Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Lewis Black Presses Socialism At National Press Club

By Penelope Princip CPW News Service
     Jewish Socialist comedian, Lewis Black, took on the National Press Club on April 14th, 2014.  Tauting the 1950’s and 60’s American middle-class living as the silver, if not golden, era of recent American life,  Black did say those days had some wrinkles.    Like when his father who made mines for the U.S. Navy found his defensive weapons being dropped into  Haiphong harbor by Richard Nixon.   His father quit his job in protest and retired at 55, then like the boy that Hitler wished he had been, became a painter.
     Seeing Socialism as “enforced Christianity” Black does not talk about the place that monetary incentives have in peoples' passion for stand up comic performances or mine-making…..defensive or offensive.
     In response to Mr. Black’s appearance, Ishbad Muhmani,  reporter for the Mecca-Medina Christian Science Monitor,  said “Jewish bankers can’t like what Black was saying anymore than they like my people’s prohibitions against usury which we find all kinds of ways around like Trotsky and Lenin’s followers hiding their side ventures from the local block chairman.  Lewis glossed over the fact that LBJ's Great Society was built on the shady Gulf of Tonkin Affair that was more about controlling the Golden Triangle's opium production that bringing freedom to the Vietnamese, but hey, Black's a comedian and not a historian and even the historians don't want to touch that if they hope to get published or tenured.”
     Muhmani loves Lewis Black.   “He’s everyman with a really foul mouth.   What’s not to love about him?  However,  Lewis could have really made better use of the twenty-five minutes they gave him.  He said in answer to a question after his talk that he would change the name of the Washington Redskins if he owned them.    ‘If they called them the 'Jewey Jews' someone would demand that they change the name,’” said Muhmani quoting Black.
     Mumanhi  provided a bit of his own levity on the subject.  “How difficult is the Washington Redskin’s  problem to solve?  You call them the ‘Skins’.    If we can't solve that problem what hope is there for the big stuff?  Take out of the name 'Red'.   Not red or yellow, brown, black or white.   Just ‘Skins’.   An alternative could be 'The Flesh,' but the cheerleaders might be offended and flesh-tone is considered 'white' which is about as accurate as Dick Cheney at a quail hunt.  If you must add color make it blue or green.   Dallas and Detroit are blue.   Make them  ‘Green Skins’. Philadelphia won't mind, brotherly love and all that.  Make it neon green not forest green and take on global warming and abolition of whale hunting and killer whale riding at Sea World as the team’s mission and theme.  You’ll reach a whole new demographic and kick ass doing it.  Get a guy in a neon green sky flying suit to stream green neon smoke into the stadium on the day of the name change.  Or you could call them the “For Skins” and have a little Jewish Rabbi mascot.  Maybe Lewis Black would volunteer from time to time.  Now that would be funny especially if he sings the national anthem with his hand over his heart and entertains at half-time.   Get Lewis Black’s father to design the team’s official hat....a green foreskin hat....which I am told after a time in the Palestinian sun, hell, the Miami Beach or Brooklyn or Boise sun, is accurate.   Better yet, since they are in Washington with all those goddamn crooked politicians and lobbyists, call them the ‘Snakeskins’ and sell those roll-out horns and noisemakers that they use at Halloween parties, but with forked tongues....the Native American will love it! ” said Mumanhi.

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