he was given a place of honor in Washington, D.C. and even Alphonso Taft and his son, William Howard Taft, joined the Pike's Cincinnati Scottish Rite Temple.   Taft, of course, was the founder with William Huntington Russell, of Yale’s Skull & Bones and Alphonso’s grave at Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati is surrounded by the largest assembly of dead Union Army Generals from the Civil War in the U.S…..over forty!” said Wigglesworth.
      Wiggleworth’s assessment and criticism of intentionally-veiled U.S. history has had its critics, but he generally fires back with significant accuracy.   “Arkansas is not only home to Bill and Hillary Clinton, but its leading historian, Walter Lee Brown, wrote the biography of A Life of Albert Pike.   Albert Pike’s home was Little Rock.  To his credit, Nathan Bedford Forrest figured out that the KKK was a sham that united anglophile opportunists across the Mason Dixon Line.   A slaver, Forrest discovered that he had been enslaved by Confederate General Braxton Bragg who was the business partner of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman before the Civil War and whose brother, Thomas Bragg, was the Confederacy’s Attorney General working closely with Albert Pike,” said Wigglesworth.  "Braxton would be enslaved himself after the war dying in the backwaters of the South while Sherman's New England China traders headed for the Golden Crescent's opium docks propelled by their previous whale oil and then their 1849 gold rush profits," said Wigglesworth.  "Eventually they would strike black gold, pump it through the benchmark-price-setting-funnel-and-spigot of Cushing, Oklahoma and bleed the earth of this fossil fuel that is now choking us to death," said Wigglesworth noting that before oil was pumped through pipelines, with the new Keystone pipeline still being routed through Cushing, it would ride on the Union Pacific rails.
      According to Wigglesworth, Forrest figured it out relatively early after his Civil War battle under Bragg at Fort Donnelson where the Union Army depended on the return to the U.S. of the opium traders’ leading U.S. gunboat captain in China, Andrew Hull Foote.   “Foote who with Bragg’s decision to throw in the towel on the South’s key river fortresses opened the Southern river system to the Union gunboats just as Foote had done in the Orient.  Slavery was a convenient wedge to pry the Southerners' hands, ninety percent of whom owned no slaves, off of their potential dominance of the quickest rail route to the Pacific.  Iron chains were giving way to chemical chains and N.B. Forrest was beginning to smell a rat even as a Colonel,” said Wigglesworth offering up Col. Forrest’s acrid confrontation with General Bragg leveled after the April 1862 Battle of Shiloh two months after Fort Donnelson had fallen along with its sister, Fort Henry.   As the proof Forrest's growing lucidity Wigglesworth read Forrest's statement to Bragg that Wigglesworth said "was probably similar to that repeated by Colonel Theodore 'Ted' Westhusing to General David Petraeus in the Green Zone in 2005."  With General Bragg's brother sitting in Davis' Confederate White House at Richmond it didn't much matter what Forrest knew.  Forrest is recorded as saying to Braxton Bragg:

“I am not here to pass civilities or compliments with you, but on other business. You commenced your cowardly and contemptible persecution of me soon after the battle of Shiloh, and you have kept it up ever since. You did it because I reported to Richmond facts, while you reported damn lies. You robbed me of my command in Kentucky and gave it to one of your favorites — men that I armed and equipped from the enemies of our country.  In a spirit of revenge and spite, because I would not fawn upon you as others did, you drove me into West Tennessee in the winter of 1862, with a second brigade I had organized, with improper arms and without sufficient ammunition, although I had made repeated applications for the same. You did it to ruin me and my career.   When, in spite of all this, I returned with my command, well equipped by captures, you began again your work of spite and persecution, and have kept it up; and now this second brigade, organized and equipped without thanks to you or the government, a brigade which has won a reputation for successful fighting second to none in the army, taking advantage of your position as the commanding general in order to further humiliate me, you have taken these brave men from me.   I have stood your meanness as long as I intend to. You have played the part of a damn scoundrel, and are a coward; and if you were any part of a man, I would slap your jaws and force you to resent it. You may as well not issue any more orders to me, for I will not obey them, and I will hold you personally responsible for any further indignities you endeavor to inflict upon me. You have threatened to arrest me for not obeying your orders promptly. I dare you to do it, and I say to you that if you ever again try to interfere with me or cross my path it will be at the peril of your life.”

