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Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, June 23, 2014

No Politics Found In Sandusky Delays?

Kane Report Contradictory In Child Abuse Case

by A. Hedda Matyme, CPW News Service

     USA Today reported Monday that the Pennsylvania Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, found no evidence of political motives in the investigation  into Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky's predatory child molestation case and the timing associated with the inquiry leading to his conviction.

      The 70-year-old, Sandusky, was convicted in June 2012 of 45 criminal counts involving child abuse during a fifteen-year period of illegal deviant behavior.   Kane, a Democrat, claimed that Republican Governor Tom Corbett delayed the investigation in 2009.   Geoff Moulton, a law professor and former federal prosecutor, speaking as the "Special Investigator" for Kane's office, said "In fact, we found nothing....to indicate Attorney General Corbett made any decisions at all on the investigation."  Corbett had been in Kane's office before becoming Pennsylvania Governor.

     "It's Kane on the attack of Corbett with her appointed 'Special Investigator', Geoffrey W. Moulton, denying his boss' charges about her predecessor's, Corbett's, foot dragging.   Anyone who has seen the Mel Gibson film Braveheart knows the ploy used by the Scottish nobles to help them keep their castles.  'You support the rebellion from our castles in the South while I oppose it from our castles in the North, Robert Bruce was told,'"  said Winsip Custer who has been following closely the Sandusky scandal since it broke the week of the Nebraska and Penn State football game in 2011.
      "Yes, it's the essence of CYA-ism and denial ability.  When Louisiana's Huey Long said 'I'll be elected unless I'm found in bed with a dead woman or a live boy,' the live boy is viewed with greater contempt as any jailhouse inmate will tell you.  This disgusting secret is an incredibly powerful tool for criminals who protect the secret for profit.  The more promising the profit the greater the efforts for the minions to protect the secrets and to cut the connections between what is essentially an amplifying causal loop like the one that existed and obviously still exists between Omaha and Happy Valley.   This is what happens when the press doesn't do its job," said Custer.  "The scandals come and go without a proper extraction of the cancer's root causes.  Every acne-faced adolescent instinctively knows the problem."
    Winsip Custer's November 8, 2011 report titled Jerry Sandusky Second Mile Foundation and Penn State Locker Room: Penn State Child Rape Scandal No Tailgate Party, disagreed with Mr. Moulton's assessment.  "Who the heck is Moulton to make that assessment?" asked Custer after hearing that politics did not factor into such a high profile case of Ivy League lechery.

     Another of Custer's articles questions the timing of the Sandusky indictment and showed a similar challenge to the report's later assertions.

     "These people need to go back and re-read history," said Custer who admitted that he is sick and tired of Americans failing to remember recent history.

     "I'm sick and tired of Americans failing to remember history.  I'm sick.  I'm tired. As conservative financial advisor, Dave Ramsay, says..."I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.'   It's time for people to stand up and onto the throats of a long list of wing nuts. Americans don't remember recent history.  No politics involved in the Sandusky case?  PLEASE!  Spare us!" said Custer.  "If you are a consenting adult and want a non-pedophile partnership then go for it....whatever that looks like, but using kids is universally a bad idea.  I'd say that even on the planet Magnobobilius, the Magnobobilians would outlaw it, perhaps as a capital offense," said Custer.

     "Mr. Moulton is an Amherst and Columbia Law School graduate who clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justice, William Rhenquist and is currently Professor Emeritus at the Widener Law School," said Custer who added "another of my articles covered the Widener connection to the Penn State and Pennsylvania galaxy of recent Sandusky developments."  That articled titled "Sandusky, Pedophilia and the Titanic: Jerry Sandusky's Case Touches Bigger Members of America's Power Elites" was published first on November 16, 2011.

    What Winsip Custer had missed, even though he had questioned the timing on the breaking of the Sandusky story between the Penn State and Nebraska football game in 2011 while noting an anemically reported story of a Pennsylvania and Nebraska pedophile nexus was the fact that the 1988 Presidential Convention in New Orleans had included the singing of the National Anthem by Omaha's Franklin Savings and Loan CEO and convicted political activist and pedophile, Lawrence E. King. Joe Paterno drop kicked the 1988 George H.W. Bush campaign through the Republican Party's uprights at the same event. It is not known if Paterno and King practiced their speech and anthem for each other with GHWB or Karl Rove giving approval and sign-off before their appearances.

     Lawrence "Larry" E. King had been the central figure in the Franklin Cover-up scandal in Omaha, Nebraska just as Jerry Sandusky had been at Penn State.   One of King's accusers who later died under mysterious circumstances, Johnny Bonacci,  received a $1 million out of court settlement in what should have been a criminal and not a civil case according to many including author of The Franklin Cover-up, John W. DeCamp.   A Vietnam veteran, DeCamp had been an aide to CIA Director, William Colby, who drowned while kayaking alone on the Chesapeake Bay on April 27, 1996.   King's case was explored thoroughly in the yet unaired documentary Conspiracy of Silence which is available online.

