Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ZMAPP, B.A.R.D.A., Bill Gates and the Gatekeepers

Bill Gates, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jonas Salk and ZMAPP

 by Dr. Cletus Codlicker for CPW News Service
     When Charlie Rose toured Bill Gates’ private office and 90,000 square foot home in Washington state, a home that is matched in size by the mansion and replica of the French Versaille Palace in Florida owned by Westgate Resorts’ David and Jackie Siegel, Rose nearly salivated over the display of Gates’ recently acquired $30 million notebook written by Leonardo Da Vinci.  Rose nearly drooled over the handwritten papers of Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of polio vaccine.
     While the online video of CBS’s Rose/Gates 60 Minutes interview is now sponsored by Pfizer which wholly owns Monsanto that produced the Vietnam War era toxic defoliant, Agent Orange, little is made of this and Pfizer’s 1996 practices in Nigeria that left scores of children dead following the test of a Pfizer vaccine (Abdullahi v. Pfizer, Inc.).  Rose does not ask Mr. Gates about the kickback scandal involving Pfizers’ drug Genotropin.
     “Well, super rich people know that you have to break some eggs to make an omelet,” said human whale watcher, Bernard Bandillero of the consumer affairs support group, Unscrambled Solutions of Redville, Rhode Island.
     Bandillero sees reason to be concerned that a Monsanto affiliated drug company is taking the lead on eradicating diseases when its history in humanitarian missions is tainted by devious and nefarious product development and placement as with Agent Orange in Vietnam.
     “You have to look at B.A.R.D.A. the U.S. governmental agency that has taken the lead in the eradication of Ebola, championed by North Carolina Senator, Richard Burr, from a historic tobacco producing region of the U.S.,  and ask why the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority has stalled vaccines while pumping the U.S. tobbaco industry’s claims that a tobacco plant-based medicine known as ZMAPP provides the best promise of defeating Ebola when Big Tobacco has such a checkered history with product claims and corporate transparency,” said Bandillero.
      “I would suggest that anyone who is concerned about Mr. Gate’s stake in this whole venture read more about it.  Like Julian F. Fries' article Jurassic Ebola and Benjamin N. Contenot’s article Ebola Cavaliers which shows that the U.S. Army’s leading bio-warfare officer, Col. Clarence James Peters, left the military to head the University of Texas’ bio-terrorism studies at the same time that the new Chancellor of UT is Admiral William McRaven of JSOC and while B.A.R.D.A. is funding a new lab at Texas A&M for the development of the ZMAPP medication funded to the tune of $500 million by the Gates Foundation,” said Bandillero.
    Bandillero believes that from the start Gates' position relative to the IBM computer and IBM's place in the rise of the German Nazi's tracking of its victims of mass genocide as evidenced in Edwin Black's book War Against the Weak provides a type of DNA of business relationships that is seen in the morphing of Monsanto's production of Agent Orange and its current woes from its production of Roundup.  Roundup is the patented weed control product that has been increasingly finding its way into the world's food chain and especially into GMO's or genetically modified organisms.  "Jonathan Latham of Independent Science News has written ("Monsanto's Greatest Fears May Be Coming True," May 20, 2015) about Monsanto's Roundup issues and it is inevitable that Mr. Gates' connections to these corporate megaliths will be under greater and greater scrutiny....or at least let's hope so," said Bandillero.    Bandillero concluded..."my grandmother told me birds of a feather flock together and that even if you want to redeem the truly disgusting it's easier for them to pull you into a ditch than for you to pull them out....and I'm not talking about the African, Indian, Bangladesh paupers who live in the ditches of human squalor."

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