Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Texas’ John Cornyn, William Frist, Richard Scott See Red River Flowing Over ObamaCare.

By Cindy P. Lymanstein for CPW News Service
The future of healthcare under Republican leadership?
Sen. John Cornyn (l), Dr. Bill Frist (m), Gov. Rick Scott (r).

     Senator John Cornyn says the Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare is constitutional, but argues with the John Roberts' court preferring what one healthcare watcher said was “a need to embrace the Ernest Hemingway and Sylvia Plath healthcare option.  Suicide."
     “The Supreme Court can decide what is legal, but it cannot set legislative policy,” said Cornyn whose state governor, Rick Perry, called the decision a “stomach punch” for conservatives.
     Noting that the policy is an economic failure from the get-go Cornyn said  “Most of the experts like McKenzie say that employers will drop their employer provided coverage."   Presumably that's Dallas Morning New's William McKenzie who says that Republicans had backed a wrong strategy, given Mitt Romney's earlier approval of an individual mandate in Massachusettes' universal healthcare coverage.  McKenzie's assessment given Justice Roberts' decision was correct.  Cornyn was admitting the obvious.  Much more is obvious, but no one in the political lime light is talking about it.
     Judy Woodruff  of PBS asked on Thursday night, June 28th, the day the Supreme Court announced the decision, “what would the Republicans do to replace it?”  Cornyn didn’t answer that question except to say that we should hone in on costs.
     Barry Sullivan, head of the 'Got No Damn Healthcare, Damn It', Party said he welcomes the Republican control of Congress if Obama is thrown out of office in November. "If Obama wasn't going to get the job done through legislation, then I welcome the Republicans getting the job done by bringing back jobs. Jobs. That's what we need. Good jobs. Jobs good enough to pay our healthcare requirements. And I don't mean one of those healthcare plans that give you a scalpel and points to your appendix. Why am I saying this? Why? Because I got no damn healthcare, damn it.”
     Sullivan noted, however,  that Cornyn’s home state of Texas is where conservative Republican Senator from Tennessee and a surgeon, Dr. Bill Frist, had united with the current Governor of the State of Florida,former Texas lawyer and healthcare entrepreneur, Richard "Rick” Scott, to pummel the medicare program with false claims bringing over 500 FBI indictments, clearly showing a Republican culture of greed and corruption and sending Columbia/HCA into oblivion, but launching Rick Scott into the political limelight with his $400 million Columbia/HCA severance package.  The $1.7 billion Medicare fraud fine paid by Columbia/HCA is the largest such fine in U.S. history.  "The election of Rick Scott as the Governor of Florida, but who got his start in healthcare in Texas, a state that shares with Florida the Bonnie Blue Flag of the two states' Confederate slaving histories, says everything about the idiocy of this whole line of reasoning.  The U.S. may have cutting edge medicine, but the majority of Americans don't live on the cutting edge of medical breakthroughs and the increased delivery of solid healthcare at a resonable price to a great number of people will be an economic plus....not a negative," said Sullivan who said that the cutting edge research will not be adversely effected in any way.
     “You want to reduce the cost of ObamaCare, freeze Governor Scott’s bank accounts in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands and make Dr. Frist do free surgeries from a state of the art surgical suite in Sing-Sing, or whatever Federal prison the Worldcom and Enron boys went to,” said Sullivan.   Sullivan said that sources close to Dr. Frist and Governor Scott were “seeing a huge source of windfall profits drying up like a discarded appendix on a Miami sidewalk in July or like a Texas Longhorn’s castrated scrotum hanging on a barbed wire fence near Big Bend in June.”
   "Younger members of the Texas medical community have followed Rick Scott and Dr. Frist's example.  In Dallas, dentist Richard Malouf, was also fined for bilking taxpayers through Medicaid fraud," said Sullivan who believes the practice of avowed capitalists sucking funds from a taxpayer program is like horse theivery in the 1800's.  "Republican's Frist and Scott were going to bring us through Columbia/HCA what they called the 'Walmart of healthcare,' but with Walmart under investigation for corruption and bribery in their business model, the Republicans offer only the Enron, Worldcomm and Columbia/HCA model of healthcare and that's just not good enough," said Sullivan.  "Why?  Because I've got not damn healthcare, damn it!  And an unregulated healthcare system is like an unregulated Wall Street or energy market with Enron at the wheel, " Sullivan concluded.

Sullivan noted that in both left and right political ideologies a ruling elite develops, uses either
regulation or de-regulation as a catalyst for wealth accumulation which becomes the "bait"
for recurring revolution and change.  The Master-baiters have, in Sullivan's opinion,
an obligation to temper their ambitions with a solid humanitarian ethic. The masses
have a corresponding obligation not to recreate another bloody Peasant War as
in Europe's violent past.

      Sullivan explained that the problem of Republican corruption inherent in a deregulated culture and Democratic corruption inherent in a regulated one are the same.  "There are no truly free markets and there are no fully socialistic ones...utopia is out of reach of both....but the 'governing dynamic' needed by both is a solid core of humanitarian or religious sensibilities.  Communism tried to strip the nation of those sensibilities and the West uses the claim of those sensibilities to whitewash the realities," said Sullivan who provided the above sketch of his argument.

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