Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, March 18, 2013


From The Wilderness 15 Miles from the Bohemian Grove

By Peter Pezonus CWP News Services
  Michael Ruppert emerged from the sea of faces at the South Central, Los Angeles town hall meeting held by CIA Director, John Deutch.  Deutch, a board member of Citibank, Raytheon, Cummins, Schlumberger and a member of the Tri-Lateral Commission would later face charges for security breaches, but was pardoned by Bill Clinton on Clinton's last day in office.  Ruppert went on to create a magazine called From The Wilderness.  The eight-year publication claimed to champion the marginalized voices of dissent.   Ruppert claimed that he had been a policeman on the LAPD and being from a CIA family he knew that the CIA had been dealing drugs  in the U.S. and elswhere for a very long time. 
     Gary Webb, the San Jose Mercury News’ Pulitizer Prize winning reporter, exposed the CIA involvement in the drug trade that triggered Deutch’s appearance and Ruppert's simultaneous appearance from out of the crowd.
     The meeting was a response to Gary Webb's book, Dark Alliance.  Webb died on December 10, 2004 of an apparent suicide with two gunshots to the head.   Shot from different angles,  a seemingly impossible conclusion by the Medical Examiner , this oddity was not that unusual according to Ruppert who would claim to be both an expert on Webb and strange suicides.
    In his recent inteview with Media Mayhem, Ruppert posited that Pat Tillman was killed because he was disliked in the U.S. military.   After retrieving 2000 pages of redacted material from Pat Tillman’s mother, material magically un-redacted by a close friend and authority on such subjects, Ruppert drew his conclusions.  Ruppert now believes that Tillman’s death was a type of revengeful man-slaughter case that had to do with angry soldiers' bitter disagreements rather than anything larger, another Webb-like dark alliance exposed in Tillman's missing diary and reported by his family to have been Tillman's passionate concern.
    Convinced that the U.S. and world economy is on the verge of collapse, Ruppert has decided to ride out the coming storm in Santa Rosa, California  within 15 miles of the annual conclave site for the power elites that Ruppert professes to abhor....the Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California.
Ruppert retired to Santa Rosa to
await the collapse of the U.S. and world
economies.  Santa Rosa is 15 miles
from the Bohemian Grove.
   Appearing with Allison Hope Weiner on Media Mayhem, Ruppert also claims that Chris Dorner’s death was inevitable given what he knew of the inner workings of the LAPD, but Ruppet never makes the essential connection between Dorner, Tillman and Webb's deaths all of which go the heart of the LAPD and CIA corruption from their varying and tri-lateral perspectives.
    According to John Hoover of the watchdog group,  Circumspection, “Ruppert could easily be a counter-counter-counter-media-manipulation-agent for the CIA within the CIA or a CCCMMA.  These agents rush in and appear to be like warriors for the common folks, but all the while are raking in the names of those who would be hardest for the big boys to manage.   Ruppert looks to me like a magnet picking up metal shavings on a shop floor for easy disposal,” said Hoover.  "Media Mayhem is what they do.  CCCMMA's are like cow birds that rob eggs from other bird's nests and take them to their own for safe keeping.  Cow birds hatch their eggs.  Ruppert scrambles his," said Hoover.
   Hoover claims that he reported what he believed was a murder during the 2000 Presidential election of a person who would have been a threat to the George W. Bush/Al Gore battle as it teetered on the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court.  “I asked for Mr. Ruppert to write about it and he said it was too hot a topic, then offered to store the material in a vault somewhere while sending an ex-military type to interview me for the rest of the story,” said Hoover.  “I said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’ and now hearing what he says about Tillman that sounds more like Tillman was asking for a bullett while claiming the normality of a two-shot-to-the-head suicide by Webb, not with an automatic handgun, but with a revolver and I say Ruppert can’t be trusted.  If he wasn’t willing to write about this man's story he sure as hell isn’t fifteen miles from the Bohemian Grove because he getting ready to storm it!” said Hoover.

     "Ruppert's interview with Allison Hope Weiner begins with his boast that his book, Crossing the Rubicon, has over six hundred pages and a thousand footnotes and is in the Harvard Business School library.   Who boasts about having a book at the Harvard Business School while being the only voice on a documentary titled Collapse?  What?  The students at the Harvard Business School are going to join him in seclusion up there by the Bohemian Grove to pee on the trees while claiming doom and gloom?  I don't think so.  And if Ruppert has any preconceived notions about Harvard or Yales' receptivity to a higher moral consciousness as contained in a rambling tome with a thousand footnotes and make an ethical shift toward the responsible leadership that America deserves he best read about the work of Dr. Kenneth Goodpastor and Harvard's refusal to fund an ethics program at its business school," said Hoover.

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