Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Woody Harrelson's Ethos Elevating Environmental Debate While Brad Pitt Sells War Crimes

“There’s a couple of completely logical reasons why our politicians are so similar.  The end-game for politicians is to get elected.  The people who vote are for the most part quite moderate in their views.  Both parties try to occupy that middle, moderate ground. They are simply responding to that majority in order to get elected.  The second reason…. is more sinister.   They answer increasingly to the same master.”
                                                                  Woody Harrelson, Ethos,  2011

“At that time (1989) Monsanto was saying that there was no evidence whatsoever of any adverse effects, we don’t use any antibiotics and this clearly showed that they had lied through their teeth.”
                                                                   Prof. Samuel Epstein
                                                                   Environmental Medicine, University of Illinois
                                                                   Ethos, 2011

 Every living system of earth is in decline. Every life support system of earth is in decline.  They constitute the biosphere…..We’re leaving a terrible legacy.”  

                                                                   Ray Anderson
                                                                   Ray C. Anderson Foundation
                                                                   Ethos, 2011
So Harrelson is rightly pushing the Ethos of sane living while in Fury Brad Pitt and General Colin Powell,  by his presence at the premiere, pushed the violation of the Geneva Conventions?   Does Hollywood's right hand know what it's left hand is doing?
                                                                    Joe "Skinny" Arbuckle
                                                                    Stars for the Scarred
                                                                    Hollywood, California

By Seymour Dimley for CPW New Servicee  

       When Woody Harrelson’s father was convicted (a charge he adamantly denied) of being hired by El Paso weapons and drug dealers to kill Judge John Howland Wood in San Antonio, Texas,  on May 29, 1979 a year before the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, a death that cleared the way for the appointment of William Sessions to take Wood's bench from which Sessions was elevated to the position of head of the FBI, little did Woody Harrelson know that the murder was arranged in Rockport, Texas, according to journalist and author Gary Cartwright.  Rockport sits squarely in the center of the largest sulphur dome in the world which through companies like Freeport McMoran in Freeport, Texas is the world’s supplier of sulphur for gunpowder.  Woody's father had lived in the Brazoria County of the Texas Gulf Coast a Louisana-like bayou region lined with the petro-chemical and sulfur manufacturers that feed the U.S. military industrialist complex.
     Henry Kissinger, whose longtime associate at Kissinger and Associates was the Iraqi Provisional Governor, L. Paul Bremer, has long been a director of Freeport McMoran which made its fortunes through the “Frasch Process” of bubbling the sulfur to the surface through high-pressure super-heated water.  Wall Steet banker, Bernard Baruch, monetized the Frasch process and a key component of war production was incentivized as part of the U.S. military industrialist complex.  After World War II both Dwight Eisenhower and Winston Churchill paid homage to Baruch with a visit to his New York 5th Avenue apartment for helping the U.S. to win World War II.  The very system that helped the Allies win, Eisenhower would warn against in his departing speech.  Former CIA agent, John Stockwell, born in Angleton, Texas, a city between Freeport and Houston, has provided an insider's perspective on the revolving need for this predominantly petro-chemical complex to manufacture enemies world-wide. "Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the U.S. military machine to turn," said Stockwell in a statement that echoes the book written by two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner and Marine General Smedley Butler in his 1935 book, War Is A Racket.
      “Judge Johh H. 'Maximum John' Wood was known as a tight-fisted law and order judge, but also as a charter member of the Rockport Key Allegro community and he had written the deed restrictions into this community’s laws which were racist in the 1970’s well after the beginning of the civil rights movement,” said Elizabeth Pirkle of the Central Law and Journalism Consortium of Urbana, Illinois.
     “In his book, Dirty Dealing,  Gary Cartwright, an editor for Texas Monthly Magazine, celebrated book author and journalist tells us that the sister of Reagan’s EPA Director had married a Texas resident named Ray Caballero, a Hispanic.   In South Texas, Hispanics were not automatically included in the civil rights struggle of blacks and when Mr. and Mrs. Caballero were denied a home purchase in Judge Wood’s resort community Caballero pursued legal solutions.  The bigger story is Anne Gorsuch Burford, Caballero's sister-in-law and head of the Environmental Protection Agency from 1981-83, the nation's primary watchdog for petro-chemical pollution.   Burford was Ronald Reagan’s puppet for deregulation of the Environmental Protection Agency,” said Pirkle.
    Married for a time to Robert Burford, the Director of the Bureau of Land Management, Burford’s influence could be felt years after her death in Aurora, Colorado.    According to Joel Dyer writing for the Bolder Weekly Thursday, February 9, 2012  Burford and her assistant, Rita Lavelle left a legacy of corporate malfeasance (“How Reagan and the largest EPA Scandal in History May Explain Why Valmont Butte Is Still Contaminated: About Allied Chemical Pollution in Valmont Butte, Colorado…”)
Under Burford’s leadership, action at the EPA, or rather inaction, came quickly. The environmental agency’s enforcement actions dropped by 60 percent her first year as administrator. And of the $700 million that the EPA was owed in fines when she took office, she ended up collecting only $40 million. It was said, and not in jest, that it was her desire to put the agency she was appointed to lead out of business.
As for Superfund dollars being doled out by Lavelle in 1981 and 1982, an odd pattern seemed to be emerging. More than a few Democrats noticed that Republicans in districts with close re-election races were getting the Superfund dollars and the associated press coverage. Observers also noticed that the giant chemical companies, once the favorite target of EPA, didn’t seem to be on the agency’s radar hardly at all. Democrats knew that something wasn’t right, but getting to the bottom of it would prove a difficult task. It would also prove to be a difficult and frustrating time for the state of Colorado and its efforts to clean up Valmont Butte.