     Not surprisingly, Shelby Foote, one of the key historians used by Ken Burns in his documentary The Civil War, had a photo of Nathan B. Forrest above his Memphis desk during his CSPAN interview with Brian Lamb during which Foote made his fantastic claim to consulting no original documents.  Shelby Foote did not talk about a family relationship to Admiral Andrew Hull Foote, but he clearly was stricken with the competence of N.B. Forrest.   “Burns should recall his documentary based on this amazing confession by Shelby that he consulted no original material in his writings!” said Wigglesworth who noted that N.B. Forrest died in a spirit of contrition similar to Gov. George Wallace.

     Sherman was in California before moving east to lead the Union army from Vicksburg, Mississippi, the likely future bridge crossing of the South's envisioned transcontinental rail route north of the bogs and bung holes of the lower Mississippi Delta, to Savannah, Georgia, destroying the Confederacy’s Atlantic terminal of the transcontinental rail route laid out by Jefferson Davis in the 1850’s across the flat Southwest to San Diego....San Diego....where the Union would plop down a military town that told the South in perpetuity to "forget about it."   "You need a window on Sherman's real motive for fighting the South?  Consider his actions of abandoning the slaves at Ebenezer Creek," said Wigglesworth.

      William T. Sherman had been working in Sacramento and San Francisco to consolidate the rail head in the San Francisco Bay area with George C. Bragg.  The 1861 letter of Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce is the smoking gun that shows us how closely Davis and his key associates, Braxton and Thomas Bragg and Albert Pike were linked to New England’s leading opium trader, Caleb Cushing, who negotiated the Wanghia Treaty with China while drooling over David Sassoon’s Middle East supply of opium  that was dumped in China as a trading chip.   “That led directly to Green Gang’s support of General Claire Chennault’s funding from opium sales and even to the Chinese Cultural Revolution,” said Wigglesworth.   “Sherman essentially handed the railroad to monopolist, Leland Stanford, and the Union Pacific was born  while not uniting with the Southern route for over a hundred years when Speaker of the House, Tom Delay’s brother, Randall Delay, was hired to merge the two railroads…..a move deemed a monopolistic transaction,” said Wigglesworth.

     Wigglesworth is astounded at the lack of curiosity of U.S. historians who have spun U.S. myth as dependable history.  “Shelby Foote, for example, said ‘I consulted no original manuscripts.  It’s all been gone over before.’   Can you believe that any historian would make such a claim?  Good golly!” said Wigglesworth who pointed to the letter of Jefferson Davis which was kept at Rice University, Houston, Texas under the eye of historian Frank Vandiver who became, like Kenneth Pitzer, son of Pitzer College founder in California and whose testimony led to the Atomic Energy Commission’s decision to strip J. Robert Oppenheimer of his national security clearance, a President of Rice University. 
     "Frank Vandiver left Rice to head up the Mosher Institute for Defense Studies at Texas A&M and Edward Mosher, for whom the institute was named, was head of Mosher Steel that supplied thirteen thousand tons of steel for the World Trade Center," said Wigglesworth who has expressed great concern that also at Texas A&M is GWB's former chief economic advisor turned critic, Dr. Morgan Reynolds.  Vandiver's publisher, Praeger Publishers, was also of concern to Wigglesworth who wondered why Praeger's advisors, David Zebeck, Claibourne Carlson, Lonnie Bunch, Paul Bartrop, Ken Albala or Spencer Tucker did not challenge Vandiver's work and assess it more critically.  "Is Dr. Reynolds as concerned as I am with these connections given that Vandiver had written the 2005 book How America Goes To War?" asked Wigglesworth who noted that Jefferson Davis' letters are domiciled next to Robert Herring Hall named for husband of Joanne King Herring whose alliance with Texas Congressman, Charlie Wilson, armed Al Qaeda and the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan and whose company, Houston Light and Power, morphed into Enron.
     “Vandiver sat over the letters of Jefferson Davis at Rice where the James A Baker Center for Public Policy is located. James A. Baker’s family history is steeped in the legal wrangling of the Union Pacific Railroad as its top attorneys.  For decades right under Vandiver’s nose was Davis’ letter to Franklin Pierce, the President for whom Bill Clinton has recently become an apologist saying that "Franklin Pierce," Barbara Pierce Bush's ancestor, "could not avoid a drift toward war".  If there is a ‘smoking gun’ on America’s motivation for the Civil War it is the letter from Jefferson Davis to Franklin Pierce dated January 20, 1861 that Vandiver had in his quiver (Jefferson Davis, “The Papers of Jefferson Davis,” The PJD Project of Rice University, retrieved from https://jeffersondavis.rice.edu/Content.aspx?id=86 on 7/5/14).  It reads:
  “When Lincoln comes in he will have but to continue in the path of his predecessor to inaugurate a civil war and, leave a soi disant democratic administration responsible for the fact. Genl. Cushing was here last week and when we parted it seemed like taking a last leave of a Brother.”

