Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Julia Child's and Diana Southwood Kennedy's Best Kept Secrets

French Soufflés, Chipolte Chicken, Peking Duck and the Evolution of the CIA

Julia Child, Diana Southwood Kennedy and the Culinary Connection to American Intelligence

By Winsip Custer, CPW News Service

     In the Schlesinger Library of Harvard University are the papers of Mrs. Paul Cushing Child, also known as Julia Child, whose cookbook, The Art of French Cooking, became from 1963-1972 the television series, The French Chef.
     It is not unusual for U.S. State Department personnel to see the foods of other nations as the doorway to better relations and the basis for the ancient  communal hospitality upon which good relations are built.  This was the legacy of Julia Child and the “Julia Child of Mexico,” Mrs. Diana Southwood Kennedy.  Both women were married to men knee deep in the work of the U.S. intelligence community.
     When the British East India Company was seeking pain killing opioids from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Turkey and the ancient poppy growing region now known as the Golden Crescent, David Sassoon, a Sephardic Jew, was Baghdad’s leading middleman in the opium trade.  He left Baghdad and moved to Bombay, India, now known as Mumbai, making all the textbooks on the history of the region out of date and essentially muddling  the waters for historical researchers.  Bombay, on India’s West Coast was, along with the island of Ceylon on India’s East Coast, the transshipment points for fine tea, exquisite spices and opium.  It was here in Ceylon that Paul Cushing Child met Julia before  the couple moved to China and France.  Had they met after 1972 it would have been in Sri Lanka, the new name for Ceylon.  Like dishes on a menu the names keep changing, but the cuisine remains essentially the same.
    French food, British food, Indian food, Chinese food, Mexican food, American food... the food follows the money.  British ships picked up tea and opium in Bombay and Ceylon and traveled east across the Indian Ocean to French Indo China and then to China where the goods were exchanged for silk,  more spices and other commodities.  Britain controlled the port cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong while the French controlled Vietnam from the late 1800’s, but before this the Mekong Delta prior to the mid 1400’s was controlled by the Cham people….the Indianized settlers who provide a way station in Indo China for the goods traveling east then north to the port markets of China.   Opium, an essential commodity for pain relief and medicinal products, had an important alternate usage.  It greased the machinery of mercantilism in a variety of ways.
     When the U.S. Navy eclipsed the British Navy following the American Revolution and War of 1812, it was just a matter of time before the U.S. moved into this region.   Part of this history was marvelously covered by the Robert Wise film starring Steve McQueen, The Sand Pebbles, based on the book of the same name by American Merchant Marine,  Richard McKenna.  Richard McKenna, like author of The Power Elite, C. Wright Mills, died of a heart attack in his early fifties, but both men had been outspoken critics of American misadventure through raw militarism.  McKenna’s Merchant Marines had, well before the 60’s anti-war movements of the Vietnam War era, been outspoken in their criticism of American ships supplying the French, then American, ambitions in Indo China.
     The foundation for America’s replacement of the British/Sassoon mercantilism in the region was laid by the Treaty of Wanghia that was negotiated by the Boston “China Trader”, a synonym for “opium smuggler”, Caleb Cushing.    Cushing, a close friend of the Confederacy’s President, Jefferson Davis, knew that the South had the edge on the rush to the Pacific with its flatter overland route to the West Coast and so from the home city of Harvard University in Boston where Julia Child’s library is domiciled and where the JFK Library is also housed, evolved the American Military Industrial Complex with it hard core among the New England "Brahmins"...the old guard Puritan Protestants that would also make up the core of the American intelligence community, its leading mercantile class, its key Wall Street investors, and the nation's best legal minds as well as provide the leadership for American munitions manufacturers, Remington, Colt, Winchester and others including the lead miners, bullet makers, sulfur refiners and gunpowder purveyors. 
