Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, July 3, 2014

California Rush Not Golden, Without Sutter's Mill, Pick Axes and Shovels... Nothing Is Panning Out

California Not Excited About Importation of Texas’ South American Refugees

Starbucks Contemplates Remodeling Business Plan To Reverse Refugee Trend

by Rodman Gilder for CPW News Services
     “Colin Powell said famously that ‘When you break it you own it,” said Ollie Ullay Einfreih of Seattle, Washington.  “Ever since that god-awful U.S. filibusterer, William Walker, you know the guy….the one played by Marlon Brando and Ed Harris, yea, that one…..ever since he tried to use the Monroe Doctrine to turn Latin America into an American slave plantation we’ve been reaping the result.    Hells bells….does hell have bells?   Anyway, when you prevent people from taking ownership in their country and you export guns and ammunition and make your money in promoting conflict and wars this is what you get.  It’s good for the weapons makers, but bad for people,” said Einfreih.
     Mr. Einfreih is especially critical of the fact that the average South American like Mr. Guzman and his family in Peru who sell their 60 acre crop of Peruvian coffee to Starbucks for ten cents a pound find it sold in the U.S. for ten dollars a pound at a 10,000 percent mark-up.    “Hells bells…..ding dong…..would you not want your kids to come to the U.S. where they might get a job at Starbucks with benefits?   Or Starbucks could pay the Mr. Guzman’s of the world a fair price for their coffee….say a dollar a pound….and suddenly their $6500 per year becomes $60,000.   They could expand and keep more people from jumping the non-existent border fence,” said Einfreih.

     Buses took about  140 or so undocumented immigrants to U.S. processing centers at San Diego and El Centro, California, said Federal sources.
     Counter-protesters rejected the importation of  undocumented aliens from Texas into California and demonstrated to register their anger on Wednesday.

     Selena Dion Lopez of Juarez, Mexico said “I wouldn’t  want to be in the U.S. in a facility near those places.  Especially not San Diego.  The SEAL headquarters in San Diego are built in the shape of a Nazi swastika.  If they import that ideology to Mexico, Central and South America as they tried in Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile and as they are paying poor Mr. Guzman for his coffee beans, we’re all in por mucho problemas,” said Lopez. 

     "William Walker who was backed by U.S. President Franklin Pierce, an ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush whose husband was behind Operation Zapata, better known as the "Bay of Pigs", Augusto Pinoche in Chile and Iran-Contra in Nicaragua and Honduras then I say he is as much an ancestor of William Walker as King George I of England was father of King George II," said Lopez.  "I'm not suggesting that the world start speaking Spanish or French let alone Italian or German.  Turn the world over to those languages and you'll have a bigger mess, but don't lead the Anglo culture from its crotch or asshole!" said Lopez with a saucy English/Latin bravado. 
     Einfreih agrees.  “Look, I like money as much as the next guy, but when you  pay a guy $6500 for 60,000 pounds of coffee and sell it for about $10,000,000 there is a problem of usury.   I’m Jewish, but no good Jew would want to see Pharaoh return to the top of the pyramid, would they?  There’s no good reason why there can’t be a better business plan that does not include the racket of war and enslavement of people,” said Einfreih citing the recent article in Winsip Custer by William Queequig Budd on the Starbuck's documentary produced by MSNBC titled "The Coffee Addiction".  "It's not my coffee addiction.  It's Starbuck's money addiction!" said Einfreih.  "Starbucks shows in microcosm just why the immigration problem in Latin America with all of its land and resources is a place where fewer people want to live.  If U.S. companies want to pay you pennies for a crop worth a fortune or if you as a Cuban had to live with the U.S. Italian mob owning its entire water front, or if your sons and daughters suddenly disappeared because they wanted to go into farming or to get a higher wage at Coca-Cola, you'd be PO'ed too.   It also shows just why Seattle hosted the World Trade Organization, the WTO,  thinking that Starbucks and MicroSoft and MSNBC are insulated from criticism there. Surprise!   They're not! The world is not sleepy in Seattle nor clueless as to  just what went on there," said Einfreih.

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