Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stephanie Bunbury, Sydney, Austrailia Misses Point of Dan Rather Film

Truth Goes Down Under on December 3rd.

by Robert "Dingo" Gibson, CPW News Service

     Australian movie critic Stephanie Bunbury of the Sydney Morning Herald has bought the Truth storyline of the James Vanderbilt and Robert Redford film about the Dan Rather and Mary Mapes' 2004 George W. Bush Texas Air National Guard memos investigation hook, line and sinker.   
     Truth is based on Mary Mapes' book, Truth and Duty, which admits that she was aware of the story known to some Texans since the Lieutenant Governor, Ben Barnes,  had provided a deposition in 2000 indicating that he had written a letter initially influencing the Texas Air National Guard appointment in 1968.   This led to Col. Jerry Killian's original memos registering his concerns about GWB's performance in the Guard.
    "Mapes says she first learned about it in 1999, but did not report on it because her mother died in 2000," said Peter Pezonus, an independent U.S. reporter.  "Mothers die, but our work goes on....must go on.  Remember Year 2000?  Y2K?  Why not use that as the excuse?  Everyone was worried about a major computer meltdown that didn't happen.   Instead the U.S. political process melted down in Florida and the un-lanced and festering memo story,  as important as it was, was not reported or handed off from Mapes and Rather in 2000 when the American people needed courage in its leadership like never before.  The Forth Estate was, therefore, asleep at the switch...AWOL, like Bush, if you will," said Pezonus.
     What did we get from the experience?  We got a Supreme Court decision that put Bush in the White House and Al Gore from the Clinton/Gore administration which had given the U.S. the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act.   That legislation had been implemented as a response to the Great Depression as a muzzle on corporate and banking malfeasance gone wild....essentially forcing the Don Juans of Wall Street's investment houses from copulating with the usurious nymphomaniacs of the big banks. 
     Clinton and Gore handed off to GWB and his VP, Dick Cheney, a nation that with essentially with no fire-wall for what was to come.   What was to come was 911, Enron, WorldCom....Tyco.....war racketeering based on the yellow cake bamboozle.....a $60 billion dollar war morphing into a multi-trillion-dollar war and the 2008 financial meltdown that Glass-Steagall had eliminated with a simple and responsible partition between banks and Wall Street.  Actually ninety-five percent of U.S. banks were solvent at the time by avoiding the Wall Street Black Scholes credit default metrics that provided the bamboozling justification for the housing bubble.
     After the 2000 election, Al Gore hit the lecture circuit touting the global warming debate and politicizing it by his mere personal history as a big government Democrat who saw carbon credits as the answer to clean air and water. He is not a scientist.  There IS NO debate.  Pezonus appears correct.  The verdict is in and the mass of scientists tell us fossil fuel is choking the planet.  This is too important to our collective future to politicize it. 
     So Gore sells his television station to the Arabs using their oil money in 2013.  Was this in hopes of Al Jazeera reporting on the three suicides of terrorist detainees at Guantanamo in 2006....all dying on the same day and we wonder why we are where we are?  Not exactly, Harper's Magazine did that in 2010 as reported in the article "Hiding Murder".  It was a Gallipoli not by accident, but by design!  Only the whole world is pinned down on the beaches by our own ignorance," said Pezonus. 
     "Yea, so Al Jazeera opens its offices in Washington's Newseum where in 2015 the yellow cake salesman, a Stephen-like character from Tarantino's movie D'Jango Unchained, General Colin Powell, along with General George Casey appear at the premier of the Brad Pitt film Fury that celebrates the rejection of the Geneva Conventions when Pitt's character shows a green recruit how to shoot a Nazi prisoner in the back.  Good God, ya'all," said Pezonus, "what a mess!"

      "Stephanie Branbury needs to rewrite her review of Truth for the Austrailian people.   There is little Truth in it....the review or the film.   She needs to read and reread TRUTH AND DUTY, GARY WEBB, PETE BREWTON AND ANOTHER BUSH BAMBOOZLE by James A. Baker," said Pezonus.
     Pezonus also suggested that Australians should follow up that reading by the article TRUTH IN SEARCH OF A UNICORN by Buckley Wright Bragg.
      American reporter, Alexander DeLarge, agreed with Pezonus.    "These are fine articles that peel back the onion of the 'Rathergate' story, but so was my article on the same story, DAN RATHER'S CLOCKWORK ORANGE.

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