Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Ask.Com and The Evolution of the Ebola Virus
by Julian F. Fries, PhD, for CPW News Service

     It was Noam Chomsky who told us that the Internet was created by the brains at MIT and other leading universities within the public sector and that in typical parasitic fashion the invention was exploited.  “All of the software, hardware, satellites….everything about it was completely in the public domain….the basic ideas for the world-wide web came out of Tern….the international laboratory in Geneva….Again, an international government laboratory.   That’s virtually the whole story.   After about thirty years of this it’s handed over to private powers and Bill Gates who was a typical parasite sitting on the outside, no interest in it now wants to take over the Internet and is heading to do it.”

     Anyone who had a new laptop, loaded a program only to discover that Ask.com has taken over as your web browser without your permission and with great difficulty in cleaning it from your system might not see the connection to the evolution of the Ebola virus, but it is clearly there.  This parasitic attachment to your private property is not as deadly as Ebola, but the similarities are undeniable.

     Enter Ask.Com’s mentors to the founder of Peer J, the online publisher of peer reviewed scientific studies, founded by Peter Binfield and Jason Hoyt. Gary Price whose article “Open Access Publisher Peer J Receives Investments From SAGE and O’Reilley In Second Round of Funding,” (Gary Price, “Open Access Publisher Peer J Receives Investments From SAGE and O’Reilley In Second Round of Funding,” INFODOCKET Library Journal, July 9, 2014, retrieved from http://www.infodocket.com/2014/07/09/funding-open-access-publisher-peerj-receives-investments-from-sage-and-oreilly/ on 5/13/15) shows us the connections.

     Gary Price was from 2006-2009 the Director of Online Information Services at Ask.Com, but another leading mentor to the leadership at Peer J was Ask.Com’s Clay Johnson who has become a leading for-profit consultant to government and private industry, the chief computer guru for Dr. Howard Dean’s 2004 Presidential campaign. 
     "It's fitting that Dr. Howard Dean, a physician, was using a computer guru who could figure out how to get people, whether they wanted to not, to become users.  A user making users.  It might as well have been New England surgeon, Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. who invented the term 'Brahman' for the New England China Traders who made their fortunes in opium  and the word 'anesthetic' for what he called opiums' 'waters of forgetfulness' and Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. who laid out the legal framework that set the paradigm for the modern war on drugs that passes legislation to prohibit while the importers make fortunes on the legal and illicit trade," said John Beebe of Madison, Wisconsin and author of the paper "Elementary, Sherlock:  Riding the Brahmas Into Oblivion".

     In 2015 National Public Radio began playing a story on the evolution of  the Ebola virus which echoed the Peer J  article by Dr. Derek Taylor of the University of Buffalo, Dr. John J. Schenck, the Koch-Richardson scholar from Tulane University, Dr. Kevin Rowe of the Victoria Museum, Australia, Dr. Scott J. Steppan of the University of Florida at Tallahassee and other genome analysts interested in dating the Ebola virus....historically dating it, that is.

     “Who knew that the bats in the attic as well as modern marsupials harbored fossil gene copies of the group of viruses that is most lethal to humans?” asked Dr. Taylor.

     While admitting that the Ebola virus carries no specific, traceable DNA evidence, in a type of shadow dance, the scientists were claiming that the age of the Ebola virus could be established by the fossil evidence.  “The genetic material of various small animals contains “fossil fragments of filo viruses, the family that includes Ebola and Marburg.”   (Michael Daly, Ebola’s Roots Are 50 Times Older Than Mankind.  And That Could Be the Key To Stopping It,” The Daily Beast, 10/20/14).