     Opium, the pain killer, was forever linked to bullets and war wounds as Eli Lilly, a famous Civil War artillery commander and pharmacist could attest.  The sale of munitions meant the sale of opium and vice versa.  The two products had a very profitable symbiotic relationship for those who controlled their production.   Guns needed mobility and sustainability for the continuing flow of lead and sulfur so farm tractor tracks were redesigned into tanks which needed more oil and gasoline...which happened, in spite of the abundance of flammable and clean burning hydrogen, to be the fuel of choice for the Military Industrial Complex.  Hydrogen, like nuclear power, was too plenteous, too available and too difficult to meter.    
     That Caleb Cushing was friends with Confederate President Jefferson Davis is not insignificant.  The great granddaughter of Jefferson Davis would marry wealthy Houston, Texas oilman, Exxon investor and manager of GHWB's blind trust while Bush was President, William Stamps Farish.  Another of Davis' great great granddaughters, married the son of New Orleans' crime boss, Carlos Marcello.  Jefferson Davis had laid out in the 1850's a rail route to the Pacific designed to be an extension of the China trade's sea lanes and overland routes to the U.S. and Europe. 
     Davis' Attorney General was Thomas Bragg, brother of General Braxton Bragg.   Before the Civil War Braxton was a financial advisor to William Tecumseh Sherman, the Union General who insured that the South did not preempt the Northern rail barons' control of the continent's first Transcontinental railroad.  The Bragg brothers were completely compromised as leaders of the Confederacy...a truth not lost on General Nathan Bedford Forrest, the favorite Civil War personality of historian Shelby Foote who proudly asserted "I never consulted original materials, it had all been covered before."  This is excellent for following either Julia Child's recipe for beef burgundy or Diana Southwood Kennedy's recipe for shrimp Vera Cruz, but not for responsible historical research.
     Immediately before the Civil War, Sherman was working with George C. Bragg to secure the rail head at San Francisco for the North.  Sherman's "March to the Sea" essentially guaranteed that the South's eastern terminus was in shambles, buying the North some time which was enhanced by the discovery of dynamite by Alfred Nobel.   If Chinese spices were going to grace the palates of Americans they would come first through the restaurants and kitchens of the Northeast along with the  importation of the poppy's magic medicinal mysteries and other uses that would circumvent the South altogether. In time both Julia Child and Diana Southwood Kennedy, both with connections to New York and Boston would marvel at the arrival of sushi in the South and its gastronomical memorial to the marriage of Alfred Nobel's invention with the work of Orientals on the Transcontinental Railroad..... the sushi Dynamite roll.  "Julia used to laugh and laugh when she read that the sushi dynamite roll was featured in Southern Living and say 'those poor hicks haven't a clue," said one culinary customs watcher. Contrary to popular belief, Sushi's origin was not in Japan even though most sushi bars have a Samauri sword proudly displayed....a gentle reminder at bill paying time that while the U.S. won World War II, the Japanese won the peace.   Sushi originated on the Indo-Chinese mainland with nare- zushi having originated along the Mekong River.
     The British and French had high hopes of seeing a railroad across Mexico.  The Scottish opium smugglers of Jardine and Matheson were looking for access across Mexico from Baja to Bagdad.  Not David Sassoon's Baghdad, Iraq, but Bagdad, Mexico across the Rio Grande River from Brownsville, Texas.
