Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Neil Mallon Bush Cruises Into Cruz Camp: Silverado Savings No Concern

Neil Mallon Bush Joins Ted Cruz’s Financial Team

By Emma Reilly Lewd, CPW News Services
     Before the 2008 financial meltdown and bailout and busted housing bubble there was the S&L or Savings and Loan scandal which included Silverado Savings (video at 4:00), the Denver, Colorado company on whose board was Neil Mallon Bush named for Neil Mallon, the longtime head of Dresser Industries.  Americans generally are not aware that the nursery school for the 1980's S&L crisis and scandal and the 2008 financial meltdown was the Texas "rent-a-bank" scandal of the 1970's with many of the same players emerging through the same seed pods grounded in the Texas business environment fertilized with generous piles caveat emptor nitrates and cow pies.

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     “Early in his campaign Ted Cruz flew to Houston to kiss the ring of GHWB, so no one should be surprised to see this happen,” said Gwen Fernwelder of the Denver based watchdog group Not All Clouds Have a Silver Lining, survivors of the Silverado S&L scandal.
     Standing in the telescoping gangway down which passengers on major airlines pass to board a flight Fernwelder’s concern about the Cruz campaign’s latest announcement triggered additional concerns.
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     “This movable bridge was patented by C.L. Lodjic who became the CEO of Stanray Co. that was one of the leading providers of steel for Yamasaki’s World Trade Center Towers 1 & 2,” said Fernwelder.  “Stanray was one of several companies that provided steel for the buildings and Lodjic was called “Jetway Joshua” because he had developed the new jet gangway, but also because his favorite Biblical character was Joshua who at Jericho was said to have made the walls come tumbling down,” said Fernwelder.
       Stanray bought Lodjic’s invention.  Stanray was absorbed by Symington-Wayne Inc. that was then acquired by Dresser Industries whose long-time CEO was Henry Neil Mallon.   Dresser, the major provider of cooling pumps for the Manhattan Project,  merged with Halliburton.  Henry Neil Mallon was a Yale classmate of Prescott Bush.   Prescott’s close friend and fellow Skull & Bones members, both were members of the class of 1917.  Mallon was an early investor in Zapata Corporation.  “Everyone knows that the Bay of Pigs invasion was also known as Operation Zapata and was code-named for Zapata Petroleum,” said Fernwelder who noted that a New York Times reporter, Paul P. Kennedy, had announced the coming Cuban invasion from a Guatemala training base at Retalhuleu, Guatemala in the NYT and The Nation, an accounting that should have logically pulled the plug on the invasion since the element of surprise was lost.  "If winning was the object of that incident the element of surprise was lost and so it was a real screw up, but as a method of fueling consent for war and the ongoing racket of war it didn't require success.   In fact, failure was even more powerful for the unending run up of Cold War tensions and tax dollars," said Fernwelder who suggested Americans read Anthony Sutton's books The Best Enemy Money Can Buy and National Suicide and Western Technology and Soviet Econonomic Development: 1917-1930, the thesis of which was validated by National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski,  as well as by Smedley Butler's earlier book War Is A Racket from the 1930's. Their revelations apply equally to nearly every major U.S. war since the American Revolution including the discovery of yellow cake uranium, the fraud, to justify what General Wesley Clark said was the Neo Con's agenda in the Middle East.

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     "Zbigniew Brzezinski may be a member of the Trilateral Commission, but he has been an outspoken critic of George Bush and the mishegoss of his Middle East policy," said Fernwelder, an equally outspoken critic of the TC's founder, John D. Rockefeller.  "Big JD is big oil and while they suck the blood out of the earth and convert it to greenhouse gasses the future looks dimmer and dimmer.   This is a real shame considering that barring a stray asteroid the earth's sun could produce solar energy for about four billion years," said Fernwelder who believes that the Manhattan Project's J. Robert Oppenheimer was labeled a communist because he threatened the world's oil cabal through his desire to make peaceful nuclear energy ubiquitous, an attack managed by Gordon Gray, father of Bush attorney C. Boyden Gray and Kenneth Pitzer, President of Rice University, with the attorney prosecuting Oppenheimer, Roger Robb, being the attorney for the secretive, long-time head of the New York Port Authority who built the World Trade Center, Austin Tobin, using Minoru Yamasaki.   Fernwelder noted that Yamasaki had also built the infamous St. Louis housing project, Pruitt-Igoe, the site of radiation exposure test on unwitting citizens that was demolished in 1972 by the same controlled demolition company that was called in to complete the destruction of the WTC in 2001.   
     "You've gotta remember that Rice was where Enron gave the FED chairman, Al Greenspan, the Enron Prize at the Baker Institute for Public Policy," said Fernwelder whose trips to the Houston museums yielded an obvious "hush-hush" on the global warming science debate. Enron? Enron was set in motion by multi-billionaire from Missouri, Richard Kinder, before Ken Lay and who is now partnered with the Carlyle Group, and whose massive pipeline network had provided the infrastructure for the Enron rape of California under Governor Gray Davis whose grandfather was William Rhodes Davis the subject of Dale Harrington's book, Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis: Hitler's Nazi Agent of Influence.  "Was 911 another Reischtag?" asked Fernwelder.  "The glaring circumstantial evidence knocks you over when combined with the harsh scientific realities championed by David Ray Griffin and others," said Fernwelder.  "Greenspan and Clinton Treasury Secretary, Lawrence Summers, defended Enron at the height of the bamboozling.  It was all too easy and it was by design.   Enron was the golden goose that laid the rotten egg of capitalism and government gone wild.  They were key cogs in the system that Mussolini described as fascism's  marriage of government and to 'free markets'.   Greenspan and Summers were, like Hank Paulson and Robert Rubin, Helsinki or Stockholm syndrome-suffering trustees at Hitler's final solution hotels," said Fernwelder who sees Summer's complicity as a Clinton appointee as evidence of the Clinton conspiracy with the Neo-Cons to repeal Glass-Steagall, a case that Bernie Sanders has made much too gently and which pollutes Hillary's claim to dressing down Wall Street in 2007, but voting for the Bush yellow-cake war of 2001 and supporting her husband's failure to veto Glass-Steagall's repeal as a show of sensibility and solidarity with history's hard lessons.  "Sanders crippled himself by saying he was a 'democratic-socialist' instead of a 'disciplined capitalist'," said Fernwelder who believes that Sanders' heart is in the right place, but that Americans view monetary incentives as sacred as faith-based humanitarian principles.

