Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, May 6, 2011

Michael Savage Drools Over 20' High Walls

Renaissance Man Is Platypus

by Winsip Custer CPW News Service

"Do they still have those neighborhoods in Portugal with homes with those twenty foot walls?" asked San Francisco conservative talk show host Michael Savage.  "I remember that there are people there from when Portugal was a great world power and these moneyed people have lived off their fortunes for over two or three hundred years.  Are those neighborhoods still there?  Did you see them?  I remember them." Savage said to his caller who had recently returned from Portugal.  "I wasn't in that part of Lisbon," said the caller.  "Well, we're not even allowed to have a twenty foot wall in the U.S.....maybe a six foot wall that someone can jump over," said Savage.

"That was a real conversation," Savage bubbled after the caller hung up.  "I am a Renaissance man in many ways, and the art of conversation is all but lost," he concluded.

I asked Professor Cele Mayantocis of the New Jersey Institute of Subliminal Imaging to analyze Mr. Savages political persuasions based on the comments.  

"My family heritage is Peruvian and Brazilian which means that my family was significantly influenced by the Portuguese.  Let's take this exchange apart bit by bit.  First, everyone has to come from somewhere.  Mr. Savage is Jewish.  There are just as many Jewish members of society who are troubled by living behind twenty foot high walls as living without them.  Some of the Warsaw Ghetto folks come to mind.  Also, anyone who knows Portuguese history knows that they made much of their fortunes from slavery.  Those high walls in Portugal were built to prevent acts of terrorism which the government could not bureaucratically eliminate from the power elites neighborhoods."

I asked Mayantocis to reflect on Savages' combination of "Renaissance man" with his conservative radio personae.  "It's a front," said Mayantocis, "but for what purpose?  One must remember that when the Portuguese and Spanish Empires were threatened they resorted to techniques much worse than water boarding to eliminate the opposition.  With the support of the official religion, Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church depended on the brutality of the Portuguese and Spanish to eliminate ideological threats to their power base.  This is particularly seen in places like India where the Eastern Christian Tradition leans more heavily on Luke, the evangelist and physician, a friend of the Apostle Paul and Saint Thomas.  Thomas, perhaps Lukes' closest friend after Paul was more fully embraced in the Eastern Christian's particular brand of Christianity, than with the Roman Christians who looked to Peter and Paul as their patron saints.  Peter and Paul battled over power and position.  You remember the Jerusalem conclave and the eventual debate over who had the keys to the kingdom.  Luke and Thomas seem more concerned with service to others in Christ's name than to positional jockeying.  So when the Renaissance was triggered by the phenomenal work of Copernicus, Galileo and others in Northern Italy, backed as they were by the de Medici's, the church of Rome, Portugal and Spain fought back," said Mayantocis.

"The Jesuit-led persecution of both Eastern Christians, Hindus and other groups in India is little discussed in the West, but the Easterner's legacy of attachment to Luke and Thomas puts them more within the framework of 'Renaissance men' than anything that came out of the Inquisition dungeons of Portugal or Spain including the brutality against Savage's own Jewish community.  Science questions.  Luke was the scientist and Thomas questioned. If you need proof of this connection ask 'where are the remains of Saint Luke buried?' At Padua, where science exploded in the 1400's and where the world's first woman received her doctoral degree and where the Portugese backed Roman Church focused its attack on learning with maniacal oppression.  What can I say?  Mr. Savage is more like a platypus than like a 'Renaissance man', because he takes dissimilar and unconnected ideas that have no business being together and tries to harmonize them around anxiety and fear for the sake of selling gold, non-hybridized crop seeds and survival gear on his radio show.  Next he'll be selling construction of twenty foot privacy fencing.  One must ask why the world's most oppressive and secretive assembly of power elites, the Trilateral Commission, still meets in Lisbon, behind a twenty foot wall of secrecy," said Dr. Myantocis.

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