     Meanwhile, the use of lead in gasoline and paint which was banned in Europe fifty years before the health risks were claimed by U.S. manufactures and petro-chemical companies, the lead was replaced in gasoline with other products....specifically, titanium white.  The process of making this product produced an acid by-product (Assessing Potential Ocean Pollutants, The National Academy of Science, 1975, p. 316) that was dumped in the oceans like muriatic acid dumped in a backyard swimming pool.  “The world’s scientist were essentially becoming your pool man to check on just what the chemical you were adding and omitting were doing to the world’s oceans, but without any regulatory power to reduce the flow,” said Pirkle who noted that drinking heavy metals is not good for living things....lead, arsenic, mercury, gold, titanium and so forth.
      "With this background, it is not altogether clear who or what Woody Harrelson is nor the role he is taking in telling us that 2015 is the year to expect increased chaos based on 'peak oil' in a world that is increasingly dependent on shaking off the fossil fuel strait-jacket.   Indeed, by summer of 2015 gasoline prices were around $2.00 per gallon and dropping. Woody's lamenting the loss of American democracy while the U.S. was never a pure democracy, anyway, but a democratic republic which celebrates both honest and truthful representation and competent leadership that is not based on the old-world oligarchical models, is ironic,' said Pirkle.  "There is a  tyranny of the power elites and a tyranny of the uninformed and ignorant masses.  Is Harrelson normalizing our low expectations, resignation and sense of hopelessness or truly encouraging informed living?  What solutions does Ethos offer?" asked Pirkle.
     "I could argue that such a film would, for example, as much justify the building of the Keystone pipeline as to condemn it," said Pirkle who noted that Harrelson had, on the other hand, scaled the Golden Gate Bridge dropping from it a banner to protest the cutting of California redwood trees by a Houston, Texas businessman.