     “Drift toward war?  Hell our Civil War had our citizens gagging not on yellow cake, but blue-gray cake.  Abolitionist John Brown's big Boston "secret-six" backer was George Luther Stearns who was trying to corner the lead market as in the bullets that James Hamlet, the first fugitive slave law test-case from Baltimore's Brown's Merchant Shot Tower, where he made musket balls, for Christ's sake.  You can’t totally blame Donald Trump for being a rich friggin dumb-ass.  There's plenty of those and poor ones, too.  Were any of us taught these facts in school?  Were we told to read Smedley Butler's War Is A Racket in Civics 101 or that the same crypto-Nazis that were to have supported Butler were behind Joseph McCarthy?  Trump is the product of the American educational system and the gangs of New York and Wall Street bamboozlers and the education that is offered these minnows at the top is built on that bamboozle and at the bottom on gallons of whitewash,” said Wigglesworth.  "But following his refusal in the interview with Jake Tapper to disavow David Duke who Trump said he didn't know, but whom he referenced in a prior interview on Friday before the Tapper interview makes me believe that what Mack Stipanovich said of Mr. Trump.....that  'Donald Trump is a neo-fascist, he's a xenophobe, a misogynist, a racist, he's a nativist and a hyper-nationalist.....' is correct," said Wigglesworth.  "But you have to remember that Caleb Cushing and Franklin Pierce had invited Jefferson Davis to speak at Boston's Faneuil Hall in favor of slavery in 1858 before Frederick Douglass, also known as Fred Bailey, who had been employed according to Thomas Layton's 1999 Stanford University Press book, Voyage of the Frolic: New England Merchants and the Opium Trade,  laying the opium clipper hulls in Baltimore's Gardiner shipyard for New England's leading opium traders who domiciled their kiddos primarily at Yale University.   Baltimore is home to progenitor of Alexander Brown of Brown Brothers for whom Butler said 'I was a goon on three continents.'   Hello, Kellogg Brown & Root!  Put two and two together and you see just why iron chains gave way to selling a different kind of chains shackling America's ghetto-classes and why that bamboozle was still showing its petticoats during Iran-Contra with the spillover to everyone else who had trouble figuring out why the world was in such a mess."

* This pseudonym was provided by "Mildred Poole" who stated "I want to protect those victims who were unknowlingly caught in the smegma-lathered random copulative assemblies of Washington, Wall Street and their minions, but who have also come to the realization that their victimization was the result of being severely cranially-anally impacted.  Donald's attorney was Roy Cohn the attorney for Senator Joseph McCarthy neither of whom were an 'Angel in America'.  Need I say more?"

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