Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Admiral William McRaven's Graduation Speech on May 29, 2014

Admiral William McRaven to the Class of 2014:  “Make Your Bed Well Because You Will Have To Sleep In It”

By Willie B. Trayis, CPW News Service
    The 2014 University of Texas commencement speaker  on May 29th was Admiral William McRaven, head of JSOC, the Joint Special Operations Command featured in Jeremy Scahill’s recent documentary Dirty Wars.

     “Admiral McRaven made no references to Scahill’s film nor to the life of fellow University of Texas graduate and West Point ethics professor, Col. Theodore “Ted” Westhusing, who died in the Green Zone in Baghdad after a contentious confrontation with General David Petareus, or to Lt. Pat Tillman, both of whom in the best tradition of two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner  Marine General Smedley Darlington Butler believe that a doctrine of endless warfare is the philosophy of a cancer cell,” said  Austin historian,  I. Knox Fergettin.    “Most of these students never heard of Westhusing or Butler, Tillman, maybe, but probably not Westhusing and Butler and it’s a damn shame,” said Fergettin.
    Fergettin believes that the enlistment of Admiral McRaven as UT's speaker was “essentially to send the message that the faculty of the University of Texas is under house arrest to the fossil fuel industry and military industrial complex that profits from what Butler called the “Racket of War”.    The science, technology, government, philosophy and every other of the 140 departments of UT were staring the Grand Inquisitor in the face and they are simply Galileo and Copernicus who know damn well that fossil fuel is NOT the center of the universe,” said Fergettin.

   Fergettin believes that Winsip Custer's article on McRaven's "T.E. Lawrence Syndrome" relating reports of McRaven's rumored psychological disorder shared by the famous "Lawrence of Arabia," were well deflected by the Admiral's show of what Napoleon called the "baubles and beads for which men live and die."   "Yep, the T.E. Lawerence Syndrome was as well covered over as a Marine barracks bed at inspection time, but hiding slices of Swiss cheese under the pillow," said Fergettin.  Fergetting noted an earlier Winsip Custer report of McRaven's mental state.

    McRaven was also mentioned in the May 2014 article by Peter Pezonus following the NRA Convention in Houston, Texas.   Pezonus noted that the book by Col. Daniel Marvin who refused to conducted a CIA-backed attempted coup in Indo-China not unlike Col. Ted Westhusing's position in Iraq, was sued by the Special Forces Association, a combined organization of SEALS, Delta Force, Army Rangers and others who have served as veterans of the U.S. military's special operations groups.

     Charging Daniel Marvin with libel and attempting to prohibit the further distribution of Marvin's book, the court in conservative South Carolina sided with Marvin who won his case.  The Special Forces Association is a voluntary organization.  JSOC is full-service military Fergettin noted.  Fergettin  says his prayers everyday for these best-of-the-best soldiers because, as with so many of the original SEAL Team 6 who died following the Osama bin Laden mission, they are, as Col. Daniel Martin's book chronicles...."The Expendable Elite".

     "The corruption at the top is often challenged by the Colonels, Captains and Lieutenants who pay the heaviest price for trying to defend and protect the U.S. Constitution," said Fergettin.  Fergettin also believes that a 1992 FBI investigation called FINCEN which had the dark underbelly of Saudi Royal influence peddling in its cross-hairs, but which was derailed the closer the FBI got to the obvious problems, would have netted the 911 terrorist plot and the fifteen Saudi nationals had it been allowed to proceed prior to the 1992 Presidential election which George H.W. Bush lost not because of embarrassing information that FINCEN would have exposed, but because of "read my lips" and Bill Clinton's well organized challenge.  "Ross Perot knew all so well the problems in the country at the time and was hot on the heals of trying to heal the cancer," said Fergettin who believes that Perot and his family were ultimately intimidated the closer he got to the truth of the matter.  "Pond scum is essential to life, too, but you don't want to drink it," said Fergettin in an admittedly cryptic message to  what he describes as the unseen forces of good and evil that routinely hide their true identities behind a barrage of spin and spectacle.

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