Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, November 30, 2015

Florida Senator Bill Nelson (D) Likes Big Brother While Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton (R) Does Not

Nelson Calls Edward Snowden A Criminal While Cotton Calls the U.S. Secret Service Criminals

by Jedediah D. Knight, CPW News Service

    On Monday November 20, 2015 Florida Senator Bill Nelson and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton found themselves arguing for and against "Big Brother".
    "Nelson, who thinks Edward Snowden a criminal instead of a whistle blower, believes that Director of National Intelligence, Mr. James Clapper, should be able to leap frog from telephone call to telephone call indefinitely without having to go to a FISA court, unless the phone surveillance  is of a U.S. citizen," said Director of the citizen watch group BBBLBG or Big Brother Bad, Little Brother Good, Simon Izeh.   
     "Senator Tom Cotton, on the other hand, said 'In September we learned shocking news that the U.S. Secret Service, armed agents of the Executive,  violated the law to intimidate a Congressman from doing his Constitutional duty.'  This is some scary stuff coming down if you ask me," said Izeh.
     "Nelson wants, in the wake of Paris' recent ISIS attack, to stiffen the Patriot Bill provisions, while Cotton is picking up on the strange arrangements that are running around on Capital Hill in the wake of what looks like a political meltdown of common sense," said Izeh.
     Izeh believes that common sense in America went AWOL in 2000.   "Yea, Y2K, remember when the sky was falling over the computer meltdown based on a calendar glitch?  Well, duh!  Then, instead of the Florida election being recast to give the semblance of a democratic process it was kicked to the U.S. Supreme Court for a tie-breaker?  What a crock of crap!   You can't really be delighted that Gore lost even if you are died-in-the-wool fiscal conservative because what did Clinton and Gore do in 1999?  They handed the Bush-wackers the repeal of Glass-Steagall that opened the floodgates for the big banks to sell unregulated securities backed by Wall Street equity that was bailed out by the Fed....that's your tax dollars....you bimbos!   That was a repeat of the rape of the S&L's in the 1980's and guess who led that little slight of hand?" said Izeh.

    "Our common sense in Washington also went on recess when in 1992 the FinCEN investigation into Saudi influence peddling received a stand down order clearing the way for the infusion of all manner of wackos from the dark side of the 7th Century to slip around like Poncho Villa on a border raid.    Fifteen of the nineteen 911 hijackers get flight training in the U.S., fly up our kazoo and the very FinCEN investigation that we had in place to gig the wackos was on vacation.  So what do we do?  We invade Iraq!  So we are going to trust any of these guys to do our bidding now?  We at BBBLBG believe that it's time for a change.  Now we need a new El Cid and his sidekick Santiago Matamoros.   We are encouraging U.S. Senators Cotton and Nelson to support a bill calling for a war on Saudi Arabia because of its producing 15 of the 19 September 11th hijackers and for their support of the Bin Laden family that produced Osama.  Our bill would use the War Powers Act to provide Saudi Arabia and all the Arab Emirates with an ultimatum to decapitate ISIS in seven days or find the shrines of Mecca and Medina leveled, but with the caveat that the Kabbalah stone may be moved twenty four hours before zero-hour to a safe haven one hundred miles away from either city, but not beyond the range of a cruise missile strike or two.  Because George Walker Bush shared a toddler pacifier with Prince Bandar Bush we are also calling for the World Court at the Hague to put both "Princes" on trial for war crimes," said Izeh.
     Mohammed Ibrahim of Baghdad's citizen watchdog group, WTTPOL &KGN &WTH&M?,  or Where's The Thousand Points of Light & Kinder Gentler Nation and Winning the Hearts and Minds? asked that the World Court reach into the streets of Baghdad and other Iraqi cities for vivid accounts of just why ISIS evolved as a new Middle East boogieman as Al Qaeda had evolved from Charlie Wilson's War on Russia in Afghanistan.  "It seems to me that war is a racket and a very profitable one for the weapons manufacturers," said Ibrahim.
    "Admiral John Poindexter said 'The reality is,'  .....I love that little term.....'the reality is'....whose realty?  Whose wisdom?  'The reality is, intelligience or direct action only buys you space it rarely solves your problem on its own and if political leaders don't have the wherewithal, the courage or whatever it takes to use the space you get into this loop where you get to kill people forever,'" Simon Izeh recalled Poindexter saying in the recent documentary The Spymasters: CIA In The Crosshairs.
    "That baldheaded impish brat of an Admiral Poindexter said it with a little shit-eatin' grin on his face and at that point you knew that he was describing what General Smedley Darlington Butler called "the racket of war".  Endless war, the machinery of chugging out bullets and body parts.  The reason that Japan didn't need their Sun God's palace bombed is because they got the message and became pacifists after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  We are now forcing them out of that role to help defend the Pacific from Chinese aggression because we are loosing our world prominence.  ISIS and terroristic fundamentalist Islam are not Japan in that their Kamikaze pilots aren't limited to bomb laden Zeros, but to suicide vests in the middle of civilian soft targets.  They have leapfrogged the tactics of the last great enemy of democratic societies and are gaining strength from the silence of their lowlife leaders and the silence of their highlife leaders at Mecca and Medina while the Poindexters and his friends manipulate the U.S. and worldwide politicians to keep the wars going.  Would Douglas McArthur do that?  Patton?  Hell no!" said Izeh.  "They would bring an end to war by victory, but Western society has at the same time an obligation to remove from its own society the putrid elements of corruption and decadence that has led us to where we are and left yellow cake crumbs on our collective lips," said Izeh.
    Izeh sees no contradiction in his call for a two-part Saudi Arabia divided by Shiia and Sunnis, north and south.  "Taking terrorist leaders to Guantanamo where they are held without recourse and as with the strange hanging suicides all on the same day in 2006 is not humane.  It would be much more humane to have two large reservations in Saudi Arabia where, within the limits of the reservation's system of rules and justice, they have relative freedom to do as they wish except to travel freely to other parts of the globe to export terror," said Izeh who wishes to export Sioux, Cheyenne, Navaho, Apache and Blackfoot nation representatives to act as liaisons to help the Saudi Arabians adjust to their new environments.

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