Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Friday, September 19, 2014

Why Oil Dependency Is As Fictitious As The War On Drugs and the ISIS Crisis

by Meme Rein Waters, CPW NEWS SERVICE

OPEC is an oil cartel.  The leading OPEC nation is Saudi Arabia.  OPEC accounts for about 1/3rd of the current daily oil production or about 30 million barrels of the 90 million total daily worldwide production.  Oil is a fossil fuel.  It pukes carbon into the atmosphere and adds greenhouse gasses to the planet.

The Nazis used hydrogen to lift their massive zeppelins which bombed England and lifted the Hindenburg to eleven successful flights across the Atlantic before it blew with recent investigators showing that the explosion may have started from the blimp's skin.  With the evolution of the rocket science that followed Goddard and Von Braun into hydrogen/oxygen rocket fuels, the oil/gas producers were as frightened of hydrogen as they were of the later nuclear energy that was too difficult to meter and far too ubiquitous...for them....not for you. 

Hydrogen comes from the electrolysis of water which at full efficiency could produce from a single gallon over 4000 liters of hydrogen.  If hydrogen is good enough for NASA's rockets, isn't it good enough for you?   It is, but the oil and gas lobby doesn't want you to have access to it until they control your water.  They will use the process of hydrolic fracking to ruin your water, then clean it for you.  In Bolivia, Bechtel wanted 20% of citizen's monthly income to provide their water and their rainwater was to have been "non-collectable" meaning zoning laws that prohibited collecting rain water from the sky.  Your sky.  My sky.  Hello!  Why are we in the oil rich Middle East?  Because we like being bamboozled and as Alan Dulles said...."Americans don't read."

"Well this one does," said John Flushing, the author of an article on the failure of America's leadership to provide real vision.  "Henry Ford said that if he had asked people what they wanted he would have given them a faster horse," said Flushing.  "Well not me.  I would have known even then that Jules Verne's space ships were not going to be fueled with fossil fuels.  It's hydrogen that has dual purposes and doesn't smell, can burn and produce water vapor.  I would have asked Henry, a member of the 1930 German American Bund that wanted two time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Smedley Butler, to lead a Fascist coup known as the "Business Plot" of which Harvey Firestone, John Burroughs, Charlie Lindberg and Prescott Bush, the father of two oily Presidents, were members, for a national hydrogen fuel policy.   Clearly there was something else at play in Henry Ford's motives to go with gasoline instead of hydrogen...hello John D. Rockefeller and the sludge pocket pioneers.  Oil is essential for plastics and the like, but as fuel it sucks....the life out of the planet.  Great for Napalm....bad for people.   Flushing had written:

"Enter David Seo, the undergraduate physics student at UCB, Berkley who takes the hydrogen discussion out of the realm of xenoglossia.   David Seo ran on-line the mathematical formula for the output of hydrogen from  a single gallon of H20….water…. and concluded:  “If every single one of those molecules was converted into hydrogen we would get twice as much hydrogen as we had of water or 2.53 x 10 to the 26th power molecules of hydrogen.  However, since hydrogen is a diatomic molecule, meaning that the hydrogen that we talk about is H2, we would get 1.265 x 10 to the 26th power molecules of hydrogen at 1 atmospheric pressure and 273K, 1 mole of hydrogen fills approximately 22.4 liters of volume, so 1.265 x 10 to the 26th power molecules or about 210 moles, would fill 4707 Liters of volume.”

   Whoever moves the world away from this Vatican City of Anachronistic Indulgences and the Meccas and Medinas that also sit atop the earth's bitter and bloody sludge pockets will be the Jonas Salk of the next generation, but without Salk's fanfare.  Whoever moves in this new direction should expect to be like Zwingli or Huss, Copernicus and Galileo, Einstein...cordoned off from the Manhattan Project….or Robert Oppenheimer….stripped of his national security clearance…..under house arrest or burned at the stake!   Where is Bill Gates or Warren Buffet with a prize for the perfecting the process of highly efficient fracturing of oxygen and hydrogen with the award going to the process that come closest to hitting the 4707 Liter mark?   Do that and the world can talk later about where, whether and how to monetize it." 

   John Flusing was asked "But if you move toward hydrogen from water won't the desert peoples who lack water be looking for water?  Ours?", he replied:

"Yes, and at that point they will have assimilated into world culture or have gone up in flames created by their own oil through fossil fuel drones pumping depleated uranium missiles that penetrate their fossil fuel propelled tanks, our tanks,  which they have confiscated from the last generation of our best weaponry.  Endless terrorism and the Military Industrialist Complex's policy of tax (without a law that provides for the Fed's Income Tax...see Aaron Russo's Freedom to Fascism) and bomb with fossil fuel weapons and machinery is a really bad idea."  In the end the million-year half-life of the depleated uranium, the largest deposit of uranium in America owned by Neal and Linden Blue who make the U.S. Predator and Reaper drones, makes the battlefield uninhabitable for people who don't want their children forever eating through a long straw while balancing in a corner on stub left over from a battle wound or birth defect from the carcinogenic aftermath.  The Blues used the fresh uranium for reactors, pull it out as depleated uranium, put it in missiles because its atomic weight is stronger for shells than steel, and rains it down on people in the oil and poppy rich Third World.  It's a no-brainer for them and its all done on America's income taxes which the IRS and Pentagon have no law to support.  Of course, if you say that too loudly they will find some reason to send you to sweet Jesus....ala Rebecca Weaver."

Flushing also believed that the Bedouin peoples of the Middle East and Arab nations would drastically reduce their numbers if the threat from the West disappeared.  People naturally respond to the threat of conquest by producing more babies to field an army and to replace the expected losses.  When the threat is removed....and here is where the U.S. State Department obviously shows its stupidity....with 23 CIA agents being extracted from the Benghazi Embassy and only 7 diplomats....leading with its balls and brass instead of its diplomacy and heart....  Desert peoples....with the women sweltering in dark burkas in the desert sun and the men's rods rubbed raw from the gritty sand....don't find sex all that appealing....which is why the horrific custom of female circumcision was created in the first place.  It wasn't to keep the women from straying.   What man isn't keenly aware that he'd rather, as a course of pleasure, have a wife who is plugged in instead of one with a blown circuit.   Sex in the desert, heck on Pebble Beach, is not all that enticing.  Now, if they have water, lots and lots of fresh clean water, that could all change.....which will soon become Bechtel's next reason to control it and for the next Enron to figure a way to sell climate shares."


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