Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The World According to Dick Cheney: Frackin' Sad

No Riots At Sundance “Sell Out”
R.J. Cutler Shill for Bush/Cheney Legacy Spinners

by Winsip Custer CPW News Services

    Showtime Television streamed Dick’s Cheney’s documentary on a pristine South Platte River, avoiding shots of the polluted streams that Halliburton’s fracking practices have produced from the Marcellus Shale region of Pennsylvania to the Pacific shores.
  “If R.J. Cutler was a pitcher he’d be in the little girls’ softball league of slow pitch underhanders,” said an anonymous worker who helped on the set of Gasland, the documentary produced partially by actor Debra Winger and which showed the devastating effects of Halliburton's perfected fracking procedures on the environment.
   Pierce Walker Brown Braun of the anti-pollution group Cushing’s Anti-Gooshing Garrison said of Cutler’s film, “The local madame’s work has been taken up by another film maker and Sundance is in its sundowning era.”
   Braun said “there was no mention of the really murky Bush/Cheney legacy in Iraq and Afghanistan.  No mention of the cost of the Bush/Cheney wars that were to cost $60 billion and is now at $3 trillion and counting and which included Halliburton's blank check and no-bid contracts. No mention of what Cheney had to really do to experience his meteoric rise with the Reagan/Bush galaxy of dark stars.  No real mention of his firewalling the real Iran-Contra connections to George Herbert Walker Bush, whose William Walker-type adventures in Nicaragua and the Iran-Contra drugs-for-weapons-for-hostages debacle should have sent both Bush and Reagan to jail.  No mention of Cheney's willingness to send America’s youth into unnecessary battles based on false intelligence and cooked reporting by an unaccountable media.  Of turning on sincere CIA professionals like Valeria Plame and her husband while offering to pardon Scooter Libby.  No mention of his avoidance of military service, which given his heart problems would have probably saved the nation's many young sons had Cheney fallen with heat stroke on a real obstacle course.  No mention of the fact that 15 of the 19 September 11th, 2001 hijackers were Saudi Arabians from a nation whose royal rings he and GWB kissed on a regular basis, but invaded Iraq instead. No mention of the intellectual dishonesty of arming Saddam Hussein in one era, giving him an April Glaspie approval to invade Kuwait in another and invading him later on when it was profitable to do so under the pretext of WMD's and harboring of terrorists, appropriating that nation's oil and turning a back on sustainable, non-fossil-fuel energy sources.  Finally, Cutler must have used his director's cutlery to cut out any mention of the clarion clue to Cheney's deviousness: Cheney's blasting the face of his old buddy, Harry M. Whittington.  Cutler's side-show of pillows and powder puffs sure as hell wasn't, therefore, going to mention the large number or pellets taken from Whittington’s face and torso that defy the actual number of pellets contained in a single mistakenly discharged shotgun shell,” said Braun.
     There's The World According to Dick Cheney and R.J. Cutler and now the Sundance Institute where Robert Redford must forever dance under a dark cloud.  There's that other world where others really live and which will only be cleaned up when the people rise up in sincere protest and anger at the routinized hoodwinking, subliminal messaging and the mind altering media spoofing that they are receiving daily like eating Corexit in seafood, breathing Benzene or chugging impure drinking water from frack contaminated wells.  Meanwhile, like Showtime and other media outlets and the spin meisters normalize and routinize blood-letting, disengaged drone attacks and disingenuous political and military leadership.

    "We live in an increasing brutal lah-lah-land of mental and spiritual illness where consumers suck down the company line without questioning the source or content.  Thank you Cutler for serving up the poison without providing, like cigarettes are now required to do, a warning and disclaimer," said Braun who routinely challenges his family members to seek psychological help and wellness, but recently purchased for his sister's baby a new pair of baby shoes for her first birthday.  On the toes were skulls and bones...."a fitting warning that with these guys in charge, life is increasingly dangerous to your health," said Braun who cited the new book by Christopher Hedges and Joe Sacco titled Day of Destruction, Day of Revolt for the graphic images of the coporated greed and unrestrained devestation of the environment that has left what Hedges and Sacco have called "Sacrifice Zones".....the coal mines of Appalacia and the fracking fields of New York, Pennsylvania and Texas.  "The biggest future 'Sacrifice Zone',"  said Braun is the mouth of the Mississippi river and and pollution from the BP oil spill have provided the Gulf Coast wetlands for use as an algae farm for the next genearation of refined oil products," said Braun.

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