Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, November 7, 2015

TRUTH in October, DESTINY & POWER in November, Bush Bamboozle Ancient

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Commentary by Hunter Ellington Fields CPW News Service

     In 1992 the book by award winning reporter for the Houston Post, Peter Brewton, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush was derailed just before the Bush, Clinton and Perot Presidential election.  In 1996 the book Dark Alliance by Gary Webb was attacked by Jeff Leen of the Miami Herald (later at the Washington Post) where Operation Lone Star had connected the Robert Vesco, Carlos Lehder connection to Colombia, the Bahamas, Florida, Georgia and Texas with both Webb's and Brewton's stories connecting to Iran-Contra.   Webb's story connected to Iran-Contra through Los Angeles and the crack cocaine business and  Brewton through Houston and Iran-Contra's connection to the 1980's S&L scandal. 

     In 2004 with the Dan Rather and Mary Mapes story of GWB's Ellington Field memos coming to light, though it had been known even to Mary Mapes in 1999 according to her book, it was verified by Mrs. Marian Ann Carr Knox who was interviewed by Rather for 60 Minutes on September 15, 2004.  Knox's son, Patrick Carr, also validated her testimony according to the USA Today's September 14, 2004 published interview of Patrick Carr by Jim Drinkard and Dave Moniz ("Secretary: Memos Are Forgeries") that was acquired on the night of Tuesday, September 14, 2004 and printed at 10:17 P.M. September 14th, a day before his mother's interview on 60 Minutes.  Dropped from the AP coverage of the son's intervention was assertion that he had confirmed Marian Carr Knox's assertions.


    Former Associated Press CEO, Louis Boccardi, would join Dick Thornburgh in discrediting the Knox story by saying only that Patrick Carr had said his mother did not wish to comment further without including his validation of her interview with Rather that indicated that the contents of the memo was correct.  Subsequent news stories only reported that the son had said Mrs. Knox did not want to comment, as if she was recanting her story.  Marian Carr Knox had affirmed the contents of the memos, but said they were not the originals thus providing the Bush camp, led by Dick Thornburgh, a platform, even if Knox's testimony was innocently and forthrightly given, to discredit the Kerry campaign and inoculate GWB from further criticism based not on the witness' testimony, but on the technicality of a flawed document.  That inoculation occurred as evidenced by the 2004 election results, but at what price to the  credibility of the American people and peace of the world?  


     If Americans were unconcerned over the issue at the time as many clearly were not, the events of post-911 and the invasion of Iraq based on WMD and the cooked intelligence that asserted that Al Qaeda was being harbored by Saddam Hussein, had just as many rethinking the election of 2000.  That awakening is now being reflected in the rejection of JEB Bush as a viable Presidential candidate in 2016.   GWB's retaliation for Saddam Hussein's threats against his father or as part of what General Wesley Clark described as a "Neo-Con Policy Coup" to foster war in the Middle East had been attempted in Central America as payback during Iran-Contra for what had failed under the Bay of Pigs and which could have been avoided entirely had Cuba not become the to the West the playground for Capitalism-gone-wild that fostered the despotism of Castro who saw himself initially as a liberator from what Peter Brewton would call in his book of that title, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush.
     Were Mapes and Rather in on the ploy to salvage GWB's second term having avoided the story in 2000 though Mapes admittedly learned of it in 1999?  From their signing off on the script for TRUTH, which does not include Mapes' conversation with Brigadier General Belisario Flores nor the Knox interview,  one would need to be blind to conclude otherwise given the power of the Flores and Knox testimony to inform the public on the matter of such grave importance as entrusting the leadership of the U.S. arsenal of freedom to such a clearly inept, self-serving national guardsman.  "This sad downward spiral is what you would expect to have happen in the court of Henry VIII of England or, worse still, in the inbred elitism and sense of entitlement that evolved in the Hapsburg dynasty with their cleft pallets and jutting jaws which GWHB seems increasingly in his old age to be demonstrating," said Olivia Cromwell of Spartanville, South Carolina.  "And you wonder why Bernie Sanders, a self-professed socialist, gets thunderous applause when he said that the Iraq War based on bamboozled CIA intelligence has led to the worst foreign policy decision in U.S. history?  Well who was it that was so central to the  botched U.S. intelligence apparatus' military excursions over last fifty years?" asked Cromwell.  "Sure, the U.S. military is the most deadly and effective fighting force in the world, but so was Rome for its day and look what happened to Rome," said Cromwell noting that America's most celebrated and decorated warriors from George Washington to Henry Van Ness Boynton to Smedley Darlington Butler to Dwight D. Eisenhower warned against going the way of failed monarchies and unbridled Rome.

     Is the 2015 loss of confidence in another Bush an indication that the American people have caught on to the "Bush Bamboozling"? 

     In 2000, two days before the US Supreme court decided the hanging chad debate in Florida another young man named Patrick Carr died near Ellington Field.  He had worked in Austin at the business of Rebecca Rather, Dan's niece.   His uncle was the fishing partner of Houston attorney with Bracewell & Giuliani, William E. King, the business partner at Southwest Airport Services with GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate, James R. Bath.  His death occurred on December 10, 2000, the same day that Gary Webb resigned from the San Jose Mercury News in 1997 and the same day that Webb reportedly killed himself in California in 2004 with two shots to the head.   The autopsy for this Patrick Carr who worked with Rebecca Rather's company in Austin was as unbelievable as Gary Webb's autopsy.

      In 2000, Ben Barnes, the former Texas Lieutenant Governor gave a deposition claiming his part in the Texas Air National Guard appointment of GWB.  The October 2015 movie about "Rathergate" does not mention the deposition and makes the Ben Barnes testimony concerning the memo in 2004 to seem inadvertent instead of a legal deposition in 2000.  There was no mention in the film of Marian Carr Knox, her son Patrick Carr, nor the scathing critique of Brigadier General Belisario Flores whose story, more powerful than Watergate's anonymous "Deep Throat" for the Nixon impeachment and coverage by the Washington Post, is covered on pages 84-85 of Mary Mapes' book Truth and Duty upon which the script for Truth was based.   James Vanderbilt the director of the film and script writer could not be reached for comment.

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