Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Robert Redford to Play Dan Rather In 'Truth'

But Who Is Playing the BEST Parts?
by Winsip Custer CPW NEWS SERVICE

     With James Vanderbilt writing the screenplay and Robert Redford playing the part of Dan Rather the world waits with baited breath in the afterglow of 911 to see just what lost Dan Rather his anchor chair at CBS.   Rather was critical of GWB's National Guard record in 2004.   Bush had already served up yellow cake uranium.  His administration had betrayed intelligent, principled CIA agents, the Abu Ghraib prison scandal had blown, the lunatic war profiteering with it fields of depleted uranium from U.S. shelling had littered the Middle East not unlike Vietnam's fields of Agent Orange where the world's largest cancerous tumor was recently "fixed" by Chicago surgeon McKay McKinnon.   Now Rather looks like a prophet, even as the flames of war in the Middle East  continue to rage.  Bush's bamboozling through the Iraq War continues the burning.  Wars are easily started by those who have never fought them, or so was the message of Rather's 2004 story that cost him his CBS job.

     Redford is playing Rather.  Kate Winslett is playing Mary Mapes.  GWB?   Joe Allbaugh?  Karen Hughes?  Don't forget Karl Rove!  

     Who is playing Marian Carr Knox?  Her husband William Alan Knox? Both worked at Ellington Field where GWB was stationed and Marian typed those original unfortunate memos....not the ones Texas Attorney General Ben Barnes put into Rather's hands, but the originals.

     Who will play Randy Knox, the partner of Ben Barnes and the political consultant in Texas for Patrick J. Kennedy?  Marian's son, Patrick Carr?  Who is playing Mrs. Diana Southwood Kennedy, wife of Paul P. Kennedy whose recipes at the Austin, Texas eatery were made famous in her book My Mexico and whose husband blew the whistle on the secret military base at Retalhuleu, Guatemala for training the Operation Zapata soldiers just before the Bay of Pigs?  That scene could be shot in Austin at Fonda San Miguel Restaurant at the table where GWB proposed to Laura.  Talking about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer!

     Who will be playing William Patrick Carr the twenty-three-year-old man who was murdered on December 10, 2000, a recent friend of Diana Southwood Kennedy and who two days before Gore's conceding the Florida election and while all eyes were on the U.S. Supreme Court was burned to death in his car near Ellington Field where Bush had been stationed....a dark blue van with three or four men in it seen coming and going from the site in the hour before his death?   His crime four years before Rather's story was that he had the same name as Marian Carr Knox's son and that his uncle was a good friend of Jim Bath's attorney and that his father had helped to educate Carlos Emilio Ham, the head of the Reformed Church of Cuba.  The people who knew and loved him say that he was in no way political and that his family has never meant anyone harm and that he would not have committed suicide....and that if he did it wouldn't be by setting his car on fire on top of pile of burning rubble outside a gate leading to Ellington Field's tarmac.

     Ellington Field, where Bath, GWB's Texas Air National Guard roommate and his attorney owned the fuel concession, Southwest Airport Services, which was also close to the Bin Laden owned Houston Gulf Manor Airport.   That airport was bought for the Bin Ladens by James R. Bath and Khalid Bin Mahfouz the Saudi royal banker, the focus of the FINCEN investigation that evaporated just before the 1992 Presidential election and that would have likely nabbed the Saudi hijackers.  The Bin Laden airport, a favorite hangar site for NASA astronauts' private planes, it was razed after 911, wouldn't you know. 

     Vanderbilt can't responsibly start the story in 2004, because the absence of Ben Barnes and Marion Carr Knox's story in the 2000 Presidential election is the backbone of the continuing saga four years later.  The Rather/Mapes story....though not logically "theirs" was around since the early 70's when the events at Ellington Field actually happened.   It only came out in 2004 because it was being "managed".

     It really will have to go back to the 1992 election....or maybe the 1980 election with the death of CBS's Bill Stewart in Nicaragua after his return from Iran's hostage crisis, only to be killed by a National Guardsman beholding to Anastasio Somoza whose business partners in bananas and cocoa were Linden and Neal Blue who were working on drone airplanes to provide Somoza with deniability for over-the-horizon knock offs of opposition leaders.  Today the Blue brothers provide the Pentagon the Predator and Reaper drones for about $38 million dollars each.   Their drones, hundreds of them since 2004, are being used to manage ISIS's 30 M1-Abrams tanks that with failing parts are being hauled into battle behind trucks while giving the Saudi royals and their, up to this point, absent Muslim followers, within both the Orthodox and Reformed wings of Islam's two major denominations... both of whose leaders are appointed by the House of Saud.....a totally unbelievable make-over.   Unbelievable to all but Americans whose one-time CIA Director, Allan Dulles, said "Americans never read".

