Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

KT McFarland Likes Kissinger's Cockiness by Seymour Dimley for CPW News Service

     For the full story on how the CIA is botching stability in the Middle East, see Melvin Goodman's The Real Benghazi Scandal in the Huffington Post.

     The Pentagon's spokesman, Rear Admiral John Kirby, said in response to the criticism that the White House has no strategy for confronting the killings.... "We have a strategy."  But does it?  What is ISIS in Iraq and Syria that is described as an offshoot of Al Qaeda in Iraq that wasn't there before the U.S invaded it post-911?  "Well," said Bernie Ball of ESPNET "begging your Rear Admiral's pardon, sir, but the strategy is working about as well as GWB's $60 billion price tag on the Iraq War that was suppose to be a yellow cake party."

     Norville Flerdflinger of W-H-A-T News in Cincinnati asked if the nationalization of the U.S. drone program and the expansion of NATO into NATO/NPTO might also be expanded into NSATO/NSPTO....the North and South Atlantic and North and South Pacific Treaty Organization for all nations helping to rid the world of "head hackers", non-voluntary female circumcision providers, bombers, gassers and others performing terrorist acts against humanity.    "The only requirement for membership in NATO/NPTO/NSATO/NSPTO being that the member nations be democratic/parliamentarian or constitutional governments with free elections, freedom of speech and non-violent religious ideologies, women's and minority rights, universal healthcare for all except  convicted head hackers and clit cleavers," said Flerdflinger.

    Flerdflinger said that he believes that if the CIA is capable of establishing the Shah of Iran's infamous SAVAK secret police; if they were capable of establishing Al Qaeda within the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt while exporting them to Afghanistan to help fight with the Mujahidin against the Russians; that if the CIA's George Tenet, John Negroponte and Colin  Powell were capable of bamboozing the American people for GWB and Dick Cheney into invading Iraq rather than the home of 15 of the 19 September 11th hijackers....Saudi Arabia....then these "Americans have their un-severed heads so anally impacted that they can lick their own spleens.  What do they need their heads for anyway?  They obviously don't use them for thinking!"

    Flerdflinger believes that Americans will not tolerate the personal, intimate and up close nature of ISIS beheadings.  "Americans get their meat shrink-wrapped and in the freezer section and haven't witnessed public executions if decades.  I believe that they would celebrate seeing the heads of ISIS operatives on display in the local meat market, or grocery store in a separate section cordoned off for dead ISISians, but they will not want American soldiers belittling themselves with ISIS-style wack jobs.  Beheadings by drones are much more effective and spectacular, but the price tag for each is many thousands of times more expensive than the cost of a hunting knife and the heads of the ISISians after a drone attack would have to be displayed in a Tupperware container like ground chuck," said Flerdflinger, which really defeats the whole purpose!"


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