"We'll hit peak oil in 2015.  Thereafter the price of oil will skyrocket" -Woody Harrelson

     “Woody Harrelson is in a good position to know and understand this unfolding of events.  After his father’s jailing for the murder of Judge Wood, Woody Harrelson went to a Presbyterian college so that when in the film White Men Can’t Jump he played the son of a Presbyterian minister, there was a direct parallel to his life in a kind of surreal way.  This is the religious denomination of President Woodrow Wilson, an unapologetic believer in the League of Nations, of Dwight Eisenhower and of the CIA's Alan Dulles and of the Bushes when they lived in Midland, Texas and before they joined the more oligarchical Anglican tradition.  It was the denomination of Ronald Reagan," said Pirkle.
      "Gary Cartwright noted that the men who hired Woody’s father to kill Judge Wood, the El Paso businessmen....the Chagra brothers....were Jimmy and Lee Chagra. The death of Judge Wood cleared his San Antonio seat for the appointment of future FBI director, the staunch Reagan/Bush supporter and appointee, William Sessions, according to Pirkle. Sessions could insure that Judge Wood, for all of his racial bigotry, wouldn't use his letter-of-the-law mentality and Southern parochialism to close in on a FinCEN investigation of the Saudi Arabian arms dealers and influence peddlers in Texas according to Pirkle.  "Judge Wood believed that the reason white men can't jump is because they don't have to," said Pirkle noting that the Houston Oiler, J.J. Watts, had proven that maxim a myth.  "What a Saudi oil sheik was to Judge John Howland Wood, or even the son of the Saudi royal builder who died in a San Antonio suburb less than a decade after Wood, Salem Bin Laden, will forever remain a mystery in the decades since Saudi influence peddling was becoming a national crisis in the 1970's and beyond.  Saudi influence on wars in the Middle East is still an issue exacerbated now by the rise of the bigger boogie man, namely the rise of ISIS," Pirkle surmised noting a college student who told Jeb Bush "your brother created ISIS" and mentioning the testimony in General Wesley Clark's book about a Bush/Neocon policy coup and plan to breed wars in the Middle East."
     According to Gary Cartwright, Jimmy Chagra, the employer of Woody Harrelson's father,  was an attorney for the Texas-based Bandidos who were involved in the 2015 gun battle with police in McClennan County, home in the 1980's to the leading Iran-Contra weapon supplier, Iranian, Farhad Azima.  Azima, who was as likely to take Saudi money for arming Iran against Iraq as "Freeway" Ricky Ross was at taking crack cocaine from CIA agents was a major contributor to Bill Clinton's library in Arkansas and whose attorney was Tennessee actor and politician, Fred Thompson.  
  "Waco in McLennan County is the home of the Crawford White House.  It was home to gun runner David Koresh and the Branch Davidian compound that went up in flames on the government charges that his wacky religious group were gun runners.  The FBI employed the same government sniper who killed Rebecca Weaver in a tragic incident in Idaho, Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi, for which the government was censured," said Pirkle, noting that the FBI agent overseeing the Weaver incident became the county sheriff in San Diego, California where he was threatening to use high frequency and potentially deadly sound weapons on public gatherings.
     The Bandido's founder, Donald Eugene "Mother" Chambers, from San Leon, Texas, a disgruntled former U.S. Marine, formed the motorcycle club near the Bin Laden airport only a few miles from Ellington Field.   Chambers was married in November of 1966 to Kaye Eileen Ellis, at St. Stephens' Presbyterian Church with the Reverend Phineas Washer officiating according to Pirkle.
