Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Sunday, May 24, 2015


The World Still Singing Off-Key!

By Lilly O. Divalle, for CPW News Service
     Coca-Cola introduced the hill top advertisement “I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing” in 1971.  That was the year that Lieutenant Calley was convicted of the Mi Lai massacre, Joe Frazier beat Muhammed Ali in Madison Square Garden, the jury in the Charles Manson case recommended the death penalty for him and his three female followers, 500,000 people gathered in Washington to protest the Vietnam War and the New York Times published the Pentagon Papers that indicated that the Gulf of Tonkin Affair was a fraud for manufacturing consent for war like the 2001 yellow cake uranium bamboozle.  Back then Coca-Cola was the “real thing”.  It had real cane sugar NOT the high fructose corn syrup that was added in 1984 to the applause of companies like Monsanto whose GMO corn found a new lucrative outlet.  On the other hand, Coke lacked the cocaine from its original formula that added significantly to its initial irresistibility.
    Matthew Weiner would have us believe that the deeply flawed Don Draper, his model MAD man, amalgamated his personal quest for beauty, peace and wholeness into his continuing butter churning of marketing meteors. Ohmmmmmmmm!

   Don’s Ohmmmmmm and hill top lullaby will soon wobble horribly off-key.   Are we surprised?  Don had, after all,  jettisoned big tobacco which today is front and center in the development of anti-Ebola medication…..ZMAPP….whose champion is the U.S. Senator from North Carolina, Richard Burr, who is quick to share his relatedness to U.S. land-grabber and Hamilton-killer, Aaron Burr.   Senator Richard Burr managed to put the research of big tobacco’s ZMAPP development out of reach of public scrutiny….an unprecedented move in healthcare….nearly equal to the secrecy of the Manhattan Project.  In 2014, Coke's CEO, Muhtar Kent, spoke at the business school graduation of the University of North Carolina to tell grads there that all is well.
    At Coco-Cola’s 2014 stockholder’s meeting, stockholder Bill Wardlaw raised the question of Coca-Cola’s human rights record.  He noted that Coke had a long list of human rights violations including the killing of union organizers in Coke’s Columbian and Nicaraguan Coke companies.
     As Coca-Cola actions in Columbia in the early 1990’s were shown hard to prove The Guardian noted that a distinction was made between the Coca-Cola Company and its local bottlers.  What Coca-Cola did not answer was accusations that Coke’s CEO in the 1980’s, Charles W. Duncan, had teamed up with fellow Houston, Texas businessman, Walter Mischer, who provided a Contra training base in Belize (Peter Brewton, The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, 1992, pp. 111-115, 378-379) from which to pay back Nicaragua for its ouster of Anostosia Samoza, the business partner of James Neal and brother, Linden P. Blue, in the Central American banana business.  Linden, a Yale Skull & Bones brother of Bush 41 and 43 would develop today’s Predator and Reaper drones so widely used beyond the discerning eyes of war-watchers.
    “I was proud of Bill Wardlaw taking the high ground on Coke’s historic spin cycle that’s better at washing out the criticism than a new Maytag washer,” said Georgia civil rights activist Flo Knight Ungaile.    “It’s good when Halliburton or Raytheon or Lockheed Martin find their stockholders bringing up the chinks in the company armor,” said Ungaile.

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