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Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Reginald J. Brown Orbits Jeb Bush, but which Brown?

“Just War” or JUST War!   More Bush-Wacking In Store For America in 2016
Justin D. Fluke, CPW News Services

     With 2016 quickly approaching and former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, positioning himself for his insertions into the annals of American politics, an expanding number of concerned citizens are refusing to stoop for a repeat of the former Bush years.
    “Yes, in spite of Barbara Bush’s claim that there are other families that should lead the nation, and when did we elect families instead of individuals?   She is clearly backing the legacy of the Bush dynastic tradition and primogenitor-based model that prides itself on stroking the rising ambitions of Middle East monarchs and dictators or long ago jettisoned European royals,” said  Twilly Roganer of the Society for the Resurrection of the Guillotine in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

     “All you have to do is look at the orbit of Jeb Bush’s upcoming advisers.  Well, don’t look at all of them.  Take one representative sample, but first consider this.  The 1833 Yale Skull & Bones fraternity, founded by the Russell and Taft families, quickly solidified their grip on the nation with help from Alexander Brown of Baltimore.   Brown’s fortunes like the Russell's were based upon shipping and transportation which included everything from whaling to “China Trading,” a synonym for opium smuggling.  In time they set the legal and illegal prices and shifted their fortunes to oil drilling….thus the passage of the proposed Keystone Pipeline through Cushing, Oklahoma where the name “Cushing” immediately  identifies with the name of Caleb Cushing who negotiated the Wanghia Treaty of 1844 which provided for the Order’s  slick insertion into the dumping of Middle Eastern opium from Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan and thereabouts in China….thus triggering a series of opium wars and eventually the Chinese Cultural Revolution which rejected Western ambitions, built as they were on latent slavery posing as the rise of a growing middle class and the wholesale chemical shackling of a generation of Chinese or so Mao argued while launching his own brutal counter punches," said Roganer.
   “Yea, well Mao was nuts and these guys were the God Fathers of Capitalism gone wild.  A similar thing happened in Cuba during the Castro revolution there,” said Roganer, with the same ill effect.  Left or right leadership sucks!"
   “Take Reginald J. Brown,” said Roganer.
   “Which one?” I asked.  
     “Not the one who was buried at West Point in 2005.  He was Assistant Secretary for the Global War on Terrorism and was responsible for shoving so many of the home guard into battle in Iraq and Afghanistan and whose eulogy was delivered by U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, Robert K. Kimmit, whose brother was Deputy Director of the Iraq Provisional Government, Mark Kimmit.     That Robert K. Kimmit, by the way, was a lawyer for Sidley Austin law firm in Springfield, Illinois that employed Mrs. Michelle Obama and is the historic Republican law firm that kept Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln out of the luny bin.  Sidley Austin took the lead on the defense of GWB's definition of torture for the enhanced renditioning argument and for about a decade the Wilmer and Hale law firm in Washington D.C. found its attorney, C. Boyden Gray, son of Gordon Gray, whose attack on Robert Oppenheimer led to "Oppy" to be stripped of his national security clearance, worked for the Bush White House.  Both Gray's, dyed-in-the-wool Federalists, are heirs of the R.J. Reynolds tobacco company which found transparency a difficult subject for  its key investors....U.S. tobacco smokers.  Robert K. Kimmit was also a lawyer for Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale and Dorr that became Wilmer and Hale.  It’s hard to follow the script when the names so often change isn’t it?” asked Roganer.
     “Not THAT Reginald J. Brown.  It’s the other one that serves Jeb Bush.   Okay, so he, too, like Kimmit, works for Wilmer Hale Law Firm in Washington, DC  and was a stellar student at Yale Law School.    This is the other Reginald J. Brown who served as White House Counsel from 2003 to 2005 when WMD’s were in hiding somewhere in Iraq, but never found.      His law firm states:
Mr. Brown previously served in the White House Counsel's office, where he was the White House's principal legal liaison to the Departments of Treasury and Housing and Urban Development, as well as many independent financial services agencies. In this role, he provided counsel on a wide variety of issues. Mr. Brown also served as a counselor for the White House Office of Political Affairs, Presidential Personnel Office and the National Economic Council.
     Apparently his wise counsel did not help Theodore “Ted” Westhusing in Iraq’s Green Zone when he told General David Petraeus that the Iraq War was simply a botched bamboozling cluster fxxx,” said Roganer.   “This Reginald J. Brown was also Jeb Bush’s Deputy  General Counsel when he was Florida Governor,” said Roganer.
     Roganer, who lost several ancestors at Harper’s Ferry during the lead-up to the Civil War said “Alexander Brown of Baltimore’s family owned the Merchant Shot Tower that employed James Hamlet, the musket ball maker and slave who became the test case for the fugitive slave laws.  That law kick started the Civil War, returned James Hamlet to his job making musket balls and here we are two hundred years later with the obvious evolution of events that in the end will return the black Brown brothers to the jobs of dropping hot lead down and chimney while sending their lead bullets to kill their dark skinned cousins in some corner of the globe that’s sitting on oil or minerals or opium.  Also in Baltimore was Fred Bailey, also known as Frederick Douglass, who after working in the Gardner opium clipper ship yard in Alexander Brown's hometown, went on to become the leading African American voice in the abolitionist cause which Boston's Caleb Cushing opposed and showed his opposition by inviting the Confederacy future president, Jeff Davis, to Faneuil Hall to push the slavery agenda....the same Boston landmark where Douglass, Fred Bailey, opposed it.”  Indeed, Roganer's logic was backed up by the 1999 book by Stanford University professor and archeologist, Thomas Layton, whose Voyage of the Frolic: New England Merchants and the Opium Trade (Stanford University Press) verified that this record breaking opium clipper that was sunk in Mendocino County, California in 1850, was built at the same Gardner shipyard that employed Douglass, was part of the galaxy of the Russell Trust of Yale's New England opium trading families.
    Roganer is concerned that the first Reginald J. Brown who died in 2005 in Solomons, Maryland and was buried at West Point may have  descended from the owners of the slaves in Baltimore like James Hamlet whose name may have been changed several times, but remembered for the power of "Hamlet" to incite people to that profitable program for musket ball makers.....war.  "It could have all been settled so much more wisely," said Roganer, "but wise leadership is, sadly, a huge myth."

