Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Schierbecker and Click Clicking, But At What Cost?

Mark Schierbecker and Melissa Click Bring Focus To St. Louis History of Silencing Honest Media

 By Shirley Locke Holmes, CPW News Service


      With the viral video that caught University of Missouri teacher, Melissa Click, silencing dissent and coverage by the independent media, Ms. Click has apologized. The reporter she confronted, Mark Schierbecker, was filming her at the time of the event.  Schierbecker responded to her recent apology.

      “She’s sorry she got caught,” said Rasheed Bowanda of Ferguson, Missouri whose grandmother lived at the Pruitt-Igoe Project in the 1950’s in St. Louis, the notorious site of the U.S. military’s Tuskegee-like experiment on unwitting residents that covered the entire St. Louis region with radiation.  "You ask some American honky if they knew about this experiment and they are like 'America, love it or leave it," said Bowanda.  "Okay, so live here and get your gonads and overies fried without your knowledge.   And you thought lead-based paint chips were bad for you?" asked Bowanda.

      “Click’s actions set off a Geiger Counter clicking in my mind,” said Bowanda.  Bowanda has taken courses in sociology in the St. Louis Community College system where Lisa Martino-Taylor has worked feverishly to educate the populace about this forgotten element of their collective history.

      “Yea, well if you look for information about Pruitt-Igoe and zinc cadmium sulfide you are hard pressed to find any stories about it prior to Jim Salter’s 2012 Associated Press article on this criminal action by a government gone wild,” said Bowanda.  "Never mind that the same architect on Pruitt-Igoe was also the architect on the World Trade Center and that both buildings were demolished by the same controlled demolition experts, Controlled Demolition, Inc.," said Bowanda who attributes his stubbie left leg to his grandparent's government induced misfortunes.  "My left ear is also much smaller than my right one and I have an undescended left testicle," he added.


      “Get over it,” said Rodney Smithers of Kirkwood, Missouri and a Bowanda classmate.   “Our government irradiated its own nuclear scientists during the Bikini Atoll experiment and you don’t hear any of them crying about their bouts with esophageal, colon, pancreatic or brain cancer, do you?”

     Bowanda responded to Smithers by saying "Concerned student '1950', from 3:48 of Shierbecker's video must have missed the fact that in the 1950's and 60's the Pruitt-Igoe Project was being, like the rest of Missouri, irradiated by our government as evidenced by the doctoral thesis of sociologist Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor who ironically received her doctorate from the University of Missouri.  There's good teachers, honest and open-source teachers everywhere.  Dr. Martino-Taylor decided to put her 838 page dissertation on the web in  open-source because the major media did not cover what she had discovered.  Jim Salter of AP was the only reporter who covered her findings after she published in 2011 and that article was in 2012 and then his coverage was picked up by KNOX, but the connections of Pruett-Igoe to the architect and demolishers of the World Trade Center, much less this secret poisoning of the American population is mostly unknown by people who should be very concerned about it.  You are hard-pressed to find any other articles on this tragedy and you wonder why we should be horrified at what these minnows are doing at Mizzou," said Bowanda  who was astounded at the number of minority students who were "offering muscle" to Click and support to "Concerned Student of 1950."


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