Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cuba: Small Island Huge Incentive For Endless Warfare

Obama Visits Perfect Island Ploy For Perpetual Cold War Tax Drain....or Incentive for Free Market Arsenal Fueling... Depending on Point of View.  With Well-Timed Belgium Bomb-blast, shift from Cold War to Endless War on Terrorism Complete.

by Fabian Colbachi, CPW News Service

     Just as America's documentary movie maker, Michael Moore, is saying "Mr. Obama, this is how history will remember you:  You were the first Black President and nothing more," Barack Obama is visiting Cuba to the welcoming embrace of Raul Castro, brother of Fidel.
     In the 1959 overthrow of Fulgensio Batista, under whose dictatorship Cuban businesses thrived like Las Vegas under the heavy hand of North American mobsters, Castro's five hundred man army won over Batista's 30,000 man standing army through sheer public support and contempt for Batista's unprincipled and unimaginative rule.  U.S. businesses in Cuba were nationalized.  Sugar prices went up.  Cuban cigars were embargoed in the U.S. just as Big Tobacco was being shown to be a purveyor of mentholated carcinogens delivering addictive nicotine across the blood-brain barrier; just after lead-based paint was being ludicrously promoted and sold as a preventative to nuclear bomb-blast ignition of civilian structures;  just before the Pruitt-Igoe housing project in St. Louis, Missouri was demolished in 1972, site of an undeclared government radiation experiment on the unwitting population and documented by Lisa Martino-Taylor's 856 page open access PhD dissertation on the subject.  Pruitt-Igoe, designed by Minoru Yamasaki. He was designer of the World Trade Center's twin towers and Mecca-like park into which over 200 jumped to their deaths on 911.  Pruitt-Igoe was "pulled" in 1972 by the same company that "pulled" infamous Building 7 on September 11, 2001, nearly thirty years later.
     "Cuba's new dictator, Castro, was hopeful that he would be welcomed as a liberator by Dwight D. Eisenhower, but not ironically, Eisenhower who warned against the danger of the growing U.S. military industrialist complex saw the value of Castro's victory as a convenient pilot light at the base of the blast furnace of the U.S. military machinery," said historian, Lowell P. Wigglesworth noting that Castro had already nationalized U.S. assets when he visited New York in April, 1959,  four months after his takeover.
     Wigglesworth is not naïve about the potential challenges that faced the U.S. and Latin America.  When in 1986 the Iran-Contra story broke over Nicaragua with the downing of a Fairchild C-123K transport plane owned by Barry Seal and flown by Eugene Husenfus, the Roman Catholic aligned Christic Institute took the lead in outing CIA initiatives in the region sending Wigglesworth to research the possible connections of Christic's leading attorney Daniel Sheehan to "Irish Billy" Sheehan, Franklin Delano Roosevelt's political nemesis in New York's Tammany Hall. 
     "Whether we are talking about Caleb Cushing, Franklin Pierce and Jefferson Davis during the Civil War or the Delanos and Roosevelts during the Spanish American War, WWI and WWII, you cannot get around the fact that the evolving Military Industrialist Complex was ALWAYS the NMIC, the Narco-Military Industrialist Complex. Anesthetics and war wounds go hand in hand. When Ken Burns did his landmark documentaries on the Civil War and Roosevelts he made no reference to William Tecumseh Sherman's connections to the rail rush to the Pacific.  The only reference to the narco-connection was a glancing reference to the Delanos whom he said made their money in the 'China Trade'.   Heaven forbid that he should note that when FDR recuperated at Bernard Baruch's South Carolina plantation that the lines from the Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewish 'China Trader' whose fortunes secured for Britain the Chinese port of Hong Kong through David Sassoon, opium had a pivotal place in the evolution of U.S. history and power politics," said Wigglesworth.