     Was this the proof of Jurassic Ebola?  Dr. Cletus Codlicker, Dr. Robert "Bobby" Ganew and Dr. Trudeau Baker of the Institute for the Analysis of Scientific Anomalies, think that these assertions may be an over-reach.  “What the Peer J scientists explain….some of whom have long standing relationships to the Cold Spring Harbor Institute with its roots in the pseudo-science of Eugenics or the Southwest Research Institute whose founder Tom Slick chased the Yeti through the Himalayas, is why humans from the urban centers of Europe carried with them the rat transferred diseases of highly evolved species while the indigenous peoples of the isolated continents were wiped out by their arrival.  Would the fossil evidence suggest that those native inhabitants that were “chicken scratching” among the bones of history and living among the living ancestors of the Ebola carrying rodents, mice and voles of the Jurassic Ebola carriers, been better able to fend off the onslaught?  We think it is more likely that the Ebola virus was synthesized in the laboratory in Marburg, Germany, not unlike the evolution of Zyklon B in the I. G. Farben lab of Nazi, Germany.  The NPR programs of Dr. Norbert Herzog and Dr. David Niesel come from the same Texas science center that hosts a number of Ebola scientists, but is the information reliable?

     Codlicker cited the article by Benjamin N. Contenot, 'Ebola Cavaliers: Education the Key to Walking the Ebola Tarmac in Shirtsleeves," in the November 10, 2014 edition of Winsip Custer which states:

     “It is true that Ebola shares some very common characteristics with the Marburg virus that first surfaced in a former I.G. Farben virus production lab in Germany following World War II.   We know that the best scientists from the Third Reich were transported to the U.S., but it would have been problematic to import a potential virus carrier….anthrax, typhus or what not….to the U.S..   Better that this devilish research stay in the host country, but when Ebola surfaced in Sudan and no carrier host was found and because it looked so much like Marburg….then spread to Zaire and then settled on the West Coast of Africa  in places with both significant natural resources and long standing ties to the United States like Liberia, then the simple eruption of a long dormant virus from the bogs and bungholes of Africa becomes quite problematic,” said Dr. Theski.

     “That’s right,” said Suversav.   “This alone was reason to analyze the evolution of the Ebola problem in the U.S. long before Mr. Duncan arrived in Dallas or Ms. Hickok became what Bill Maher has joking said is 'the kind of person you can only find in America.  A selfless humanitarian who also has narcissistic personality disorder.'   Well,” said Surversav,  “Mr. Maher is not off-base here.”

     “One cannot fathom the American bio terrorism paradigm without understanding the evolution of the modern weapons of war.   Not drones or cruise missiles, though they are clearly in the mix.  I mean bio-weapons.   Hells, bells even food got into the act when the UN oil-for-food-scandal showed us that there is no limit to the potential from war profiteering, but Ebola is not much different.   When the CDC and Emory doctors patented the Ebola virus at the U.S. Patent and European Patent Office the gig was pretty much up.   Own the virus and you own the vaccines or least you get a good percentage of the take.  It’s like inventing tank tracks or depleted uranium shells that fire this god-awful crap and then when companies come along to pick up the pollution you charge them, too, for the proprietary information on how to safely handle it,” said Surversav.

     “That Kaci Hickox studied at Johns Hopkins, the University of Texas and worked at the CDC brings the issue to the surface like a pimple ready to pop,” said Theski.

