Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Perry Says Barry Wynn’s Vulture Capitalists Have Eye On Corporate Pensions...and then Social Security

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

     “I know the difference between venture capitalism and vulture capitalism,” said Rick Perry.

     The statement caused South Carolina’s leading vulture capitalist, Barry Wynn, to lick his wounds by withdrawing his support of Rick Perry for President in favor of Mitt Romney.
     Barry Wynn was appointed by George W. Bush as the head of the U.S. Government’s Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation which stands in the way of vulture capitalists dismantling America’s middle class before the further dismantling of the Social Security System, according to economist, Frederick M. Mellon, author of The Reconciliation of Ayn Rand.
     “Rick Perry knows the difference between good predators and carrion eaters.  It’s roughly the difference between farming and ranching with a long-term future in sight or being like a Mongol hoard raping and pillaging.  Vultures look for opportunity to eat the carcasses of dead things.  Good venture capitalists look for long-term, contributory opportunities that have a win-win outcome for individuals and society.”
The Carolinas don’t have a great history of looking out for others says Mellon.  “What with slavery, BlackWater Security, big tobacco that kills people, Perry knew exactly what he was talking about.  This is a pony that Perry can ride a long way given the strong reaction his statement  received and jettisoning Wynn is no great loss.  Hell, has there been bigger vultures or termites in American politics than the Bush family who as Texans have thrown their support to Romney?" asked Mellon.
       "Enron, World Com, Columbia/HCA, Health South, asbestos litigation limits, too big to fail,  bail outs for the wealthy, skewed executive compensation for dismantling America, bail outs for  Merrill-Lynch and AIG and other Bush connected companies, the S&L scandal, Iran-Contra, Dubai Ports deals which fell through with public outcry only to be taken over by insurance giant AIG which has no experience in legal port management.....now there's a deal you really have to worry about….need I say more?  Okay, when you consider that Enron wiped out peoples retirement pensions into which they had paid for years and consider Bush's push for deregulation while turning a blind eye to the shredding of Enron's records and giving them time.... when the Feds could have been called in to investigate much sooner.....then also figure that Arthur Anderson went down in the process, Perry knows about vultures at work.  Don't forget that Romney's Bain Capital made the resurrection of HCA and Dr. Thomas Frist possible after the disgrace of the Columbia/HCA FBI indictments and their record $1.7 billion in fraud fines.”
     Mellon believes that Mitt Romney’s Morman background is problematic, too.  “Whenever the power brokers, be they the Mobsters or the Wall Street  bankers or Washington lobbyists want a ‘yes’ man for their programs of deregulation, but a guarantee of security and consistency of dollars flowing steadily and reliably out of the middle and lower classes' pockets, they look for a good Morman.  Their secretive nature is their biggest selling point.    Just ask the Teamsters Union or Howard Hughes or anyone else who knows that they practically run Las Vegas.  Mitt’s Daddy was governor of Michigan and while labor has had in the past a strong voice there, which side of the fence do you think Mitt’s daddy was on?  Where did all the jobs go?  To the Third World... to communist countries,” said Mellon.
     In Mellon’s book on Ayn Rand he explores his economic theories.  “Ayn Rand said it nicely….’achievement without plunder.’  Romney, Bush and the other vultures know only plunder.  Hell look at Iraq and the cost of the war there and what did we leave?  A big ugly dust bowl, but they were after the oil anyway,” said Mellon.  "Colin Powell laid it out clearly.  'If we break it we own it.  So let's break it.  Iran, too, anyone?' So when the vultures suck the oil out of ground they then frack the ground until it implodes, kind of like a vulture eating out the carcass of a water buffalo.  All the while they say 'that's just business looking for opportunity.  And elephants will stick their trunks up another elephants ass and eat their feces, but that doesn't mean that people have to do likewise," said Mellon who worked as a zoo keeper while in college.  When Rick Perry says "I hope the Republican Party hasn't come to this," he knows better than any.

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