     Joe Kennedy, as Ambassador to the German Saxe-Gotha or British Windors, the Court of St. James, would have been aware that Hitler's oil supplier through the Port of Brownsville was William Rhodes Davis, a man who claimed family relationship to British diamond miner, Cecil Rhodes and the Confederacy's President Jefferson Davis.  W.R. Davis' story can be read in Dale Harrington's book, William Rhodes Davis: Nazi Agent of Influence (Potomac Publishers, Sterling: 2001).  Today, the Queen of England stays at Farish House when she comes to Kentucky to breed her Thoroughbred horses, home of William Stamps Farish.  The Windsor's were, of course, a thorn in Winston Churchill's side precisely because of their inherent connection to Germany.  Churchill essentially put on ice for the duration of World War II the Duke of Windsor and his American Bride, Wallace Simpson, the American divorcee he had met over the tasty cuisine at San Diego's Coronado Hotel in San Diego, the proposed Western Terminus of the South's transcontinental railroad at the upper reaches of Mexico's Baja.  Baja had been the target of William Walker's failed annexation attempt in the 1850's, supported as he was by President Franklin Pierce, ancestor of Barbara Pierce Bush and Henry Clay Pierce of St. Louis whose railroad anti-trust case  became a historic legal precedent in Texas. William Walker, educated in Germany, with his failure to take over Baja had courted the South with a proposal of extending a Golden Circle of Slavery throughout the Caribbean including El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Honduras, Venezuela, Columbia, Cuba and other Caribbean islands.  These nations, not surprisingly, equated future U.S. militarism in the region as originating not in a paternalism rooted in the Monroe Doctrine, but in a Fascist thirst for conquest and slavery of the type visited by Hitler on the Jews, Poles, Gypsies and justice loving Christians. 
     Not surprisingly, the U.S. Navy's SEAL headquarters, not far from the Coronado Hotel, where the Saxe-Gotha's Duke of Windsor met the Nazi spy, Ms. Simpson, were built in the shape of a Nazi swastika.  It was in San Diego that the current Chancellor to the University of Texas, Admiral William McRaven, and the SEAL Team 6 were trained.  It was in San Diego that the Admiral in charge of the Gulf of Tonkin Affair, which had plans to maintain the former Cham and French way point in Indo-China was stationed as well.  Admiral Morrison was the father of "People are Strange" and "Light My Fire" singer, Jim Morrison of the Doors....both of whom preferred Bratwurst over Sushi.
    The Cushing "China Traders'"....their fast cutters used by the Boston smugglers in the Pacific, were mostly built in Baltimore, the home city of Alexander Brown, progenitor of the National City Bank against which General Smedley Darlington Butler warns in his book War Is A Racket.   Brown, Brown-Brothers, Brown Brothers and Harriman, Brown and Root, Kellogg Brown and Root, KBR....turn-key war goods mercantilists and engineers, were also part of Butler's warning in as much as these entities including National City Bank were like eggs and bacon, bread and butter.  Smedley  Butler had also trained, like William McRaven, in San Diego, but with a substantially different result and take on his view of the U.S. military's penchant for war.   
    It is no surprise that both James Hamlet, the slave who was the "test case" for the fugitive slave laws that fueled the rush to the U.S. Civil War was working in the Brown’s Merchant Shot Tower….a bullet manufacturing facility in Alexander Brown's Baltimore or that Abolitionist leader, Fredrick Douglas, who had worked on the hulls of the China clippers, provided along with Hamlet, the camouflage behind which Boston’s lead merchant and “Secret Six” backer of abolitionist, John Brown, hid his real motives.   George Luther Stearns not unlike the Texas Hunt brothers trading on silver in the 20th Century, was working on a monopoly of the lead-bullet market before and during the Civil War.  War may be hell, but it is a lucrative hell for some and a living hell for others.  We have to forgive Julia Childs and Diana Southwood Kennedy for not mentioning the importance of guns while plugging the devilishly delightful advantages of butter over oleo.  A good wife and host does not allow the dinner conversation to move toward dark alliances and seedy aspects of mercantilism's unseen origins.
      George Luther Stearns, while dipping his Boston lobster roll in butter, came up with a bright old idea.  This idea was picked up by the founders, restaurateurs in their own right, of the current Ultimate Fighting Championships.  Find poor people, pay them to be thrown into a one-on-one brawl and a crowd of people will pay  to watch them beat each other's brains into an omelet, but control both corners of every fight, ticket sales, TV rights....and the popcorn and beer concessions!    
     Before the Civil War Stearns was asked if it was going to be war or peace.   He said "if I walk upon a couple of men fighting on the street corner and four are watching, three will egg them on and one will tell them to 'stuff it!'.  I'm betting on war."  