     "Would I rather have a world led by the New England Protestants or the Irish/Castillian Catholics?  The second group having been unabashedly unenlightened in the oppression of Copernicus and Galileo and ruled through Latin America by the Jesuits of which Pope Francis is a member and who had led the Spanish Inquisition, with the Protestant group 'enlightened' in many more ways, but beholding to the petro-chemical interests whose ventures had replaced their whale oil, but who sold new indulgences of a different and more globally threatening kind?" asked Wigglesworth. 
     "Trying to remain a centrist was not easy to do in this milieu," said Wigglesworth, noting that running around in the pre-WWII South Texas oil fields was Hitler's oil agent, William Rhodes Davis (Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis:  Nazi Agent of Influence, Dale Harrington, 1999), grandfather of recalled California Governor, Gray Davis, who appeared on the surface to have been screwed by Enron, while Enron's public relations voice in California was Jack Modesett's daughter-in-law...Modesett's father having been Joseph P. Kennedy's business partner in Texas.  Right in the middle of this oily cauldron was National Review Magazine's William F. Buckley's boyhood home of Duval County and in the neighboring county the ranch of Braxton Bragg Wright, the grandparent of Columbia University sociologist and author of The Power Elite which introduced the term and explored the delicate balance of power between America's military, political and economic elites, C. Wright Mills.  Mills also wrote the landmark book Sociological Imagination. He had been recruited to Columbia by Paul Lazersfeld and Robert Merton, 'the father of applied sociology'.  Robert Merton was also the father of the Nobel Prize winner, also Robert Merton, who created the economy-tanking "credit default swaps" based on the ever-so-logical Black Scholes formula that rotted the world economy leading to the 2008 meltdown and bailout. 
     "When in 1968 at the Miami Republican Convention during the ABC debate between William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal, Vidal called Buckley a "crypto-Nazi", to which Buckley...all glassy-eyed and snorting retorted ".....you queer!  I'm gone smash your goddamn face and you'll stay plastered." 
"They were caricatures of the American electorate....left/right/white/angry," said Wigglesworth.  "Buckley's lamentation over that event were not in my mind about his snapping descent into incivility.  No!  His cover had been blown by his angry response and he was in danger of losing his position as the fog horn for the ship of right-winged misogyny as it steamed in under the plumes in the darkness that hid equally well the cloud of napalm and cluster bombs from the Vietnam War," said Wigglesworth noting Buckley's proximity...all of his life....to the crypto-kinds that Vidal had come to know so well.
     Trying to figure out how Texas with its connections to Enron, WorldCom or Tyco had emerged out of this ultra-Darwinian bog was not difficult.  It had the consistency and aroma of Mussolini's definition of "capitalistic-fascism".  Tyco's John Franklin Fort, III, Dennis Kozlowski's predecessor, had become a significant Houston, Texas socialite married to the widow of celebrated author Donald Barthelme, Marion Knox Barthleme.
       The German heritage of many of the Texas ranchers could have influenced their pre-WWII sympathies on the side of the 1930's "Business Plotters" according to Wigglesworth....those who had attempted to recruit Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler to lead an America coup just as an Irish/Fascist element in Britain was reportedly attempting to recruit T.E. "Lawrence of Arabia" Lawrence to lead a similar overthrow well before Herman Hess flew his Messerschmitt to the estate of Lord Hamilton to whose family T.E. Lawrence was well-connected.  Lawrence was reported to have refused the British fascists' offer to join in their plot, just as Butler had done in America, leading conspiracy theory groups to argue, somewhat convincingly, that his motorcycle accident and death were prearranged.

