Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hank Paulson Stranger Than McNamara

Vietnam and Paulson's Global Warming Agenda
by Seymour Dimley CPW News Service
     There was something strange about Robert Strange McNamara, according to Hank Paulson.  The Vietnam War can all be laid at the feet of Robert S. McNamara says Paulson, the sinking ship’s navigator through the economic meltdown of 2008 and the facilitator of the arm twisting that produced the one page, no-accountability, bailout of Wall Street.
     Writing for his own magazine, Forbes, Steve Forbes said of Paulson’s charges (7/2/14):
     Not content with bearing major responsibility for one of our worst-ever economic disasters–one whose effects, thanks to persistent errors, weigh us and the world down to this day–Paulson now wants to help lead the charge to save us from global warming. In a New York Times op-ed Paulson has trotted out all the moldy jeremiads of the planet burning up while coastal cities are inundated with rising oceans if we don’t rid the planet of carbon dioxide emissions by taxing them into extinction.
     As Paulson, no historian, lays out his diatribes against McNamara and as his new company seeks to import Chinese businesses into the U.S. he jumps on the Global Warming agenda that would further shackle the U.S. against the unfair competition of the Chinese and Indian smudge pots of industrial pollution.  Meanwhile, Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel is in Beijing standing next to their leader and pointing an accusing finger at the U.S. for its recent NSA spying on Germany.

     “I say send Paulson to live in Beijing with Merkel!” said Phillip Seymour Limon of Miami, Florida.  “My property’s beach erosion can’t all be hung on Robert McNamara anymore than the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam can be hung on GI’s.   I tend to agree with Peter Chapman, author of the book Bananas: How the United Fruit Company Shaped the World.  He explains that when a disease was killing Central American bananas the heartier Indochina bananas were being replanted on United Fruit's Central American plantations while the U.S. military was defoliating the crap out of Vietnam and other potential competitors.  Makes sense to me!  It's a messy world and just because Hank Paulson shaves his head doesn't mean his is qualified to legitimately counsel the U.S. on Global Warming.  Let him lead the world in hydrogen fuel cell production support and transition while he stops moving Chinese companies to the U.S. to provide the drilling pipe that Halliburton and Chesapeake and the other frackers are using to fuel China's economy at our expense," said Limon.

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