     Roganer is also concerned that these connections may be what fuels the interest in personalities like Donald Rumsfeld whose ownership of Maryland's Mount Misery Plantation where Frederick Douglass was "renditioned" by a noted "slave breaker" before being returned to slavery in the South, was exposed by Democracy Now's Amy Goodman and others.  "Of course you have to add to that fact that Rumsfeld and Dan Rather who attacked GWB's Texas National Guard record in 2004 co-owned a 9,000 acre ranch in Las Vegas, New Mexico with Rumsfeld and that the GWB story was known by Rather's producer, Mary Mapes, in 2000 during the Bush/Gore election back when keeping another Bush out of the White House may have saved us the international embarrassment of the 1999-2008 debacle of endless warfare and an economy in melt-down," said Roganer.
    “To be or not to be!  That is the question!”  said Roganer.  “And if I was asked to carry water for Jeb Bush, I’d sure as hell piss in it in as much as we, the people, have had to drink a sxxx-load of Bush piss!”
    “Alexander Brown of Baltimore was the progenitor of the National City Bank which would link to Fritz Thyssen’s Union Bank of New York and to  the backing in the 1930’s of the German American Bund’s “Business Plot” which two-time Congressional Medal of Honor winner,  General Smedley Darlington Butler,  exposed and then wrote his book War Is A Racket,” said Roganer.   Roganer said that Brown was also to be thanked for the evolution of Brown & Root, Kellogg-Brown & Root, now KBR whose fortunes are organically tied to foreign wars.
    "Here I am in sunny Florida, a state that elected a close associate of Jeb's from Texas, Richard Scott, the former CEO of Columbia-HCA Hospitals and who took his "severance package" after the company folded, $400 million,  while his leadership brought a  $1.7 billion Medicare fraud fine and he essentially bought the Florida Governorship in a state where the citizens are, frankly,  the Hole--In-The-Wall-Gang," said Roganer.  "On second thought, Butch Cassidy and Sundance robbed E.H. Harriman's Union Pacific for whose family would work Prescott Bush at Brown Brother's Harriman in New York.  Let me offer another analogy.  Florida is the retirement home for the Boss Tweed bullies."
     Roganer claims that Reginald J. Brown, the West Pointer, was in a powerful position relative to the New England power brokers.   What he calls those "uppity Yale-ites that like to pull everyones' strings."
    Indeed Reginald J. Brown, West Pointer who, like Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing taught at the Academy and is now buried in the same West Point cemetery where Westhusing's grave site forever serves as a critique of the brutal and unjust system that put him there....with help from his peers.   This Reginald J. Brown  succeeded Richard M. Bissell on August 4, 1989 as the Assistant Administrator of the Agency for International Development of the United States' International Development Cooperation Agency.  Bissell, a former CIA Agent, was appointed to that post before Brown and while at the CIA was responsible for the U2 spy plane and the Bay of Pigs invasion.  "Reginald J. Brown, the West Pointer,  was appointed to replace Bissell by George Herbert Walker Bush.  I can't imagine that these Brown brothers....not unlike Brown Brothers and Harrimans, aren't seriously connected," said Roganer.
   "I understand that Brown died of pancreatic cancer.  I don't believe that he was murdered, but anything is possible when dealing with these dark alliances within the U.S. or any other imperial power and the U.S. is the most powerful nation on earth.  There is a list of chemicals that induce pancreatic cancer quickly in male rats and if Brown showed any sympathy for the issues that Westhusing raised relative to the Iraq War or felt an outwardly discernible remorse for his part in the build up, well.  That list includes the following chemicals:

  • 2-Amino-5-nitrophenol,
  • Benzyl acetate,
  • Butyl benzyl phthalate,
  • Chlorendic acid,
  • Cinnamyl anthranilate,
  • Dichlorvos,
  • 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole,
  • Roxarsone,
  • 2,4 & 2,6-Toluene-diisocyanate,
  • 1,2,3-Trichloropropane


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