Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bracewell & Giuliani To Handle Suit Against Qaddaffi's Libyan Government for Iman al-Obeidi

Muslim Women Fed Up With Mistreatment

by Beulah Maude Hammerman for CPW News Services

Iman a-Obeidi claims that she was repeatedly raped by Libyan security forces paid by the Libyan government of Qaddafi. Hundreds of protesters, mainly women, joined in a wave of demonstrations aimed at showing support for the endangered woman who also claims that the uncovering of her story has brought death threats from pro Qaddafi forces. Signs of the protesters read "Iman you are not alone".

At least two Facebook pages have been established garnishing thousands of supporters worldwide for the embattled woman who has received calls from Lorena Bobbit explaining how she and other women could put a stop to the mistreatment of Libyan women in short order.

Lorena Bobbit called to offer Ms. al-Obeidi
and fellow Libyan women a simple
plan for curtailing rape.
Meanwhile, Bracewell & Giuliani Law firm's managing partner,  Patrick C. Oxford, phoned from Houston, Texas with an offer for his law firm to provide the international legal muscle to extract from the Qaddafi government generous recompense for the rape of Ms. al-Obeidi. Should her case not be adequately prosecuted in the Libyan courts or in the future courts of a newly organized Libyan government once Qaddafi's government is replaced by rebel forces, Bracewell & Giuliani plan on seeking a jury trial at the International Court, the Hague, Netherlands.

Former NY Mayor of Bracewell &
Giuliani to handle al-Obeidi case.
The powerful Texas law firm, which changed its name from Bracewell & Patterson to Bracewell & Giuliani with the addition of New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, also announced that the former New York Mayor would handle the courtroom battle as Ms. al-Obeidi's lead attorney.  

"It's the kind of case that an attorney of my nature and temperament could wait a lifetime to handle and never see.  I have no choice, but to bring my years of legal and political expertise and the full force of the international community's desire to see justice in this case to the aide of Ms. al-Obeidi," said Mayor Giuliani from his Times Square office in Mid-Town Manhattan.

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