Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, March 4, 2016


Normalizing Evil: Scrimshawing Along A Dualistic, Dialectic Continuum

By Armand Gheddon CPW News Service

      With the March 3, 2016 National Public Radio coverage of the American physician who had retrieved an RFID implant from the side of a young woman, placed there by her pimp, eyes are opening to the arrival of Aldous Huxley's  Brave New World only three decades after Orwell’s prediction of 1984.
     Ferdinand E. “Ferdy” Nirgle of Fifty Thousand Shades of Gray, a Berkley, California think tank and coffee club that meets weekly at Ishmael’s and Queequig’s Better Coffee Brew Pub is concerned.  “We are a wide-ranging assortment of people who view the current world order as dysfunctional and headed in an ever increasingly dysfunctional direction.   Most of us believe that life is neither totally good or evil, but an eclectic collection of mismatched elements like my sock drawer.  Some of us believe in a fat happy Budda, but not so fat that his arteries are hopelessly clogged.  Some are yin and yangers, but only if the yin doesn’t run over the yang or vice versa….all things in balance and balance is NOT the definition of dualism or dialecticism.  A spinning yin and yang is NOT a tug of war that dualism clearly represents.  Some come from Scientology, but got embarrassed by Tom Cruise and the L. Ron Hubbard e-meter mumbo jumbo that was a clever way to work around licensing for individual and marriage and family counseling laws.  That whole hidden Thetan thing was brilliant as a business model, too, and frankly some came as exiles from the capitalistic merchantilism inherent in Hubbard’s Gnosticism.  Give the illusive Thetan a reincarnated soul and the e-meter billing is infinite,” said Nirgle.

     Nirgle is fond of Ishmael’s and Queequigs’ Pub because its theme is grounded in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.   You have to remember that the tattooed Queequig had the entire universe inked into his skin like the zodiac atop Cornelius Vanderbilt’s New York’s Grand Central Station. 
     But there is a deeper concern about the recent story of the woman with an implant.  “It use to be that tattoos like Queequig’s were exotic.  Melville was surely aware of the Biblical admonition to treat your body as the Lord’s temple, but sailors like Starbuck, Ishmael and the others, often embellished the temple like Tiffany sticking some stained glass windows in a church sanctuary.  I can’t remember Jesus ever talking about either the efficacy of stained glass windows, much less tattoos, but neither did he mention the sacred church organs that defined Christianity since the marriage of reeds to billows.   Jews are less fond of tattoos, generally speaking, ever since the commercial success of IG Farben’s shower enhancer, Zyklon B.,” said Nirgle.
     Nirgle believes that the frog in the kettle analogy is an accurate depiction of what has been happening to American culture.  “Normalize stuff first and tomorrow it’s routine.”  Nirgle sees a number of societal changes leading people to essentially acquiesce to Ahab’s rabid pursuit of Moby Dick.  “Take your cell phones which have become computers.  Now, we were told in Apple’s 1984 ad by Ridley Scott that 1984 would not become 1984, then the implant.   Well, we now have the very strange fact that IBM’s Bill Gates admitted to having provided the operating system for Apple at the same time that Edwin Black was writing books like The Transfer Agreement and War Against the Weak in which he documents IBM’s participation in the Nazi’s Jew branding program.   We also have the astounding announcement that Theodore “Ted” Olson whose wife’s plane flew into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 without leaving DNA of the passengers or a thimble full of seat trays and head rests leading Apple’s high profile resistance to the FBI’s request by James Comey for a “backdoor” to their encryption.   Encryption?   Yes, while that nerdy looking General Michael Hayden who looks like he was made for either a Heinrich Himmler uniform or Temple of Set garb arguing for Apple’s position against Comey.  I’d say that this whole thing is a sham and that they already know that your wife told you to pick up a bottle of milk and Tampax pads on the way home tonight,” said Nirgle.
     “In the documentary Zeitgeist, friend of John D. Rockefeller, Anthony Russo, says that he ditched his rich buddy when he was told that a proposed one world government movement was working for the implant of the RFID chip in everyone…..well, except for a ruling few.  Like the flow of tattooing first among sailors and them convicts into the general population or like the normalization of conversation about the size of Donald Trump’s dong or the normalizing of the dumbing-down of America’s school children under the guise of “No Child Left Behind” or the arrival of the RFID implant that has the ER doctor utterly flabbergasted it starts at the bottom, works it way up….kind of like Moby Dick…..and then gets the Ahabs….you know, the cock-suckers who are beholding to the New England China Trader moguls back in Boston or Baltimore or New York to get in line in the crazy pursuit of the one thing that will leave you looking for Queeqeeg’s casket,” said Nirgle.

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