     “In the days and weeks after the Ebola scare we discovered that the leading CDC investigators who were at the 1979 outbreak in Zaire were at the University of Texas working in the Public Health Department in the new campus at Brownsville, Texas.  Now Admiral William McRaven is the Chancellor of the University of Texas, while the leading CDC/ARAMIDII U.S. Army Col. Clarence James Peters was investigating the Ebola outbreak in 1989, but he left the Army’s bio terrorism program in 2001 to head up the bio terrorism studies at the University of Texas.   His campus is also where a new Ebola vaccine was sidelined years ago and it is in Texas that the new tobacco-based medicines that are suppose to combat Ebola are being developed along with B.A.R.D.A.’s fast-tracking program on the Texas A&M campus at College Station, Texas with Dr. Robin Robinson taking the lead at B.A.R.D.A..    Arriving at the University of Texas Medical Branch in 2001, Dr. Peters was from Odessa, Texas, but spent time in Berkley and San Diego, California, Stone Mountain, Georgia, and Walkersville, Maryland and studied chemistry at Rice University where Dr. Kenneth Pitzer had been the key witness in the bamboozling of the nation with the destruction of the career of the father of the A-bomb, Robert Oppenheimer.    Oppenheimer was stripped of his national security clearance for refusing to make the bigger Hydrogen Bomb and that opened the door for the Dr. Stangelove of the nuclear arms race, Edward Teller, not to mention the use of depleted uranium in Linden and Neal Blue’s Predator and Reaper drones that have names as incentivizing of war as Vietnam era A-6 Intruders that protected the dropping of Agent Orange.  You can't say they named their tools of intervention cryptically....Predator, Reaper and Intruder cannot be mistaken for Bambi, Thumper and Humble Guest.  Agent Orange was the defoliant that stripped the banana crops of Indo-China when the Blues were in partnership in Nicaragua with Anostosia Samoza in the competing Latin American banana business.  Paul Chapman tells that story in Bananas: How United Fruit Company Shaped the World.  Pitzer and William Liscum Borden were the key witnesses before the U.S. government's Gorden Gray Committee and Gordon Gray, father of Bush chief legal counsel, C. Boyden Gray, are both heirs of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company that benefited not only from the sale of cigarettes, but will benefit from a tobacco based Ebola medicine the tobacco industry's ZMAPP, that may well end up being like Tamiflu.  Now in 2003 Dr. Peters championed the U.S. Government’s BioShield Program along with Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Health.  Bioshield, signed into place by GWB, stockpiled both Anthrax vaccines, 75 million doses, along with $5 billion dollars of Tamiflu which was reportedly no more efficacious than other flu remedies already available over the counter.  There's nothing like having a sovereign source of scared tax payers' dollars for things like massive dosage purchases or Wall Street bailouts, as bankers Hank Paulson or Ken Lewis can easily verify.  When biomedical companies were invited to join the B.A.R.D.A. fast tracking of new vaccines and medications many, perhaps most, balked for fear that they would lose control of their free-market profit streams and hands-off history of unnecessary governmental intervention in the profit aspect of medicine.  So far bio-med companies are not saying that they are being forced to comply as Ken Lewis of Bank of America was in taking Paulson's bailout money which Lewis said his Bank of America did not need.....and neither did the 95% of the solvent local U.S. banks in 2008.  This BioShield deal was well covered by William Branigin in “Bush Signs Legislation to Fight Bioterrorism: Project BioShield Enables Government to Stockpile Vaccines, Expedite Research”  in the  Washington Post (Wednesday, July 21, 2004) and by Michael Barbaro in "Bioshield Too Little For Drug Industry: Companies Want More Protection From Financial Loss," (Washington Post, Monday, July 26, 2004),” said Theski. 

     Codlicker’s concerns that Jurassic Ebola’s claims to antiquity are built on evidential shadow dancing make the age old adage explicable, “Extra-ordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” said Codlicker.

     Codlicker is also concerned that Bill Gates' foundation has committed $500 million to big tobacco's ZMAPP project (http://www.gatesfoundation.org/Media-Center/Press-Releases/2014/11/ASTMH-Address).   "If the proposed solution to the Ebola problem wasn't coming from the tobacco industry that for decades knew the health risks associated with smoking and if Noam Chomsky didn't see Bill Gates as a parasite whose father is the lawyer who represents the  company that invented the price scanners at your local pharmacy or grocery store I'd feel better," said Codlicker.  "When Steve Jobs and Bill Gates met at an Apple stockholders' meeting and Gates stepped from behind the camera like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain to tell us that Microsoft had created the Apple software, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion.  The old Apple  television advertisement that said that Apple was to be the alternative to George Orwell's 1984?  It lied!" said Codlicker.  "Jurassic Ebola may well be the same thing.  I'm thinking that Ebola is less than 60 years old," said Codlicker.

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