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Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, September 21, 2015

Redford, Rather, Mapes, Vanderbilt, Truth and the Brent Bozell Nexus

Newsbusters.com, Brent Bozell, III and the Robert Redford, James Vanderbilt Film Truth

by Fabian Colbachi for CPW News Services
      On September 19, 2015, Winsip Custer was following the news releases for the upcoming October 16, 2015 release of the Robert Redford and James Vanderbilt film, Truth.  He phoned and asked for an assessment of the recent developments.  
     Truth is about the 2004 CBS 60 Minutes news story by Dan Rather and Mary Mapes and the 1972 George W. Bush memos that chronicled a “fortunate son” scenario during GWB’s Texas Air National Guard service.   Though the story was admittedly known to Mary Mapes in 1999 according to her book, Truth and Duty, it was not reported until 2004 and then the story became the story of copied memos instead of the memory of the actual witnesses to the events, particularly Marian Carr Knox, whose place in the development of the story receives little attention in the Vanderbilt/Redford film. As the secretary to Col. Jerry Killian, GWB’s commanding officer at the time, she was responsible for typing his memos.   Her story was selectively reported as  recanted by lawyer, Dick Thornburgh, and Associated Press head, Louis Boccardi and most significantly, The Washington Post.
      “Marian Carr Knox is the equivalent of nurse Kaitlin Costello in the Paul Newman film directed by Sidney Lumet, titled The Verdict.   The powerful Bishop was told that the defense’s tactic from leading attorney Concannon was 'brilliant'," conveyed Custer.   Indeed.   “Nevermind that,” said the Bishop whose hospital was being sued by an injured plaintiff for whom Costello was the key witness, “was she believable?”   In the case of Marian Carr Knox she was totally believable, but was then destroyed by the arrival of Bush consigliore and former U.S. Attorney General under Reagan and Bush from the home state of Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania is also home of Defense Secretary, Frank Carlucci who succeeded Caspar Weinberger after Iran-Contra.  According to former CIA agent, John Stockwell, author of In Search of Enemies, Weinberger refused to escalate the Iran-Contra war in Central America, but was indicted with Oliver North, John Poindexter and Elliott Abrams anyway.  Pennsylvania is home to Homeland Security Director, Tom Ridge and to Dick Thornburgh.  Thornburgh, author of his own memo, specifically the "Thornburgh Memo”, that assaulted the US Constitution and enfringed a longstanding legal precedence in U.S. law….attorney/client priviledge, claimed that Marian Carr Knox’s testimony had been recanted, a viewpoint supported by the Washington Post, but refuted by USA Today and Mrs. Knox’s son, Patrick Carr, whose place in the drama was covered by USA Today in 2004 and 2005 as the story broke and unfolded.
     Thornburgh would go on to discredit the Penn State investigation into the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal by attacking former FBI Director Louis Freeh’s scathing analysis of culpability that included the mismanagement of the football program by Coach Joe Paterno.  FBI Director during the 911 attack taking office on September 4, 2001, Robert S. Mueller, also from Pennsylvania, had been under Thornburgh at the Justice Department promoting Dick Thornburgh's "Thornburgh Memo".   
     Robert Mueller was also a close friend of Bronislaw Mogenis, the former FBI agent turned security chief at Lockheed Martin, Houston, who had been approached by Patrick Carr's father to get answers about the death of this son in 2000.  Over time it appeared that the two Patrick Carr's shared more than just a name.  That recommendation to use Mogenis came from former Deputy FBI Director, Oliver "Buck" Revell whose grandson died in Dallas on December 11, 2000, the night after Patrick Carr in Houston whose body was found near Ellington Field the focus of the Mapes/Rather story and Bush memos.  
     Coach Joe Paterno, defended by Dick Thornburgh, had been a keynote speaker at the 1988 Republican National Convention at which pedophile, Lawrence King, the ringleader of an Omaha Nebraska pedophile ring similar to Happy Valley and a rising Republican star in Omaha was sued for $1 million civil suit by one of King's victims.   The civil suit was necessary because of difficulty getting judges and prosecutors to support a criminal case in spite of the overwhelming evidence that led to the documentary Conspiracy of Silence. King lost the civil suit for the sexual assault receiving the one million dollar judgement and was convicted of bank fraud associated with his Franklin Savings scandal.  The episode became know as the "Franklin Cover-up".
    On September 19, 2015 Newsbusters.com carried a story about the untruthfulness of the Rather/Redford movie titled “Robert Redford Movie ‘Truth” Lies About Rathergate.”
     “It’s another bamboozle,” said one responder who found himself being locked out of the conversation on Newsbusters.com.
     "I was hoping to have a serious conversation about the way the GWB memo story had been botched for maximum media manipulation by a major media powerhouse, CBS, making the story a manageable straw man for assaults from the left and right fringes when it was essentially a true story and well known in Texas since the 1970’s.    The darker elements of the story were  being managed in 1988, 1992 and again in 2000 by former Texas Lieutenant Governor, Ben Barnes who in 2000 said that “Gore didn’t need it,” when, in  fact, Mary Mapes admits she had it from Barnes in 1999, a year before the 2000 Presidential election.  Do we see in Truth the key witness' support from her son, Patrick Carr?  When the young man also named Patrick Carr was found dead on the eve of Al Gore’s concession speech between Ellington Field and the Bin Laden owned Houston Gulf Manor Airport, people began raising some serious questions about all the apparent bamboozling, especially when you consider that Rather and Mapes received a Peabody Award for breaking the Abu Ghraib story in 2004 when Amnesty International had broken the story in 2003 and while Rather co-owned a 9,000 acre ranch named the Tecolote Ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico with Secretary of Defense with Donald Rumsfeld," said the respondent to the Newsbusters.com story, the father of Patrick Carr who died on December 10, 2000.