     Stearns was a financial wizard whose assessment explains why modern families pay $180 a month for cable TV and why the kids watch the latest cauliflower eared fighters go at it on Sunday morning and why the Military Channel and SPIKE are spiking the ratings.  With the profits from the bullet sales that felled 600,000 in the Civil War, even greater profits were snowballing with the invention of the machine gun that was capable of extruding lead like an icing piper laying down a  tight bead across a red velvet cake.
      George Luther Stearns sought from his home on Beacon Hill  in Boston not far from Caleb Cushing's church and the aroma of freshly baked Boston cream pie on Copley Square, to use the Civil War to corner the lead market while relying on the moral high ground of "abolition of slavery" to replace the iron chains with chemical ones that his Boston and New England "China Trading" buddies were supplying from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, India and Ceylon....Sri Lanka. 
     The result of this part of our history was the Chinese Opium Wars and the Cultural Revolution.   Now it is the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, Syria and the fictitious "War on Drugs".  It is this fact that sends chills down the spines of the power elites as they now fear that in the U.S. a similar house cleaning....totally avoidable,  unnecessary and ineffective as we have now learned from the dual histories of the USSR, China and their lesser minions like Cuba or Venezuela.  Communists aren't communists.   Capitalists are not all soulless money grubbers, but Fascists?  Now there we seem to have a real problem!  The truly evil are hopelessly intent on pure evil.  Surprisingly, Nicaragua whose history in 1979 was being investigated by CBS reporter Bill Stewart, did not change things.  Stewart died at the hands of a soldier from the right-winged Anastosia Somoza's military, Somoza being a partner in the banana and cocoa business with current makers of our Predator and Reaper drones, the Blue brothers, the war machines with much more than an eye in the sky.   Nicaragua, in spite of the failure of the Contra's and their disappearance has seemingly fared better than any of the other left-leaning governments of Latin America, but that's another story that CBS's former anchor, Dan Rather, is best suited to tell.

     The conquest of China by the West was accelerated by the massacre of American sailors in Chinese and Japanese ports.  Going ashore for the local cuisine and sometimes the local female's affections, they often didn't make it back to their ships and though there were no ISIS-like warnings with visual executions via Youtube, the message had the same net-effect...."Yankee go home!" 

     News of the killings in the U.S. led to American "gunboat diplomacy".  It was difficult to know who was motivated to do the killings as the power elites in both nations had reasons to protect the concealed alliances and their drugs and wars for profit.  Richard McKenna handles the story in a way similar to Herman Melville's Moby Dick.  Melville, the New Englander's novelist of choice,  could not freely acknowledge that the great white whale was the New England whalers chasing the great white drool of the opium poppy in the evolving shift from whaling to opium smuggling.  In The Sand Pebbles, Jake Holman, Steve McQueen's character, survives only because his USN gunship is beholding to his knowledge of the engines that will safely get the ship home.   Holman would have made a perfect human sacrifice for manufacturing the consent for war at home, but for one little wrinkle.  He  alone knew the ship's engine!  Sadly, however, Holman has no Queequig to leave him a casket upon which to float away.  He didn't need one. He made his own choice.   A U.S. diplomat explains to Holman  the score, along with some Christian missionaries intent on bringing Western technology not as political, military or theological conquest to the Orient.  The diplomat sees the Chinese as backward barbarians whose local warlords, like Al Qaeda or ISIS, behead people at whim. 
     The Chinese war lords, like Al Qaeda's leader, Osama Bin Laden who came from the power elite family of Saudi Arabia via Yemen, found their ambitions, like those of their closest American business partners, thoroughly compromised.