     "Stanray provided the steel for the core columns of the World Trade Center towers above the 9th floor with the first nine floors' of steel provided by Edward Mosher's steel company from a city that also had the corner on aviation fuel with all the petro-chems,  lead through National Lead Co. that provided everything from bullets, gasoline additives to lead pipes and lead-based paint that was banned in Europe fifty years before it was banned in the States, not to mention Freeport-McMoran that was Bernard Baruch's gunpowder producer and with Dow and Dupont and the other petro-chems making everything from high tech fibers to Agent Orange.   In other words, the core of the U.S. MIC or Military Industrialist Complex is all right there and all you need to do is look at the local museums to see that there's no concern there for weaning the world from fossil fuels or weaponry.   Edward Mosher founded the Mosher Institute for Defense Studies headed by Frank Vandiver, the one U.S. historian who could have, should have, shined an illuminating light on the falsity of the motive for the U.S. Civil War," said Fernwelder noting the work of Dr. Lowell P. Wigglesworth on the subject and noting an article by Shirley L. Holmes titled 911 Thermite May Have Been In Buildings At Erection.   "Frank Vandiver had written the book How America Goes To War in 2005," said Fernwelder. 
     “The Neil Mallon family was from Cincinnati, Ohio and was close to the William Howard Taft family, but that, of course, focuses attention on Alphonso Taft, William Howard Taft and Charles P. Taft’s father and founder along with William Huntington Russell of Skull & Bones in 1833.   Now, we must never forget that Alphonso Taft is buried in Cincinatti’s Spring Grove Cemetery.  Buried alongside Alphonso are more than 40 Union army generals, the largest repository of army generals’ bones in any location in the U.S., perhaps the world.   Both Alphonso and William Howard Taft were members of Albert Pike’s Scottish Rite Temple in Cincinnati, W.H. Taft joining in 1909.  That was shortly after his 1908 election as President.  Albert Pike had been Jefferson Davis’ chief Indian Agent in the Confederacy and the chief legal counsel for the KKK,” said Fernwelder whose study of the work of Dr. Lowell P. Wigglesworth has informed her knowledge of the Taft family's history.
      When asked why the founder of Skull & Bones was buried beside so many Union generals Fernwelder said “As Lowell P. Wigglesworth has made so clear…..because the Civil War was fought under the pretext to free slaves, but it was really a race to the China Trade for the New England opium dealing power elites who protect the trade to this day.  Opioids are pain killers and the opposite  pole of that dialectic is pain.  It's fight promoting for fun and profit.  Nothing brings on pain like wars and nothing fuels wars like trumped up bull shit emergencies like Fort Sumter, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Bay of Pigs, the Gulf of Tonkin fiasco, or 911.   Eli Lilly was one of the Union Army’s top artillery commanders….get it?   Drugs and body parts! Nothing  fuels the market for opioids like wars and since we went into Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan and nearly all of the Middle East from which the supply of opium has gone up exponentially, it should now be obvious. Freeing the Southerner’s slaves in 1860, with 90 percent of Southerner’s owning no slaves, and the New England Brahmans created a market for their drugs in America’s ghettos,” said Fernwelder noting that the CIA's longstanding relationship to drug transports uncovered by a long list of investigative journalists along with its clear association with Yale as the petri dish for leaders of U.S. intelligence further illustrates her concerns about this recent announcement. 

     "The Yale connections to our current state of disorder is well documented and I don't mean by film actor/director Robert de Niro in the film The Good Shepherd.   Read Robin Winks, the Sterling Professor of History at Yale's book, Cloak and Gown: Scholars In the Secret War, 1939-1961," said Fernwelder.  Fernwelder encouraged Americans to read Thomas Layton's 1999 book, Voyage of the Frolic: New England Merchants and the Opium Trade.  Layton is an archaeologist at Stanford University.  Layton asserts that the Boston abolitionist, Frederick Douglass, had worked in the Baltimore shipyard owned by the Gardner family where the Frolic's hull had been laid.  He worked there under the name "Fred Bailey". 

    "I believe like Wigglesworth that the American Civil War was fought under the lofty, but false motive of abolition of slavery, but was in reality a drug war plain and simple, and it's still going on," Fernwelder concluded.

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