     Funded by The Discovery Channel, Conspiracy of Silence was to have aired first in the UK and Ireland, then in the U.S..   Lawrence E. King was released from prison in 2001, but little is known of his whereabout.  Why this documentary, Conspiracy of Silence, would have aired first in the UK and Ireland is anyone's guess, but Winsip Custer has speculated.  "There is an across-the-pond connection to the child trafficking problem.  Philadelphia had 37 pedophile priests indicted in the summer before the Sandusky story broke.   In St. Louis, Missouri, home of George Herbert Walker, was Michael Hess, the adopted son of a St. Louis physician and his wife.  Michael became a leading attorney in the GHWB White House, but was from a Roman Catholic orphanage in Ireland.   More people are aware of the problem there than in the U.S.," said Custer noting that Michael Hess' story was made into the movie, Philomena, which avoided characterizing the adoption of Michael Hess as a child trafficking issue "which it clearly was," said Custer.

    Custer had also spliced into the Happy Valley and Omaha story the Texas nexus.  He did it via the story of Jimmy Joste's family in Austin, but whose funeral was conducted at GHWB's home church in Houston (Somewhere Between the Properline and the Dirty Low Down by Peter Pezonus, March, 2013). "Pezonus' story became a serious concern of the author of the TV spy series The Saint and true crime writer, Burl Barer, author of Joste's tragic story, Fatal Beauty," said Custer noting the communication between Pezonus and Barer published online with the Pezonus story and Pezonus' defiance in attacking Barer's conclusions.   That story includes Pezonus' declaration that like Serpico who worked with the Knapp Commission investigating the NYPD whose future Commissioner, Bernie Kerik, would not only train the Iraqi security forces in Baghdad before Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing took over, but who later went to jail on bribery charges, a scandal which prevented him from assuming GWB's proposed appointment of Kerik as the Director of Homeland Security.  
      The Knapp Commission's  leading federal investigator moved on to help close down the FBI's FINCEN investigation.   FINCEN was an FBI investigation into Saudi Royal influence peddling in the U.S. that, had it been allowed to continue and not shut down in the months before the 1992 Presidential election,  would have likely nabbed the 15 Saudi Arabian hijackers of the 911 plot.   Pezonus, not unlike Serpico, high tailed it to somewhere in the Pyrenees or Alps. "He didn't want to end up like Barry Seal, Danny Casalaro, Mark Lombardi, Gary Webb, William Colby, Johnny Bonnacci or others" said Custer.
    Custer raised other concerns in a recent phone interview.  "There are those that I believe know much more than they are saying.  No politics involved?    You have to remember that Pennsylvania was home to Governor Dick Thornburgh who served five Presidents in various capacities and who was tapped to replace Ronald Reagan's Attorney Governor Edwin Meese when the Iran-Contra scandal made Meese too hot to handle.   Thornburgh was a board member of Merrill Lynch, formerly Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith with the Pierce family connections to Franklin Pierce and Barbara Pierce Bush.   President Franklin Pierce was a firm backer of the U.S. citizen and Baja and Honduras filibusterer, William Walker.   William Walker was planning to create a "Golden Circle" of slavery in Central America and the whole Caribbean basin in the 1850's.   Do most people know that connection?  Do they know about Smedley Darlington Butler and the Fascist 1930's "Business Plot" and his refusal to be a goon for the National City Bank boys on three continents?  ....Butler was essentially a Marine forerunner of the Iran-Contra advisors fifty years later.  William Walker was like Jerry Sandusky using the Second Mile Foundation as a front to rape and pillage.   William Walker used the 1823 Monroe Doctrine instead of hiding behind a not-for-profit foundation. Thornburgh turned down the CIA Director's job that William Webster accepted at the height of the Iran-Contra investigation," said Custer.
   "A Yale graduate like Bush, Thornburgh was both a deep-down Yale insider and a perceived outsider having been sued by Karl Rove.  When Thornburgh took a position at the Kennedy School of Government in Boston a picture of Joe Paterno hung on his office wall at  Harvard. When Paterno and Lawrence King appeared on the same platform of the 1988 Republican National Convention in New Orleans as GHWB accepted the nomination, Thornburgh had a bird's-eye-view of Republican flock's feeding frenzy and a bizarre bunch of high-flying speckled birds they were.  Thornburgh had wanted the job of Secretary of Defense which Caspar Weinberger lost as a result of Iran-Contra.  Thornburgh's Pennsylvania political life overlapped these other developments with Happy Valley, Omaha, King, Sanduskly and Paterno, but it was not political?    Yea, just like Robert Gates as CIA Director and Secretary of Defense wasn't political.   We saw former CIA Director, Robert Gates, had suspiciously stayed well into Obama's administration.  Gates, of course, was  President of the college that domiciles the Bush Presidential Library, Texas A&M. on whose board is bad boy of the Congressional Post Office scandal, Tony Coelho, Al Gore's 2000 Presidential Campaign Chairman.  The Secretary of Defense position had gone routinely to a Bush family consigliore and Thrornburg had to have been keenly aware of that fact," said Custer.   "As such Gates took a nice little jab at Obama as Gates was headed out the White House door. With all due respect, Obama, minus the Omaha and Happy Valley scandals, may actually be like Colin Powell or Reginald J. Brown....either Reginald J. Brown, considering that Michelle worked for the historic Republican law firm of Sidley Austin in Springfield, Illinois.   That firm had merged with Brown and Wood in New York in 2000 and Brown and Wood was historically tied to National City Bank with Sidley Austin tied to Mary Todd Lincoln....the Union Pacific....Brown Brothers Harriman and so on.   Barack has not really challenged much that Bush's war profiteers put in place, he looks remarkably like a typical Bush water carrier."


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