     "It was not a broad stretch to conclude that when Cormac McCarthy wrote No Country for Old Men and used Tommy Lee Jones from San Saba, Texas, and Woody Harrelson combating the enigmatic Anton Chiguhr, the name Chagra sounds strangely similar by design.  The name Chagra was chosen by the Chagras for its impenetrable origin. The Chagras, though not of Latin American descent, were dark haired and dark skinned and as Lebanese with a totally different Latin sounding name, moved freely along the porous Texas/Mexican border,” said Pirkle noting that the Del Rio hotel scene in the McCarthy movie was filmed in Las Vegas, San Miguel County, New Mexico, home to the Dan Rather and Donald Rumsfeld co-owned 9,000 acre Tercolote Ranch.   “Now you can understand just how Osama Bin Laden’s brother died not far away in an ultra-light airplane crash in San Antonio, Texas or how he had purchased the Houston Gulf Manor Airport with money from the Saudi royal banker and Bush's Air National Guard roommate which after September 11, 2001 was razed to build over it a Tuscan style neighborhood like that built over the Brio Superfund site nearby or why with a FinCEN 'stand down' order on a Texas investigation we missed the 911 hijackers.  No wonder the Bin Ladens were ushered out of the country so quickly after 911, forget about it being false flag even, either way our leaders were culpable.  That Brio site required 700 homes to be raked off since they were like the Love Canal experience…..or Hinckley, California…..built on top of a Monsanto waste dump,” said Pirkle noting the accompanying run on  the Superfund money. 
     Pirkle noted that after Salem's death the mainline media announced that the elder Bin Laden was flying not an ultra-light, but his BAC-111 in stories that raised, then disputed, Salem's involvement in the Iran-Contra related "October Surprise" that stalled the release of the Iran hostages until after the election of Reagan in 1980....a fact that would have made Salem a severe political liability and potential blackmailer in a web of hard to manage and unwanted political risk.  When the BAC-111 story was carried by NPR with its obvious ties to the U.S. Information Agency, it was later retracted, but just how long the wrong story floated around to allay suspicions that a trained jet pilot had run into a high power line on take-off is not known.  Salem's business partner in Houston was GWB's Air National Guard roommate which was the information that Michael Moore's film, Fahrenheit 911, exposed and which the Bush family wanted hidden from the American people.    This is the same roommate who was the focus of the FinCEN Investigation in Texas....the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network's look into improper Saudi Arabian influence peddling in the U.S..  
      "Had FinCEN been run with a proper passion we'd have nabbed Mohammed Atta and the others," said Pirkle.  "That investigation received a type of shelving during the 1992 election and, as the Michael Moore film demonstrated, they didn't want that story, like the 2004 Rather/Mapes memo story, to resurface.  The memos went back to the early 70's and could have been political fodder in several Presidential campaigns including 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992 and, most importantly, 2000," said Pirkle.
     Pirkle sees a connection between Ethos and the coming film, Truth, about the 2004 Dan Rather story about GWB's Texas Air National Guard memos that ended up costing Rather and Mapes their jobs at CBS.  "People are asking 'if Mapes admitted that she knew about this story in 1999 as she says in her book, Truth and Duty, then why didn't she feel the duty to tell the American people in 2000 when we could have done something to stop the god-damn-dest period of bamboozlings and war racketeering since the U.S. Civil War?   I want to ask Woody if he knew that Cormac McCarthy's film No Country for Old Men was filmed in Las Vegas, New Mexico where Dan Rather and U.S. Secretary of Defense....you know, the one that Richard Nixon.....Richard Nixon......called that 'ruthless little bastard'......Donald Rumsfeld.....where Rumsfeld and Rather owned a 9,000 acre ranch together.  I also want to know how it was that Mapes and Rather got a Peabody Award for their CBS coverage....their 'breaking coverage'.... of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal in 2004 when Amnesty International was reporting on it in 2003.   Report on that Woody," said Pirkle.
     Dyer said of Rita Lavelle, Anne Gorsuch’s assistant at the EPA who actually did jail time for her role there and who met frequently with corporate polluters…..

