Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Exxon, Rex Tillerson, T-Rex, Sister Pat Daly, Father Michael Crosby, the Vatican and the Ghost of Gallileo

By  Luther Copernicus Sagan for CPW News Service

     Fossil fuel engineers and petro-chemical scientists are caught.  They know that were it not for the Renaissance and Enlightenment that traveled from cities like the Medici’s Florence in Northern Italy to the back woods of Northern Germany and liberated the world the Spanish Inquisition would be in perpetual production of subservient subjects.

     “Imagine that Exxon like the Roman Catholic Church wanted the world to believe that the earth, or in Exxon’s case…oil… is the center of the universe?   Then you’d work to silence the critics of the dominant mythology and 97% of the earth’s scientists have concluded that the big oil cartel, like the Roman Catholic Church, is selling the world the slippery promise that they can indulge themselves in reckless living so long as they pinch the incense and sip the Kool Aide,” said Earl Z. Fracon of the eco-advocacy group Water Planet Alternatives To Sludge Buckets and Fumes.

     “The media is plastering the papers and television stations with news that the upcoming, Wednesday June 3, 2015 stockholder’s meeting in Dallas will feature the confrontation between Exxon CEO, Rex Tillerson, I call him T-Rex since he’s a dinosaur, and the apparently progressive servants of the historic boot licker of pyramidal power establishments, the Pope.  Those servants are Sister Pat Daly and Father Michael Crosby.   The problem is that it’s like Don Vito Corleone invoking a challenge with the local parish priest who will chide the Don on his business philosophy.   The greatest scientists won’t invoke the hocus pocus of the religious trappings, but will simply tell Exxon that the science has stacked up against them.  Change or die.  Darwin and the Gospel demands it!  There can be no ‘survival of the fittest’ or of the moderately fit on a planet that is not survivable.   The most ubiquitous fuel source on the planet is hydrogen, not carbon based fuels.  The sun will likely burn for four billion years and the wind blows where it will.  Quit burying your people’s bodies filled with petro-chems and formaldehyde and stuff them back into the ground where they can become the next generation of petro-chems for use in non-polluting products and for Christ’s or science's and survivability’s sake develop hydrogen fuel cells,” said Fracon who believes that the recent deaths of some of the world’s leading gas phase technology scientists may not have been from natural causes. 

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