     It's noted that the man's son, Patrick Carr, had worked with Rebecca Rather, Dan's niece in Austin.  His uncle in Houston with whom he was staying at the time of his death was the fishing partner of William E. King, James R. Bath's attorney and business partner at Ellington Field's Southwest Airport Services (Bath was GWB's Texas ANG roommate).  Patrick was found on the same day in December 2000 that the author of Dark Alliance, Gary Webb, had resigned his position at the San Jose Mercury News, December 10, 1997.   Webb had consulted Houston Post reporter and son of a Texas Presbyterian minister, Peter Brewton, whose 1992 book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, had been initially scheduled to be published prior to the 1992 Bush/Clinton/Perot election by Simon & Schuster which had arranged for Brewton’s editor to be Alice Mayhew, the editor for the Washington Post’s Watergate reporters Woodward & Bernstein.  Like Mapes' Truth and Duty, All the President's Men  became another film about journalists that caught Robert Redford’s eye.  Fellow Texas Presbyterian, John Stockwell, former CIA agent and head of three secret CIA’s wars including Angola and author of In Search of Enemies, would explain just how amazed the CIA insiders were that Nixon had been targeted for political destruction on the basis of the Watergate burglaries when “we would do three of those before breakfast.”  December 10 would become another significant day in 2004 as the date of Gary Webb's two shot suicide in California.

     "I have listened and listened to the 1997 debate between Gary Webb and Jeff Coll of the Washington Post that was moderated by Steve Weinberg the Professor Emeritus at the University of Missouri, the school that produced Walter Cronkite at CBS.  Weinberg was leading the debate for IRE, Investigative Reporters and Editors, a Washington D.C. organization that validates investigative reporting.   I have talked with Dr. Weinberg who said that he was on the opposite side of the Gary Webb argument from the Washington Post's Jeff Leen, whose boss was Steve Coll and associate at the WP was Vernon Loeb.  "Time and again Weinberg steps in to rescue a mumbling Jeff Leen whom Weinberg admitted to me was one of his students," said Carr who is also from Missouri and was bound for William Jewell College in 1968, the alma mater of the leading Iran-Contra weapons dealer, Farhad Azima, whose attorney was Tennessee Senator, Fred Thompson and who was a major contributor to the Clinton Presidential Library.
      Patrick Carr's father had responded to the Newsbusters.com story and here is how he was handled by the website that is an arm of The Media Research Center:
From: "Disqus Digests" <notifications@disqus.net>
Date: September 18, 2015, 7:29:21 AM CDT
Subject: Top conversations on NewsBusters.org


Will Carr
Will Carr | Thursday, Sept. 17th | View on NewsBusters.org
Hey American Guy my first response deleted?
So much for freedom of speech AmericanGuy
Don't waste your time here folks! Dribble!
AmericanGuy1988 replied | Thursday, Sept. 17th | View on NewsBusters.org
Go away, you babbling moron.

Will Carr
Will Carr | Thursday, Sept. 17th | View on NewsBusters.org
GWB's commanding officer was Col Killian. His secretary, Marian Carr Knox, confirmed the substance of the forged memos because she wrote the originals. That WAS the story. The bigger ...
AmericanGuy1988 replied | Thursday, Sept. 17th | View on NewsBusters.org
...I was being rhetorical. You didn't actually need to continue that word vomit.