     In time the American “arsenal of freedom” that defended our butter and the Oriental and Middle Eastern spices and opium, became the “arsenic of freedom” if one happened to live in targeted terrorities….those rich in natural resources….especially oil and opium.   The growing brutality manufactured consent for war.  The New England China Traders simply morphed over time from whalers to drillers….from low level mercantilism and transportation agents to high level logistics, insurance and security experts who depended on the ever evolving technology of warfare to defend the spoils of war.  Indeed, AIG Insurance, one of the biggest recipients in the 2008 bailout, had its history in insuring the China Traders’ shipments  across the Pacific.  Cushing, Oklahoma set the benchmark price for U.S. crude oil for over a century while the most plenteous fuel on earth, hydrogen, easily "electrolosized"  from water by solar, wind or nuclear energy, was sending space craft to distant galaxies, but is unavailable on earth as a cheap, reliable, plenteous and, most importantly, a clean source of energy.
     It is difficult to show the direct link between the “Julia Child of Mexico,” Diana Southwood Kennedy, to JFK except that her husband Paul P. Kennedy had been in a particularly sensitive position with the New York Times relative to the Bay of Pigs.   It is not difficult to show Julia Child’s connection to the New England Cushings.  She was married to Paul Cushing Child, an early member of the OSS which became the CIA.  Paul P. Kennedy, on the other hand, had gone public weeks before the Bay of Pigs invasion of Operation Zapata  in The Nation and NY Times with the fact that American soldiers were training the Cuban invasion force in Nicaragua.  As the Bay of Pigs became the Cuban missile crisis, JFK looked weak to some, but to the New England Brahmans he was upsetting their historic power politics.  We have no direct reference by either Julia Child or Diana Southwood Kennedy of the proper preparation of pork in any cookbooks from this Bay of Pigs era, however.
    It is not known if Albert Lasater Maher, the Texan who stood in Times Square with famed folk singer Bob Dylan and others at the heights of the Vietnam War to protest the war, then taking students to visit Castro's Cuba via a flight through Czechoslovakia, took any of the Mexican cooking classes that Paul P. Kennedy's wife, Diana, taught at the couples 240 Riverside apartment on the upper West Side, but Maher's family were major investors in George H.W. Bush's Zapata Corporation.   Many believe that this name informed the Bay of Pig's code name "Operation Zapata," and that Albert Lasater Maher like William Ayers of the Chicago Weathermen who reportedly concocted the "Oedipal Chicago Pizza" was encouraging the creation of an "Oedipal Tex-Mex Taco."
     As Anthony Sutton in his book on the U.S. transfer of technology from the U.S. to the Soviet Union and as Edwin Black's book, War Against the Weak, meticulously documented,  the U.S. "Business Plotters" in the 1930's supported Hitler's Reich.    It was clear well before the 1930's that American diplomacy had no high moral ground, no principled core beyond monetary profit, but that the diplomats love good food and fine wine.   Sutton's book was reviewed as an accurate assessment by respected national security advisor, Zbiegniew  Brzezinski and Sutton would make the further claim that the U.S. power elites created the Soviet Union as the "best enemy money could by".....leading to the conclusion that even the Bay of Pigs and Cuban missile crisis were part of a game for manufacturing the consent for war.....Cold War.....that has morphed into the extensive, pervasive, prolonged tax money mill....the "war on terror" which was, according to one expert on General Smedley Darlington Butler, the slogan that he once opened in a Chinese fortune cookie.   "War On Terror: Big Bamboozle!"
      Zbigniew Brzezinski in Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era (New York: Viking Press;1970),  wrote:
For impressive evidence of Western participation in the early phase of Soviet economic growth, see Antony C. Sutton's Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development: 1917–1930, which argues that 'Soviet economic development for 1917–1930 was essentially dependent on Western technological aid' (p.283), and that 'at least 95 per cent of the industrial structure received this assistance.' (p. 348).
     Edwin Black's book, on the other hand, War Against the Weak, shows without mentioning it that Teddy Roosevelt's 1907 display of the USN's "Great White Fleet" was the fleshing out of Melville's hidden thesis in Moby Dick, but hiding Teddy's "big stick" under the white wash of a big shtick.