     Jason Chilton Matthews had proudly promoted his adventures of riding at Lawrence's side against the Turks in Syria and Lebanon for which the cedar paneling in his Texas home, Quinta Matzalan,  had been shipped as a symbol of his appreciation from the King of Lebanon.  "Many Texans were, even though more likely to have been Protestants like German leader of the Reformation, Martin Luther, on the side of Irishman, Joseph P. Kennedy and Neville Chamberlain, up until Pearl Harbor," said Wigglesworth, but adding "and they were always concerned that their assets were threatened by Communism....the godless system they knew, and as time has verified, lacked the incentives to provide a really robust stewardship of the good earth.  Many of the German immigrants had fought as Hessians for the Royalists in the colonies and couldn't return to Germany or live anywhere, but the frontier.

      "If Israel can take out a Syrian nuclear reactor provided by North Korea, don't you think the world would have hailed the U.S. strike against Cuba's imported Soviet missiles so close to U.S. soil as totally justified?   Given that Anthony Sutton of the Hoover Institute had parted ways with his fellow policy wonks and wankers at Stanford's Hoover Institute to argue that the entire Soviet threat was a Western invention and influenced by American industrialists like Armand Hammer and Henry Ford as Hitler's eugenics program had been by Cold Spring Harbor's benefactor, Mary Harriman?" asked Wigglesworth.
      "You have to remember that John F. Kennedy's father, Joseph P. Kennedy, had groomed the New York Times Editor-in-Chief, Arthur Krock, as JFK's publicist, or, considering Krock's initial meeting with Joe.....Joe Kennedy was actually being groomed by Bernard Baruch, Herbert Schope, Krock and his publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, the Jewish East Coast equivalent of William Randolph Hearst.  While the New York Time's reporter, Paul P. Kennedy, was blowing the whistle on the coming Bay of Pigs with articles in the Times and The Nation, an announcement that should have had the CIA pulling out since its  cover had been blown.  Krock, who had personally doctored JFK's college thesis into the defense of his father's support of England's Neville Chamberlain, as the book, Why England Slept, was writing the month before JFK's murder on November 22, 1963, "The Intra-Administration War In Vietnam With High Frequency Disordered Government", (NY Times, 10/3/63).   In a nation based on war production there can be no 'intra-administration war.'  High frequency disorder, as any dysfunctional family can safely attest, depends on ongoing, raw and raucous blood-letting. What was Krock's timely contribution to the JFK/Cuba debate shortly before Kennedy's rendezvous with destiny in Dealy Plaza?  Krock, who had traveled extensively with Joseph P. Kennedy before and during WWII wrote in the afore mentioned October 1963 article the following: The CIA's growth was 'likened to a malignancy' which the 'very high official was not even sure the White House could control ... any longer.' 'If the United States ever experiences [an attempted coup to overthrow the Government] it will come from the CIA and not the Pentagon. The agency 'represents a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone.
     This is an amazing admission from Krock considering that Paul P. Kennedy's wife, Diana Southwood Kennedy, who would later write the equivalent of CIA operative, Julia Child's, The Art of French Cooking, but about Mexican and not French cuisine, My Mexico, was living with Paul P. Kennedy in Mexico City when he was not in Guatamala or New York.  Forty-five years earlier Arthur Zimmerman's 1917 intercepted secret letter from Germany to Mexico's President had an Irish connection. In the early 19th Century they were the San Patricios or Mexico's "Saint Patrick's Brigade" and in the early 20th Century the Irish Catholic IRA hated the British! The  1917 communiqué offered Mexico a secret pact with Germany should the U.S. enter WWI and should Mexico join in the fight.  Had the Irish Kennedy's been on the wrong side of 1917 alliances as Joe Kennedy had been with Hitler and Chamberlain twenty-five years later when FDR recalled him from England? The Zimmerman letter showed the Germans offering to return to Mexico as prizes Texas, Arizona and New Mexico.  Considering that the Texas Revolution had been dominated by the Anglo Protestant Northeasterners who distrusted the Irish-Catholics the dust had not settled on the possible cross-purposes when Paul P. Kennedy and Arthur Krock at the New York Times unsettled the establishment further by publishing an advanced warning of the coming Bay of Pigs invasion.  In addition, the Nazi-sympathetic 1930's "Business Plot" investigated by the McCormick-Dickstein Committee that some say implicated Union Bank of New York and Prescott Bush by association and to which General Smedley Butler had given witness, further thickened the political plotting and perils surrounding ventures in Cuba and the Caribbean.
     A BBC documentary arguably overstated the connections of the McCormick-Dickstein Committee's investigation that never specifically mentions Prescott Bush, but was conjoined with this investigation and the later government censure of Union Bank, the Hamburg-America shipping lines that was found guilty of importing Nazi agents up until it was charged with a violation of trading with the enemy, a situation that was not illegal until after Pearl Harbor.  This led one investigator to write:

