Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Strange Metrics of CNBC's Analysis of Starbuck's Business Plan

 CNBC collaborated with Starbucks to produce the documentary "The Coffee Addiction" that ultimately blames your coffee addiction for the marvelous standard of living enjoyed by the Guzman family in Peru, but is it accurate? Should you care? 
by William Queequig Budd, CPW News Service
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        "If you were a farmer in Latin America growing coffee beans would 11 cents per pound be an incentive for you to want to see your children serving your coffee in a Seattle or Chicago or New York and making an average income of a Starbucks employee?" asked Seymour Dimley a member of the  CFFFP, Coffee Fanatics For Fair Prices.   We are supporting a new not-for-profit coffee company called Billy Budd's Better Brew which travels the estuaries of the Amazon and pays $1 a pound while providing U.S. coffee subscribers an electric coffee roaster and monthly shipments of green Arabica coffee beans of the finest quality," Dimley asserted proudly.
     "Why should your home be deprived of the rich and delicious aroma of coffee roasting in your kitchen?  This is a win-win for everyone and you will have your superb cup of coffee for about a quarter while positively impacting the U.S. immigration nightmare and Latin American land reform issues," said Dimley.  "After the Civil War the promised 40 acres and a mule would have guaranteed....had the South been a good coffee growing region like Brazil or Peru, Costa Rica or Colombia, Honduras or Nicaragua....at a dollar a pound..... two to three times the U.S. poverty level income," said Dimley.

        Take the metrics a bit further.   If a cup of coffee at home costs a quarter and $3.00 at Starbucks, then Guzman's 60,000 pounds, figuring conservatively 60 cups of coffee from a single pound, would yield from Guzman's 60,000 lbs.  a total of 3,600,000 cups.    At $3.00 per cup that's $10,800,000 along the supply chain from Guzman's annual yield with $6500 for Guzman and his family. Is it any wonder that we have a major immigration problem?   At  a quarter a cup (.25 x 3,600,000 cups) brewed at home that's $900,000.    Billy Budd's Better Brew finds its market niche between the $900,000 and Starbuck's $10.8 million.   You can buy Billy Budd's Better Brew online at BillyBuddsBetterBrew.com. and Billy Budd's wholly owned Pacific Rim coffee supplier subsidiary QueequigsExoticCoffee.com.


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