     Like the other China traders, the Roosevelt's were hopeless Anglophiles who embraced white as superior to darker colors and the pseudo-science of eugenics as the justification to the forced sterilization embraced by Oliver Wendell Holmes in his famous decree for the State of Virginia. Holmes' historic argument that informed the development of the Nazi's "final solution" of the 1940's.  Black's book, though certainly more acceptable to many Anglophiles had Edwin's last name been "White",  has become a perpendicular against which to judge the mythology of American history.   So much for railroads, ships and guns.  Back to butter.
     While Julia Child was drawn to French culture, Diana Southwood Kennedy was drawn to Mexican culture and received the highest civilian award given by Mexico.... the Order of the Aztec Eagle.  She also took a keen interest in the Austin, Texas restaurant, Fonda San Miguel, where another CIA connection becomes as clear as the clarified butter both women prefer for their cooking.    It was at this restaurant that former CIA Director, George Herbert Walker Bush’s son, George Walker Bush, is said to have proposed to Laura Welch.  That proposal was, or eventually led to, a marriage proposal.
     The art of French and Mexican cooking cannot leave out Middle East, Indian and Oriental cuisine.  With the promise that the U.S. would not do to the Chinese what had been done by the British, Richard McKenna’s novel, The Sand Pebbles, expresses the actual betrayal through the American China missionaries who in his novel were willing to renounce their American citizenship to pursue a higher principle.   Obviously they were not bound by Carl Schurz's "My Country Right or Wrong" reflected in the "Love it or leave it" of the Muskogee, Oklahomans whose dwindling oil deposits have colored their sensibilities and whose most cherished dish is barbecued beef and pork ribs washed down with Jim Beam or Jack Daniels and hidden from the local Baptist minister.
     The China Light missionaries who took great pleasure in finally mastering their chop sticks, in the end were more appealing to Jake Holman than his commitment to the USN and USA or of his love of the machinery that propelled the San Poalo, the Sand Pebbles, gunship.  In a way, Holman was like John Steinbeck in his book Travels With Charlie who laments going into an American diner for breakfast and taking his silverware out of plastic wrapper which triggers a memory of hot tea shared over a camp fire in North Africa with a Muslim Bedouin in an old drinking glass opaque from use and finding the desert hospitality preferable.   Holman's pursuit of that higher principle in the end cost him his life.   Dying at what Richard McKenna called the "China Lights Mission," Jake Holman let's out with the ever familiar exclamation of a  Peking duck before the falling axe blade..."What the hell happened?"  Fittingly, when Steve McQueen was dying of cancer it was with his Bible in his weakening hands.
     It would be irresponsible to say that Julia Child or Diana Southwood Kennedy were serving the U.S. drug trade, but all loyal Americans serve their "Ship of State" and most just haven't taken much time while whisking cream in the galley to ask...."hey, what besides the silk, spices and teas are in the holds and whose running this friggin' ship anyway?"
     Sometime before 1998 the twenty-three-year-old son of a Presbyterian minister from Corpus Christi, Texas, Patrick Carr, was befriend by “the Julia Child of Mexico”,  Diana Southwood Kennedy.  He presumably met her at Fonda San Miguel Restaurant in Austin where he had been delivering organic vegetables....lettuce, cilantro, carrots, spinach, radishes, as a part-time job while in college.   He visited her home that spring on a trip to San Miguel, Mexico, a Mexican city that not unlike Merida, Mexico had become a safe haven for retired CIA officials who love to share their accumulated knowledge of distant cuisines from various parts of the world.  She gave him an autographed and dated copy of My Mexico, her celebrated cookbook.  She maintained a home south of San Miguel in Michoacán as well as an apartment at 240 Riverside in New York where she taught cooking classes in classic Mexican recipes.