     There is a well-documented charge that Prescott Bush and his business partner Averell Harriman- a career Democrat who served in the FDR, Truman, Kennedy, and Johnson administrations--were both involved in industrial pacts with Nazi businessmen Fritz Thyssen.  Several of the Harriman-Bush businesses were seized during WWII under the Trading with the Enemies Act.
    Equating the War Seizures Controversy with the Smedley Butler-Business Plot is like blaming the Kennedy Assassination on the 9-11 terrorists- on the sole basis both events were investigated by the same House Select Committee.
   Mike Thompson/BBC says:
       "Of Course, at the time, it was perfectly legal to have dealings with Hitler's Germany.  Prescott Bush was not called to account for this until America entered the War.   Neither was it a crime to be a member of the lobby group like the Liberty League.  And I found no firm evidence that the Liberty League itself was behind the plot to overthrow their country's democratically elected president [time 21:49].  But academics like professor Tony Badger believe....it was a magnet for those with such intentions."
     "The [Committee] investigations mysteriously turn to vapor when it comes time to call them [backers of the coup] to testify.   FDR.....struck a deal in which it was agreed that the plotters would walk free if Wall Street would back off of their opposition to the New Deal and let FDR do what he wanted." [24:38].

    The statement "Equating the War Seizures Controversy with the Smedley Butler-Business Plot is like blaming the Kennedy Assassination on the 9-11 terrorists- on the sole basis both events were investigated by the same House Select Committee" misses many subtle nuances in the development of American myth and history.  Edwin's Black's thoroughly documented and highly acclaimed book, War Against the Weak, brings some of these nuances to light in connecting Mary Harriman's Cold Spring Harbor, New York eugenics program as the germinating seed for Hitler's "Final Solution".  Connecting the dots between what has become known as "six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon", a propagandist's dream,  when there is little more than .5 degrees of separation has led subsequent authors like David Ray Griffin to insist that there is plenty good reason NOT to move on so quickly beyond the piles of unexamined evidence of interconnectedness. Especially troubling to Griffin is that the 911 Commission repeated this history that..... "the [Committee] investigations mysteriously turn to vapor," and with it the evidence of thermite and a long list of miraculous and unexplained anomalies.
     Michael Donnelly's December 2, 2011 Counterpunch article "Wall Streets Failed 1934 Coup", stated....From 1934 through 1936, the League got thirty-five pro-League front page stories in the New York Times. TIME ridiculed Butler in a Dec. 3, 1934 cover story, even though Butler’s story was corroborated by VFW head James E. Van Zandt, who also said he was approached to lead the coup.  Though, TIME did put a footnote on an early 1935 article stating; “Also last week the House Committee on Un-American Activities purported to report that a two-month investigation had convinced it that General Butler’s story of a fascist march on Washington was alarmingly true.”

     Prior to the Bay of Pigs, code named "Operation Zapata", CIA Director Allen Dulles had Sydney Gruson removed from Guatemala.  Paul P. Kennedy continued to write about the secret CIA base preparing the invasion group in Guatemala at Retalhuleu and published his findings prior to the failed invasion.

    According to Lowell Wigglesworth, Arthur Krock's assessment of the CIA was not music to the ears of Robert A. Taft and other Yale power elites whose secret establishment Anthony Sutton would later expose in The Best Enemy Money Can Buy and National Suicide as well as America's Secret Establishment and which was validated as accurate and dependable by national security advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski.  Yale, after all, was the cauldron of the U.S.'s unique intelligence community or what Robin Winks, Yale's Sterling Professor of History, described in his book, Cloak and Gown.
     By 2012 authors like Jim Ratsenberger were writing The Brilliant Disaster: JFK, Castro, and America's Doomed Invasion of Cuba's Bay of Pigs.   "Was it 'brilliant by design' or 'brilliant by accident?'" asked Wigglesworth.  "As an incentive for manufacturing consent for war it was a brilliant disaster, but only if JFK jumped on the rolling war wagon.  He obviously didn't as National Security Memorandum 263 written in October, 1963 has documented, but as an unwashed New England Irishman of Catholic descent, he didn't really fit well, anyway.  The big boys made their fortunes in the China Trade and the Kennedys in whiskey and short-selling Wall Street like they were Enron or WorldCom insiders by fiat and proxy.   Bye-bye John, Bobby, Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling. Hell, his father didn't really embrace war either," said Wigglesworth noting that Joe Kennedy was against the U.S. involvement in WWII which had initially endeared him to the Yale power elites, but only up until Pearl Harbor.  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s November 20, 2013 article in Rolling Stone, "John F. Kennedy's Vision of Peace," validates JFK's imminent move toward peace in Vietnam in the days just before Dallas.

