Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Filleting The American Dream

by Winona Wyman, CPW News Service

     A phenomenon called “Cowboy Church” has sparked a new movement toward special interest religious groups according to Jake Peezpod of Still Water, Oklahoma.  Peezpod has been studying the phenomenon of special interest religious organizations since he formed the “Ushers on Horseback Church” of Brushy Creek, Oklahoma in 1998.
      “The cost of keeping horses was so expensive, but  all of our horses are “usher mounts” and as such are as tax deductible as the church busses at the First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City.  Our riding arena is actually our church building and our hay and feed is tax deductible, too,” said Peezpod.

     When asked how, exactly, the “Ushers on Horseback Church” fit into the Palestinian image of Jesus who seemed only to have ridden a donkey,” Peezpod said “we have a donkey here, but we only ride him on Palm Sunday."
     John Trotsky, a critic of the this type of special interest religious organization  said of the “Ushers on Horseback Church” that “if a Mercedes owner donated his new car to the church, but continued to use it for his personal enjoyment, I don’t think that would fly with the IRS at disclosure time.  Horses, on the other hand, have no speedometer to check their mileage.”

     Liz Luvenmore and her husband,  Buck Luvenmore, are members of the Plumbers’ Church of Edgewater, Wisconsin.  “I donated my truck and tools to the Plumbers’ Church and write them off, but use them during the week to support the church’s families and friends who get a special deal on all their plumbing.   Einstein said ‘I should have done something useful and been a plumber.  Well I am one and I don’t see any problem with being a part of the church that celebrates my chosen life work.   My son, Jimmy, belongs  to the “Carpenters’ Church of Skidmore,’ said Buck Luvenmore and they do the same thing.   With the American Dream now costing according to USA Today, $130,000 per year, people need to do everything they can to keep from getting behind,” said Luvenmore.
     Members of the “Bute Biker’s Church” in Montana are looking for ways to write off their Harley Davidsons.  Their church is called "Bute Bikers' Free 24/7 Highway and By-Way Prayer Delivery Church".

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