     So while it could be construed that such meetings were not absolutely against the law, they were if Lavelle was meeting privately with companies that had contaminated sites being investigated at the time by the EPA for possible enforcement actions. Companies who were meeting with Lavelle included Allied, Dow, Monsanto, Chevron, Dupont and Union Carbide. While it is likely that Allied had several contaminated sites in the crosshairs of the EPA in 1982, we know for absolute certainty that there was at least one while the company was holding its inappropriate meetings with Lavelle: Allied’s Valmont Butte Mill, which the CDPHE had put forward in 1982 for inclusion on the NPL.

     As the extent of Levelle’s questionable actions began to see the light of day in media accounts, even Reagan headed for cover by giving up on his claims of executive privilege and clearing the way for the congressional investigation to move forward. It was a bloodbath for the EPA.

     Titanium white is a product of a Texas chemical company on the Texas Coast close to an EPA targeted benzene polluter, Koch Industries. In 2000, Koch faced a $300 million EPA liability was reduced to $20 billion after George W. Bush was elected...ah....appointed,” said Pirkle.  Benzene is a by-product of gasoline and so you can see the close proximity of the discontinued lead to the newly arriving titanium that was now producing the acid by-product dumped into the world’s oceans like Exxon had dumped CoExit on top of the Deep Water Horizon spill near New Orleans,” said Pirkle noting the connection of the Deep Water Horizon disaster to Iran-Contras' Michael Bromwich. 
    "I wouldn't be surprised if the very people who know this crock of putrid pabulum found their family members' dying from cancerous eyeballs, lesion-laden ovaries and childhood leukemia on the one hand, or through inexplicable deaths on the other.  That 2000 Presidential election had a lot riding on it, not that EPA fines, as Burford and Levelle proved, would really alter things all that much.  Only a new ethos will do that.   Like the health and welfare of the planet anyone near this waste basket of the piss-ant politicians and corporation slime balls who looked the other way would....like Mark Lombardy who connected the dots to the Iran-Contra fiasco and the S&L scandal which also included many of the same connections or like Gary Webb who connected the same dots to the same players, would have been targets of retaliation in both 2000 and 2004," said Pirkle. 
     Pirkle noted that the Iran-Contra investigator imported to uncover irregularities in Houston's Medical's Examiners office where the secrets related to Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 disclosure of James R. Bath's place in the 2004 GWB Air National Guard story was very significant, was Michael Bromwich.  With various death's along the I-45 corridor in Houston where the Bin Laden's owned their airport near the world's largest petro-chemical corridor you can understand why it was Bromwich who was selected to uncover...or to keep secret....irregularities at the Harris County Medical Examiner's office.   He was the Iran-Contra firewaller for a Reagan and Bush potential impeachment over the violation of the Boland Amendment.    Bromwich went on to oversee the Deep Water Horizon investigation for the U.S. government.   GHWB offered pardons to unstick the Bromwich convictions of Weinberger, Abrams, North and Poindexter.
    "This whole thing is white washed like a dusting of titanium white," said Pirkle who noted that Houston was also home to General Raymond T. Odierno's Red Team leader in Iraq, Col. Jeff Ragsdale, who had taken a leadership role at Helping A Hero, the embattled veteran's charity that provided George W. Bush a $100,000 speaker's fee, but was unable to initially deliver on the promise of a new home for a veteran who had failed to lose an arm or leg in Iraq or Afghanistan and thus found his fund raising potential for the charity pinched.  I would not want to be anywhere near this organization," said Pirkle who noted that the first administrator of the charity, a wife of a U.S. Army Lt. Colonel, a charity founded in 2007, had lost her son, an Eagle Scout and 23-year-old in an inexplicable car fire that same year.  Pirkle provided a copy of Megan Chuchmach and Brian Ross' July 8, 2015 ABC story, "To Help US Veterans Charity, Bush Charged $100,000." 
     "The boy's fiery death sounds suspiciously similar to another near Ellington Field on the same night four years to the day of the death of Gary Webb who had resigned on the same night of December 10, 1997 from his San Jose Mercury News position," said Pirkle. 
