Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Political Science Students From UT, SMU and RICE Universities To Query About Quackery

by Peter Pezonus for CPW News Service

   With the upcoming film TRUTH about the Dan Rather/Mary Mapes 2004 story of George Walker Bush's Air National Guard service, the memos typed by Mrs. Marian Carr Knox which were then recreated by parties unknown and presented by CBS's 60 Minutes as the originals and then as forgeries sources close to the University of Texas, Southern Methodist University and Rice University political science departments are asking for a joint consortium, a media analysis and movie review of the film after it is shown at the San Antonio, Texas Majestic Theater, Dallas' AT&T Stadium, Houston's Contemporary Art Museum.
    "The Houston Museum of Contemporary Art was home to curator Mark Lombardi whose carefully drawn sketches of the Iran-Contra network in Houston was deemed so representative a sample of political artwork that it was featured at New York's Whitney Museum," said Bardwell T. Lacqor of PAFBC, Political Activists for Brush and Canvass, in Flushing , New York who noted Lombardi's death in 2000, a year filled with inexplicable deaths of those close to the Iran-Contra and FinCEN investigation in Texas.
     "We celebrate this marvelous example of student interest in not accepting the muzzling of American journalism and media.   The showing of the Rather/Mapes story will help to open the Pandora's Box of political white washing in America and help to usher in a breath of fresh air," said Lacqor.
     "I am delighted that in addition to the new film being reviewed by political science students that their energy will be focused by reviews of the book by Ben Barnes the former Texas Lt. Governor who was sitting on the 2004 Rather/Mapes story in 1992 and in 2000 when George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush ran for the nation's highest political office.  To help focus student's on this aspect of the Rather/Mapes story students will be handed a copy of a review of Barnes' book Barn Burning Barn Building: Tales of a Political Life, From LBJ to George W. Bush and Beyond.

Barn Burning Barn Building: Tales of a Political Life, From LBJ to George W. Bush and Beyond
by Ben F. Barnes
Edition: Hardcover
Price: $22.46
158 used & new from $0.01

1.0 out of 5 stars Burning The Wrong Barns, April 12, 2015
The biggest barn that Ben Barnes burned is not mentioned in his book. That would be the story of GWB's Texas Air National Guard history as told to Dan Rather in 2004. Barnes' interview with Rather in 2004 explains that he knew the story in 2000....well, all the way back to the GWB National Guard appointment since he was the keeper of the keys at the time. That means that he knew the story in 2000 and had decided that "Gore didn't need it." Would the world have been a different place if someone who had been elected that would release modern science from the shackles of Texas' fossil fuel cartel centered in Houston: America super-sized? It begs the question. New ubiquitous fuel sources unleashed behind a new mindset could have been a sweeping breath of fresh carbon reduced air. Instead the world remains muzzled like Copernicus and Galileo under house arrest by the Vatican, Mecca and Medina of the old fossils of fossilized fuel sources. Dan Rather and Mary Mapes owe the U.S. an explanation not about why Marian Carr Knox waffled on Rather's story after her visit from Bush consigliore, Dick Thornburgh, but why the story that Knox affirmed as true and which someone, presumably Barnes himself, kept from public view in 2000 just after Clinton's 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall, just before the 2000 Supreme Court decision that should have called for a statewide recount in Florida before Enron, WorldCom and the other deregulation poster children ran through the national living room eating the 911 yellow cake bamboozle.

While they are at it, Barnes, Mapes and Rather might tell us why the FINCEN investigation into Saudi influence peddling, mostly in Texas, was abandoned in 1992 when in the same election year that Brewton's book on the connections of the S&L players to the Iran-Contra players was being derailed by Simon & Schuster. Had FINCEN been allowed to continue its course it could have netted the 911 hijackers, 15 of which were from Saudi Arabia while Salem bin Laden died in Shertz, Texas in 1988 falsely reported by CBS's Lowell Bergman to have flown his BAC-111 into the ground when it was an ultra-light and while Salem's banker and GWB's friend, James Bath, had purchased the Houston Gulf Manor Airport that was razed after 911. To my knowledge Bergman never corrected the error. If so I wish someone would show me where! With 2016 approaching and the real story of the Barnes' barn burning still untold there is still time for a REAL barn burner!

As Peter Brewton had shown in his 1992 book, THE MAFIA, CIA and GEORGE BUSH, Barnes had a front row seat on the circus and didn't tell those in the tent of the rogue elephants running around under the big top. This proved tragically fatal for much more than Al Gore's Presidential hopes. If Rather and Mapes have a conscience they will tell the world why they were silent in 2000 on a story they embraced with relish and the grace of two dancing rogue elephants in 2004!

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