     Historically, the Catholic Irish Kennedy’s from Boston would have found ready-made allies in Roman Catholic Mexico and Joseph P. Kennedy’s Nazi sentiments during WWII put him in the camp of the fascist American “Business Plotters” whose Nazi sympathies can be seen in the Presbyterian,  Alan Dulles’ post WWII alliances.  Dulles, who cousin Avery had converted to Catholicism and became the only Cardinal to skip the office of Bishop, brought to the U.S. leading Nazi scientists through "Operation Paper Clip."   That CIA program fueled the expansion of the NASA space program through Nazi rocket scientists.   The NASA program, intended by JFK to be domiciled in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was  commandeered from Harvard, MIT and Cambridge and moved to Clear Lake, Texas following the murder of John F. Kennedy.  JFK and Robert Kennedy's populace politics was a betrayal of their father's earlier sentiments and in concert with the position of Paul P. Kennedy, assuming a  likely family connection, would have put both brothers on a short list for elimination.  The New England Brahmans, predominantly Protestant, shared power with the "unwashed Catholic Irish" from Boston, but with very short, very tight strings attached.  Yale University professor,  Sidney Ahlstrom, won the 1973 National Book Award for his A Religious History of the American People, in which he chronicled the historic shift in power that JFK's 1960 election represented.  Until then it was the history of the New England Puritan Protestants whose ambitions were, like nearly anyone else, not all that "pure".
     In August of 2000, twenty-three-year-old Patrick Carr moved to Houston from Austin, Texas.  His uncle’s friend had offered him a job with Stone Mortgage Company, a Clear Lake area financial company.   Nearby was the Bin Laden owned Houston Gulf Manor Airport, bought by Khalid Bin Mafouz, the Saudi Arabian royal family’s banker with the help of GWB’s Air National Guard roommate, Jim Bath.   Patrick’s uncle was a close friend with William E. King, a lawyer for Bracewell and Giuliani Law Firm and business partner with James R. Bath at Ellington Field’s Southwest Airport Services….the fuel concession at the CIA linked Ellington Field that had not only produced General Claire Chennault of the AVG or American Volunteer Group that helped to protect the lucrative China marketplace from Japanese incursion, but also of Chennault’s AVG ace, “Tex” Hill, son of Rev. Pierre B. Hill, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio, Texas.  
     The AVG fliers backed Chiang Kai-Shek who in turn was supported by the brutal Chinese Green Gang, China's premier opium dealers and protectors of the Western drug routes into the Chinese homeland.  Not excusing Japan's primitive violence, was it any wonder that the brutality of the Japanese was unleashed as it was on the hearths and woks of the Chinese for fear that they, too, would be overrun by American misadventure from the nearby mainland?   Was it any wonder in the years after the bombing of Japan that the Chinese expelled the West?   Along with them the good missionaries with whom Richard McKenna's Jake Holman had identified? 
        In 2000, with the Presidential election teetering on the hanging chads in Florida, twenty-three-year-old Patrick Carr from Corpus Christi, was unknowingly moving within the dangerous backwaters of the controversial issue of George Walker Bush’s  Air National Guard record and the Iran-Contra network.  That network, like the Bay of Pigs supply lines operated freely along the Houston to Galveston I-45 corridor.   
     Texas’ former Attorney General, Ben Barnes, was by his own admission sitting on the Bush story in 2000 saying that "Gore didn't need the help."  In 2004, the story resurfaced during the Bush/Kerry election leading  to the bitter "Swift Boat" retaliation that sought to give Kerry as much discrediting as the Bush Texas National Guard memos.   It was adolescent politics as usual with most American missing altogether the total lunacy of the endless warfare that prompted their bitter battle in the first place. It also cost Dan Rather and Mary Mapes their lucrative jobs at CBS.   Rather had interviewed the Ellington Field secretary for GWB’s commander, Col. Jerry Killian, who remembered writing the troubling memos for her boss.   Her name was Mrs. Marion Carr Knox.  Her son was named Patrick Carr.