      Winsip Custer asked for an impartial assessment.  Carr's initial post, along with a well articulated rebuttal by a third party sincerely interested in learning more of the Ellington Field story, were summarily deleted.  “When the website’s gatekeeper said I had been ejected from the conversation with as terse and tactless a response as AmericanGuy1988 after my first entry I knew it was a media management site to use the Rather/Mapes story as a malleable dough boy for shaping public opinion,” said Carr who wonders just why the film is coming out in 2015 about thirteen months before the 2016 election except to raise and reject the Rather/Mapes story before the candidacy of Jeb Bush. 
     This author concurs. “It’s an oft used applied psychology or sociology tactic from the mind science manipulations at Steve Coll, Jeff Leen and Vernon Loeb’s galaxy of mind manipulations where at the Washington Post they did a  job on the Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch stories for building consent for war and on Gary Webb’s bludgeoning that reaped Coll his position as the Henry Luce Professor at Columbia where C. Wright Mills had from his 'cat-bird seat' cranked out The Power Elite having grown up near William F. Buckley's home county in the rough and tumble Nueces Strip of South Texas at the Braxton Bragg Wright ranch at Lagarta.      Vernon Loeb, co-author with Paula Broadwell of the book All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,  is now the managing editor at the Houston Chronicle where he can ride herd over the official proper line in a city where the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office botched the autopsy on Patrick Carr’s December 10, 2000 death just as  the California medical examiner botched the autopsy on the December 10, 2004 death of Gary Webb after GWB’s victory over John Kerry who had validated Gary Webb’s claims in Dark Alliance through a select Senate Committee investigation on Iran-Contra which Peter Brewton had linked to the S&L scandal of the 1980’s through BCCI and the other Houston criminal banks exposed by Peter Brewton at the Houston Post.   Brewton revealed in his Houston Post articles and book The Mafia, CIA and George Bush the clear connections. You have to remember that the 'father of applied sociology' at Coll's Columbia University was Robert Merton, the father of the creator of Black Scholls that led to the 2008 Bush swan song....the 2008 bailout on the heels of Clinton's 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall that opened the floodgates to the 2000-2008 rape of the nation as the S&L scandal had done with Glass-Steagall in the 1980's, but finding a unique niche within the limits of Glass-Steagall that had restricted banking and investment functions following the Great Depression.  That swan song was assisted in its flight by Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, whose "Greenspan Put" swan dived into the rocky crags of the 2008 financial bamboozle of Hank Paulson of Goldman Sacks and had the Fed Chairman, Greenspan, lamenting that his long held world view was flawed while Paul Samuelson, the mentor of economist Robert Merton, said that we had never seen the "devilish, Frankenstein-ish monsters of Wall Street that Black Scholes had created by my own students."  Today, Jeb Bush, stands ready to return the nation, essentially still without the Glass-Steagall firewall between the wolves and the hen house, to a new period of de-regulation.

Correction:  Rev. Fred O. Brewton was a graduate of Austin College in
Sherman, Texas and of Princeton Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

      Winsip Custer was told....“So who is behind Newsbusters.com and The Media Research Center?  That would be L. Brent Bozell, III, the cousin of National Review’s founder, William F. Buckley, whose father was the sheriff from  LBJ’s beloved 'ballot box 13' Duval County, Texas," we asked. You have to remember that when the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office was in shambles the city imported to clear up the problems the chief Iran-Contra prosecutor, Michael Bromwich.   This is nasty business."
       In the 1980's William F. Buckley's National Review Magazine made a fortune.   He made his own ads for the magazine that in South Texas had the similarly conservative American Mercury Magazine  acquired by fellow conservative, Jason Chilton Matthews, as a borderland phalanx against the ravages and influx of communist subversion from the South.  Now it's about terrorism from afar, when it's clear that through men like Farhad Azima, an Iranian operating in the 1980's out of McClennan County via Azima's Buffalo Airways (Pete Brewton, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush), and the Chagra brothers from El Paso (Gary Cartwright, Dirty Dealing), Lebanese weapons and drug dealers, that our power elites have been compliant for a very long time when it suits them, especially in the Iran-Contra scandal, the workings of which were threatened by the FinCEN or Financial Crimes Enforcement Task Force that had James R. Bath in its cross-hairs in 1992.   In 1992 as Brewton's book was derailed before the November election, FinCEN received a stand down order. Jason Chilton Matthews is from not a hundred and fifty miles from Buckley's Duval County line and he claims to have ridden with T.E. "Lawrence of Arabia" in the early part of the 20th Century with the cedar beams and paneling in his home, Quintana Mazatlan,  having been given by a Lebanese monarch.   Lawrence has been reported to have been the British equivalent of General Smedley Darlington Butler, approached by American and British Fascists in the 1930's to take over in Britain as Butler was approached to do in the U.S.A..  This was a coup d'état that's not taught today in U.S. history and civics classes, but it became known as the "Business Plot".  Who would have known this?  The FBI for sure since they are charged with protecting the U.S. from foreign assault which would have included the 1930's "business plotters" with Joseph P. Kennedy already on J. Edgar Hoover's radar screen as well as FDR's .  So when Gore Vidal calls William F. Buckley a crypto-Nazi and Buckley's response is as over the top as he would get, Vidal struck a serious nerve!   Patrick Carr had been in churches with the former General Deputy of the FBI and of John Walton.   "Walton, a former U.S. Air Force Colonel turned advertising guru, used his Sony hand-held camera to film William F. Buckley in front of his book shelves for his 1980's National Review ads," said Patrick Carr's father.


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