     When in 1963 Richard J. Whalen wrote for LIFE Magazine his story on how Joe Kennedy made his millions he identified Mokeen Oil Company, a partnership between Joe and John H. "Jack" Modesett, a Texas oil man.  Whalen had missed the fact that Joseph Kennedy and Modesett's business in Texas went back to 1959 or earlier.  They had wells on Copano Bay and even on the McAllen Airport property across the street from the mansion of right-winged publisher of The American Mercury Magazine, bought from left-thinking H. L. Mencken,  Jason Chilton Matthews. 
     "In 1979 another story emerged from the Washington Post's George Laudner who spent his forty years in journalism tracking the truth about the FBI, CIA and especially Iran-Contra.  In his December 9, 1979 article for the Washington Post titled "....and an Oil-Rich Presidential Dynasty" about Senator Edward M. Kennedy's inherited oil income Lardner makes an astounding claim for a premier investigative journalist of the nation's leading newspaper.  "Mokeen took its name from Joseph Kennedy and Jack Modesett, a Corpus Christi oilman active in drilling and developing.  The company reportedly had estimated sales of $3 million in 1962.  Modesett was killed in an automobile accident that year, but Walsh is still listed as president of Mokeen as well as Kenoil," wrote Laudner.

Mokeen Oil Company was incorporated on 12/15/1961 nine months
after the Bay of Pigs with Joseph P. Kennedy and John H. "Jack"
Modesett, the second highest ranking intelligence officer at
Guantanamo as principles.  "Their Wilson Tower address was shared by
Great Western Inc., the company that Peter Brewton's 1992 book, The Mafia, CIA
and George Bush, revealed ran a secret CIA airport like that in Mena, Arkansas, but
in Lajitas, Texas near Big Bend," said Lowell P. Wigglesworth.