     Back on December 10, 2000, three days before the election was decided by the Supreme Court and as the nation sat on the edge of its seat, Patrick Carr, the twenty-three-year-old from  Corpus Christi was burned to death in his car near the south end of the Ellington Field tarmac.  The medical examiners’ assessment was impossible.  It was pronounced a suicide by the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office that was under investigation for mismanagement of numerous cases.  The medical examiner had been the former Washington D.C. examiner who had overseen the investigation into the death of Danny Casalaro who had been investigating the same topic as author of Dark Alliance, Gary Webb and as Mark Lombardi, who also died in 2000.   Lombardi, a Houstonian,  laid out visually the entire Iran-Contra network in artistic form that was eventually put on display at New York’s Whitney Museum where all Americans could see what Smedley Butler called the "racket of war."    Italian crime families and the Irish Republican Army were familiar with having a flow chart of their connections for all to see, but not the MIC.....the Military Industrialist Complex.  
    Gary Webb died on December 10, 2004, the anniversary of Patrick Carr’s death on December 10, 2000, just after GWB won his 2004 race against John Kerry that had, through Rather and Mapes, used Mrs. Marion Carr Knox’s testimony.  Again, in Webb's case there was an unbelievable scenario… two bullets to the head from a pistol.   Two! "I had just sent out letters to area Presbyterian ministers asking for their help in solving the case the week of December 10, 2004 that had mentioned the Iran-Contra connections and Webb's book," said Patrick Carr's father.
     Mrs. Marion Carr Knox said that the memos that Rather had in his possession were not authentic, but the contents were.  Her testimony was firm, unwavering. George W. Bush was a “favorite son”.   He was much more than that.    He was an heir to a system that freely sacrifices other peoples’  children, but not their own....the American Military Industrialist Complex.   
     Bush's loyal defender, Pennsylvania's Dick Thornburgh who had been a key Bush water carrier during Iran-Contra, arrived shortly after the 2004 Bush victory over Kerry and Rather's interview with Marion Carr Knox to provide the findings of an independent CBS panel, as if it actually could be independent.  The Thornburgh panel determined that Mrs. Marion Carr Knox had recanted all of her assertions.  It was an amazing turn of events.  What had happened in the Thornburgh interviews to have produced such an amazing reversal of testimony?  Ben Barnes, the Texas Attorney General whose history had included his part in the Sharpstown scandal, had told Rather and others that the information from Mrs. Carr was available in 2000, but that Al Gore didn't  feel he needed to use it. That fact in and of itself would have put anyone near the Bush/Gore 2000 election in serious danger if it appeared that they were in any way connected to the Marion Carr Knox story that Ben Barnes was holding.  In 2001 the pastor had called his parishioner in Dallas, the former General Deputy of the FBI who would have had a significant part in overseeing the FINCEN investigation that was focusing on Saudi influencing peddling in the U.S. and which had it not received a "stand-down" order  in 1992 could have netted the 911 terrorists, 15 of which were from Saudi Arabia.  The FBI General Deputy's grandson had unexpectedly committed suicide on December 11, 2000 under equally mysterious circumstances.  He was dumbfounded..."I can't believe you are telling me this," he told the pastor.
     Mrs. Marion Carr Knox's son, Patrick Michael Carr, and the pastor's son from Corpus Christi, William Patrick Carr, again, were not related though his father was a seminary classmate with the fellow pastor who conducted the re-marriage of Neil Mallon Bush's ex-wife's....all covered in a new book titled One Nation Under Oz: Paying Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain soon to be released.  "He told me if you get in their way they will kill you," said the pastor who had prided himself  up until the death of his son in 2000, on being apolitical.
     The imported investigator into the problems at the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office would be Michael Bromwich, the prosecutor, some say “firewaller”, in the Iran-Contra scandal who sacrificed John Poindexter, Casper Weinberger, Oliver North, Elliot Abrams and others to avoid the ultimate embarrassment of sending Reagan and Bush to an impeachment for actions that made Richard Nixon’s Watergate break in look like child’s play.  Bromwich would go on to head up the investigation into the Deep Water Horizon disaster that has the Chef's of Louisiana, Texas Mississippi, Alabama....be they French, Mexican, Italian, Cajun or Chinese....lamenting the taste of Exxon's CorExit in their seafood and water foul.
     Something to think about next time you eat French soufflés, chipotle chicken or Peking Duck.

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