     "That young man happened to have the same as the son of Mrs. Marion Carr Knox who defended his mother's GWB Ellington Field memo stories in 2004," Pirkle asserted.  She noted that the other Patrick Carr, had moved from Austin to League City where the Bin Laden airport was located.  In Austin he had worked with the business partner's of Dan Rather's neice.    He was the nephew of the fishing buddy of the Mayor of Kemah and attorney and business partner for James R. Bath. 
     Marion Carr Knox was Dan Rather and Mary Mapes' key witness in the CBS 60 Minutes story that cost them their jobs after Bush lawyer Dick Thornburg and the AP's head, Louis Boccardi, visited Marion Carr Knox and afterward falsely asserted that she had recanted.  "Her son defended her account in 2004 and 2005, but if he had been anywhere near Ellington Field in 2000 like the other young man with the same name?  Holy cow!" said Pirkle.
    "Jeff Ragsdale was stationed, not surprisingly, at Ellington Field, the focus of Bush's Air National Guard story and Ragsdale was working closely not only with General Ray Ordierno, but with JSOC's commander, Admiral William McRaven, who is now the Chancellor of the University of Texas, but who never mentions Jeremy Scahill's documentary, Dirty Wars," said Pirkle.  "Ordierno's top assistant was Emma Sky whose book, The Unraveling: High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq never mentions that the hodge-podge of a national raping that we experienced as the GWB Iraq war was unraveled from the start!  I think Emma Sky, a close associate of MI-6 head, John Sawer, must have been in the room when the British 'Downing Street Memo' was scotch-taped together from the pages of Alice in Wonderland," said Pirkle.
     "McRaven grew up in San Antonio, Texas fifteen or twenty minutes from Cibolo where Salem Bin Laden's strange death occurred in 1988 and where the little airport is now owned by a former commander of Offuts Air Force base and retired head of the National Reconnaissance Office one of our 'big five' intelligence agencies," said Pirkle.
    "Is it any wonder that Houston's only newspaper, the Houston Chronicle, has imported its new managing editor from the Washington Post whose reporter Jeff Leen tried to destroy Gary Webb and whose managing editor, Steve Coll, is now the Henry Luce Professor and head of the journalism school at Columbia University?  That is the former Washington Post metro editor, Vernon Loeb, who churned up the falsified Pat Tillman death details, the Jessica Lynch embellishments designed for building consent for war while joining Paula Broadwell to co-write All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.  So the petro-chemical corridor has had two major firewallers in the last decade....Bromwich and Loeb.....and don't forget that at UT was Kenneth Pitzer, also from Rice University in Houston,  whose testimony was key to killing Oppenheimer's career when the father of the atom bomb whose dreams for nuclear energy was a threat to big oil, was charged falsely with treasonous activities," said Pirkle.
    "Well, at least McRaven has to go to work everyday in a building that has carved in granite above the quadrangle "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free," said Pirkle.  "On the other hand, it's in Austin where a leading hydrogen fuel-cell researcher at UT who was working on the answer to that would ally our fears of 'peak oil' died while riding his bicycle on Congress Avenue without witnesses and where the wife of Jimmy Joste, a member of GWB's father's church in Houston shot and killed Joste, a pioneer in directional oil drilling and therefore a key oil cartel champion, for fear of what friends of the Bushes were capable of doing," said Pirkle. 
     "As for Woody Harrelson?  Only Woody can tell us the truth about his motives and ambitions.  With his unique background and traumatized childhood he is in a perfect position to be a transparent mouth piece for change or a well-programmed normalizer of lowered cultural expectations and fear-mongering as some critics of Ethos have asserted," Pirkle posited.  "Harrelson essentially says that our war is over and offers no real solutions when he states in Ethos that freedom of speech is dead and habeas corpus is gone, and I'm not at all sure how to take him," Pirkle admitted, "but my freedom of speech isn't over.  Not by a long shot. Come and take it!  Bring it on!  I'll be mouthing it to the bitter end....'FREEDOM!'."

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