     Modesett's son, also John H. Modessett, had been the number two intelligence office for Guantanamo during the Bay of Pigs had subsequently taught a Sunday school class in the heart of the world's oil capital, Houston, at the First Presbyterian Church on South Main across from the Warwick Hotel owned by John Mecom, reported by Houston Post reporter, Peter Brewton, to be a major CIA asset in the later Iran-Contra network along with Kennedy's partner's, Modesett's Sr's, son.  Indeed, Modesett's son would in 2012 provide the eulogy at the funeral of his Commander at Guantanamo, Harold "Hal" Feeney, at Corpus Christi's Seaside Cemetery, but with Feeney now buried at Arlington National Cemetery. 
    "Any normal Managing Editor of the Washington Post would have asked his star reporter, 'Did you talk with Joseph P. Kennedy's business partner for his take on the Kennedy business and if he is unavailable what about family?  A wife?  A son?'  Modesett was so high profile that anyone in the oil business in Houston or anywhere else in Texas would have been aware that his son was still very much alive," said Lowell Wigglesworth.   
     Wigglesworth sees this as another Washington Post slight of hand like taking down a Vietnam War-exiting Richard Nixon based on nothing more than a Deep Throat when CIA agents like John Stockwell argued "A break-in at the Watergate?  We'd do three of those before breakfast!"  A simple phone call to Whalen could have verified for Laudner and the Washington Post that Modesett was still very much alive in his family's memories.  "When Gary Webb was essentially raped-slapped-and-tag-teamed in his debate with the Washington Post's Jeff Leen with the help of IRE's Steve Weinberg, professor emeritus at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, while later on Leen's Managing Editor at the Washington Post, Steve Coll, becomes the new Dumbledore at Columbia University and the gig was essentially up.  The Fourth Estate was now dead.  Long live the Fifth Estate!  When you see just how Mizzou's Melissa Click stuffed open access on Weinberg's campus and you can begin to understand what happened to Gary Webb," said Wigglesworth.  
     "George Laudner went on to receive a Pulitzer Prize for his work for the Washington Post on a story about the murder of his daughter in Harvard Commons by a stalker she had known for only two months, Michael Cartier, a man orphaned as a child who grew into a homicidal-suicidal-sociopath not too unlike Boston's MK-Ultra subject from his Atlanta prison days, Whitey Bolger, friend of the FBI's John Connolly.  Cartier essentially executed Laudner's daughter and then reportedly killed himself, though some raised concerns that the Boston police had relieved Cartier of his misery. 
     From Laudner's coverage of his own daughter's murder for the Washington Post he produced his Pulitzer Prize winning 1995 book, The Stalking of Kristin: A Father Investigates the Murder of His Daughter, about Kristin Laudner's life and death, but these developments cast all kinds of shadows over just how the Washington Post works or doesn't work for the evolution of a Western, democratic, enlightened nation," said Wigglesworth who elsewhere has shined a beacon on the historic place of Boston in the development of the opium trade and munitions market.
     "It is well nigh possible that young Kristin Laudner, even her father George Laudner, were caught up in dark alliances they could not fully comprehend.  I would want to do a through investigation into the yet untapped history of Michael Cartier," said Wigglesworth who sees the Washington Post's journalistic practices as despicable.  Wigglesworth cited Buckley Wright Bragg's article "Truth in Search of A Unicorn" for its accurate depiction of the Washington Post's slick and dangerous journalistic bamboozling that "put two rounds into the Fourth Estates' brain".
     "Pearl Harbor was the pilot light for the hot war of WWII just as Cuba had been the pilot light of the enduring Cold War with the Soviets which CIA analyst Ray McGovern says should have ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, but didn't,  thanks to George Herbert Walker Bush's Malta meeting with the Soviet leader in the first year of his one term Presidency," said Wigglesworth.  "911 was the New Pearl Harbor for the new endless war on terrorism," he continued.

     Wigglesworth is amazed that none have noticed that "the old family patriarch, Joe Kennedy, was hard-wired together with the Presidents and CEO's of America's two biggest steel companies, Bethlehem and U.S. Steel, both highly unionized.  Joe had been the close cohort of  Thomas Lamont of Bethlehem and Charles Schwab of U.S. Steel.   Not surprisingly, when the New York Port Authority built the World Trade Center Towers neither Bethlehem nor U.S. Steel whose connections to Joseph P. Kennedy had been as obscured as his Texas oil connections to Quantano Bay's top intelligence offices who were later tied to the Iran-Contra network at Lajitas, Texas, were allowed to bid on the project designed by the Saudi royal family's favorite architect, Minoru Yamasaki, who had often worked hand-in-hand with the Bin Ladens, the Saudi royal family's favorite building engineers.  Instead, the steel was supplied by companies like Mosher Steel and Stanray and several other smaller companies.  It was said by Austin Tobin, longtime Director of the New York Port Authority, to be a way to keep costs down, but it also provided a perfect division of labor in a world where it increasingly appeared that the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing.  I was not surprised when in 2000 the historic Springfield, Illinois law firm where both Barack and Michelle Obama worked, Sidley Austin, the law firm of Republican Mary Todd Lincoln, which merged with New York's Brown and Wood law firm into a 600 employee business that had just moved into the World Trade Center, losing only one employee on 911.  Brown and Wood, of course, was hooked at the hip with Brown Brothers Harriman and the 'National City Bank Boys' for which Smedley Butler said 'I was a goon on three continents' in his book War Is A Racket.  So now we are back in the saddle again with the Cubans, but we'll have to see just where that takes us on this hog wild ride through the bays and estuaries of politics as usual," said Wigglesworth.


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