    Oh, will James Vanderbilt tell us somewhere in the story about Commodore Vanderbilt's battle in Central America with William Walker, the "Grey Eyed Man of Destiny", supported as he was by President Franklin Pierce and whether or not William Walker is related to George Herbert Walker or Franklin Pierce to Barbara Pierce Bush?  And how do they feel about William's vision of a "Golden Circle of Slavery" in the Caribbean and will Vanderbilt compare and contrast that fact with Prescott's Bush's directorship in Union Bank which Leo Crowley, FDR's custodian on the "trading with the enemies act",  shut down for dealing with Hitler's banker, Fritz Thyssen?  Will the fact that GHWB's Houston office is in the same building with Thyssen Oil be in the movie or that next door on the 9th floor is the company of the former Ambassador of Qatar whose wife is from Surgeon General Cumming's family from Sheridan, Wyoming?  The Surgeon General who oversaw the forty year Tuskegee Experiment?

      Will  James Vanderbilt tell us about the derailing of the FINCEN investigation in 1992 which may have netted the 911 hijackers if the FBI had been free to pursue its mission....Saudi influence peddling?    Remembering that 15 of the 19  September 11th hijackers were from Saudi Arabia!  Nope?  Shucks!   Eight years of serious oversight without muzzling would have given us plenty of time to show the U.S. what was really happening and which, no doubt, both Clinton and Perot had figured out, but why bring it up?

     Who will play Ben Barnes, the disgraced Texas Attorney General of the Sharpstown  scandal from the LBJ era and why if he admitted to having this same information about GWB's National Guard record in 2000 did he say that "Gore didn't need the help?"  Gore didn't?  Hanging by his finger nails and a swinging chad in South Florida in November and December, 2000?  So Kerry needed the help four years later in 2004 and so Barnes becomes Kerry's money man in Texas for the 2004 election?  What a coincidence!  Couldn't Gore afford the story four years earlier?  Was that why Mrs. Kerry sold her ketchup business?  Inquiring minds want to know!

     Tony Coelho.....Mr. Postman? Will he be in this story....the part that begins in 2000? He was Gore's campaign manager who resigned in the summer of 2000 that cleared the way for the son of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to take over while Coelho is appointed to the Bush Presidential Library Board in College Station?  Daley with SBC.  You know, the company that likes doing double splitters and email mirroring that guys like Assange and Snowden told us about and then have to hide for their lives?

    Who will play Gary Webb, the author of Dark Alliance who died on December 10, 2004 shortly after Bush's victory of a self-inflicted gunshot like Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing?  Yea, on the anniversary of Patrick Carr's murder.  Gary Webb had two shots to the head not one...the guy whose impeccable research earned a Pulitzer, but whose newspaper, like CBS,  pulled support for him like it had done from Rather and Mapes.  The same was true for Texas National Guard Commander, General Danny James, who pulled his support from Lt. Col. Bill Burkett who personally witnessed the substance of the Rather/Mapes reporting being destroyed.  The inclusion of Webb's death just after the victory of the Rather/Mapes shut-down would help journalists to really understand that the dangers at home are equal to those at the hands of ISIS or Al Qaeda and that truth-telling of the sort that Webb and Stewart were attempting carries a very high price.  Sitting at an anchor desk or even in a battlefield without asking the really, really hard questions is risky, but not nearly as deadly as others like Webb and Stewart have found out.

     Who plays Viacom's CEO, which owned CBS, Sumner Redstone,  who owned the Houstonian where GHWB lived as a Conn man with a Texas address?  That was the criticism of son, George W. Bush, by his early political opponent, Kent Hance, who also used Ricky Knox as his political consultant.  Will Vanderbilt tell us that Dan Rather works for HDTV....with its connections going full circle to the Blackstone Group with its CBS connections and Carlyle Group.....Mr. Cuban.  PLEASE!  "Like a circle in a circle like a wheel within a wheel.  Never ending or beginning on a never ending reel."  Who plays Cuban?  How about George Clooney? Ben Affleck?  Ben left so much out of Argo....like Gunther Russsbacher and Bill Stewart, but maybe he didn't know and like Dulles said, "Americans don't read."  Or maybe Affleck sees himself like so many in Hollywood as the Joseph Goebels of the American properline.

     Will Mr. James Vanderbilt from St. Paul's School, John Kerry's alma mater, and also the alma mater of Cornelius Vanderbilt III and William Howard Taft IV,  really do anything near the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the movie, Truth?  Or whatever James Vanderbilt is going to call it? Truth and Duty?  Better watch out....if the American public ever starts reading with real discrimination they will surely rename it Truly Do-Do-y.  We'll have to wait and see!

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