Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, September 11, 2015


An Interview with the father of Patrick Carr

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

In December 2000 as the U.S. Presidential election was being decided by the U.S. Supreme Court Patrick Carr was found dead near Houston's Ellington Field the home to the Texas Air National Guard and focus of the upcoming movie based on Mary Mapes' book Truth and Duty.  Patrick Carr is the name of the son of Mrs. Marian Carr Knox who defended his mother's testimony in 2004.  It was upon that testimony that Dan Rather and Mary Mapes' story was based.  Mrs. Knox's story had been known since the event occurred in the 1970's.  Was this death during the hotly contested 2000 election a coincidence or to send a message to silence critics?

WC:  You have made some astounding claims about the death of your son in Houston on December 10, 2000.   With the upcoming film based on Mary Mapes' book Truth and Duty released on October 16, 2015 what would you like to say? 

WHC:  I will say only one thing about that.  Well, I have made a statement elsewhere and it is enough.  Here:

When in 1994 I was approached by Dr. Jack Stotts, President of Austin Presbyterian Seminary, to help raise money for tuition for Carlos Emilio Ham, the head of the Reformed Church in Cuba I had no idea that Albert Lasaster Maher* who had taken a group of students to Cuba in the 60's through Czechoslovakia only to be hauled before Congress was related to the person who wrote the history of my local church. I didn't know that the Bush's were Presbyterians when in Midland. I didn't know that John Stockwell, the head of the CIA's Angola mission in the 60's and who left the CIA in disgust to write the book In Search of Enemies was a Presbyterian born in Angleton, Texas and then moved to Austin where Patrick worked in the company (Ella's, 616 Ranch and Rather Sweet) of Dan Rather's niece, Rebecca Rather, nor did I know that Peter Brewton who had written The Mafia, CIA and George Bush for the Houston Post was Presbyterian and that his father went  to Presbyterian Austin College whose benefactor was founder of the Mosher Defense Institute headed by former Rice University President like Kenneth Pitzer, Frank Vandiver. Patrick had been befriended in Austin by the wife of Paul P. Kennedy, Dianna Southwood Kennedy.  Paul Kennedy had written, leaked if you will before the invasion, for the NY Times and The Nation the story of the secret CIA base at Retalhuleu, Guatemala where the Bay of Pigs was planned. I didn't know that our Patrick was dating a girl who lived catty cornered to Harold "Hal" Fenney the head of  Guantanamo Bay during the Bay of Pigs. I didn't know that John H. "Jack" Modesett who was from Corpus Christi and for whom the scout hut at St. John's Church is named, was teaching a Sunday school class at First Presbyterian Church, Houston and was the number two at Guantanamo behind Fenney. I surely didn't know about Dan Rather's key witness in his 2004 Ellington Field memo scandal story was Marian Carr Knox whose son was also named Patrick Carr or that my brother-in-law with whom Patrick was temporarily staying was fishing buddy of the lawyer and business partner of GWB's Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath of Southwest Airport Services and in 1992 the focus of FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, the government investigation into Saudi influence peddling in the U.S.. I didn't know that Gary Webb had resigned from the San Jose Mercury News on December 10, 1997, the day of Patrick's similar "suicide" in 2000 when the Rather story was, according to Mapes, available to the nation. By December 10, 2004 I was fully aware of the coincidence of Webb's two shot to the head suicide and about corrupt medical examiners which in Houston was visited by the Iran-Contra firewaller, Michael Bromwich, who had come to Houston to "investigate".   I didn't know in December 2000 that our Patrick's burned out Bronco found at Eldorado and Clear Lake City Blvd. was at a place where witnesses had seen a dark blue van coming and going in the hour before he died in an impossible scenario or that he was between Ellington Field and Houston Gulf Manor, the airport owned by the Bin Laden family, quickly ushered out of the country after 911 and bought with the help of Bath and the Saudi's royal banker.  Here is my caution to all parents: parts of our blessed government are criminal enterprises and nobody feels the duty to tell the truth!

*Albert Maher was, not unlike William Ayers of Chicago, the son of a major American industrialist.  His father, a Houstonian, was head of Great Western Finance that acquired Washington Mutual the nation's biggest bank to fail during the S&L scandal that rocked the nation costing the nation and FDIC over $300 billion dollars and gave clear credence to journalist Peter Brewton's focus of the S&L crisis that yielded the connections to the Iran-Contra network in Houston through his writings.  The U.S. Congress questioned Albert, a close friend of musician Bob Dylan, about his trips to Cuba during the enforcement of an official travel ban and embargo that was repealed in 2015. 
John F. Maher, Albert's father, was also Managing Director of Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb from 1979-1986 (http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/nytimes/obituary.aspx?pid=160523822#sthash.9H9xOuq1.dpuf).
     In 1980, John F. Maher sued the Bush family Zapata Corporation which many have asserted was the code name for the Bay of Pigs invasion force or “Operation Zapata”

   Maher, a major Zapata stock holder, charged that Zapata had violated the 1934 Securities and Exchange Committee Act.  The case was settled out of court. 

   Frank Vandiver was the Rice University historian who oversaw the Jefferson Davis Papers that provided the connections between Jefferson Davis, Caleb Cushing and Franklin Pierce before he succeeded Kenneth Pitzer as Rice President, then left Rice to take over the Mosher Defense Studies Institute at Texas A&M.  Kenneth Pitzer was, along with William Liscum Borden, a key witness against J. Robert Oppenheimer.   Oppenheimer, was wrongly stripped of his national security clearance by a federal commission headed by Gordon Gray, father of Bush attorney C. Boyden Gray, in a coordinated attack led by Roger Robb, defender of the secretive New York Port Authority CEO, Austin Joseph Tobin, under whose administration the World Trade Center was built with 13,000 tons of Mosher Steel placed in the first nine stories.
     The early wrangling of William Patrick Carr's father's quest to understand what happened to his son on December 10, 2000 was initially published on-line at http://patrickcarr.blogspot.com/2006/03/patrick-carr.html and was frequently updated for a time.   It provided an early overview of the evolution of  a father's investigation to piece together the facts in the case. The discovery of Patrick's connections to Rebecca Rather in Austin which were not known until 2015 when his father opened a stored box containing the waiter's apron Patrick had used at his college jobs in Austin the pocket of which contained the business card of Darryl Sneary, Rebecca Rather's business partner.    The relationship was confirmed through employment records and conversations with Patrick's friends.  "I am under no illusions that Pat's death will be reopened as a murder case in a region where crooked cops like those who sent Michael Lloyd Self to prison to die there in 2000 for crimes he did not commit and whose detectives on the case are still in jail for bank robbery.  But we live in a country where there is still no statue of limitation on murder.  I have written about Patrick's life and the dangers along the Houston to Galveston I-45 highway.  Proceeds from the sale will go to underwrite tuition for journalism students at the alma maters of Gary Webb and Peter Brewton for their part in not abandoning the role of the U.S.'s Fourth Estate."

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