Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Former Canadian Protestant Pastor Hot on Heels of Power Elite Pedophiles

 With Britain's Disclosure of the Jimmy Savile Pedophile Scandal and the US/Canadian Scandals of Sandusky's Happy Valley/Penn State and Lawrence King's Omaha Pedophile Ring, Rev. Kevin Annett Has Set Sights on High Society's Dirty Low Down.

by A. C. Jilruhn, CPW News Service

    Few know that a Canadian Protestant minister who discovered unspeakable horrors unleashed on native children in British Columbia, Kevin Annett, had taken his case to a "world court" that is gaining credibility.  "Kevin Annett took his concerns first to Ottawa the Canadian capital and reaped a whirlwind.   He had the proof of the atrocities including murders that were covered over by Canada's powerful political influence brokers.  It all came out anyway and dovetailed in the the U.S. with what became known as Omaha, Nebraska's "Franklin Cover-Up" and the Sandusky Penn State/Second Mile Foundation program of child abuse rings that parallels Jimmy Savile's abuse of children in a boy's home on the Isle of Jersey similar to Boystown in Omaha.   "The parallels are striking in England and  the U.S., " said Giuseppe Pierre Mason of PEW, Power Elite Watchers, of Montreal Canada.

    Mason believes that the money trail from the CIA's Paul Helliwell through his Castle Bank in the Bahamas to the Isle of Jersey where Jimmy Savile and former Tory Prime Minister of Britain, Edward "Ted" Heath, had abused young boys can be followed back to the U.S. and the highest levels of U.S. political power elites.  "You have to remember that the British royal family came into power with about half a billion in assets which are now about fifteen billion mostly on their investments in uranium.  In the U.S. the primary uranium suppliers are Neal and Linden Blue whose Predator and Reaper drones manufactured by their company General Atomic uses spent uranium fuel rods as battlefield weapons that cut through steel armor like butter, but litter the battlefield with carcinogens that have a million year half-life.  Linden was a classmate of George Bush at Yale and a fellow Skull & Bones member.

    "In this climate of governments and power elites gone wild, setting up an independent common law court for getting to the truth of any matter, especially as important as these crimes against humanity, is perfectly logical, but requires uncommon valor," said Mason noting that the initial British government investigation into the Jimmy Savile debacle was to be headed by Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss who resigned citing conflicts of interest with her brother, Britain's Attorney General in the 1980's when Savile's activities were fever pitched, just as in Happy Valley, Omaha and British Columbia.  Since 2014 Annett's work has continued to shine a light on privilege, power and the abuses associated with it.

Holyrood Castle the British residence where Annett
was told by the Vatican that Ratzinger and
Queen Elizabeth signed the Crimen Sollicitationas
agreement on September 16, 2010.  For
Annett's description of this meeting click photo

   People should acquaint themselves with Annett's work said Mason who provided the following from a website, www.childabuserecovery.com :

   Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State was prosecuting the case. Lord Justice Fulford, Pope Francis, Jesuit Superior Adolfo Pachon and Church of England Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s court actions were scheduled to commence 31 March 2014 in Brussels. www.itccs.org
     This same Brussels international court issued arrest warrants on Queen Elizabeth and former Pope Joseph Ratzinger after finding them guilty, along with 38 other global elites, in the rape, torture and murder of over 50,000 missing Canadian indigent children.
Queen Elizabeth was convicted 28 Feb 2013 in the disappearance of ten native children from the British Columbia Catholic Kamloops residential school on 10 Oct. 1964. Pope Ratzinger resigned from office that same day.
     Pope Francis’, Pope Benedict’s and Queen Elizabeth’s use of a Vatican agreement called Crimen Sollicitationas prevented release of information to legal authorities for prosecution of crimes against an estimated millions of priest child abuse victims. A Vatican source claimed to ITCCS’ Kevin Annett that Queen Elizabeth signed the document with Pope Benedict on 16 Sept. 2010 at Holyrood Castle in Edinburgh.
     Evidence pertaining to the Feb. 2013 international court could be found in Annett’s “Hidden No Longer” at: www.hiddennolonger.com www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com.

    That Annett's claim of a special relationship between Pope Benedict and the Queen like that described is quite plausible given Savile's relationship to both the Catholic Church and British Royals....as one observer wrote: Jimmy Savile had both a Royal and Papal knighthood (Order of St. Gregory the Great). He was a Knights Hospitaller (also know as the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and Malta Order of St. john Knighs of Malta and Chevaliers and Malta.

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