Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Donald Tokowitz Sterling's Cloud Has Silver Lining

Don Sterling Secret Agent for Universal Racial Equality?

By Hyman E.  Levine for CPW News Service
     Don Tokowitz was born on April 26, 1934 to Jewish immigrants, Susan and Mickey Tokowitz.

     It is not a sin to change one’s name to something a bit more Anglo if you live in a predominantly Anglo culture which the USA still is.  British Sterling was a popular men’s cologne in years past and  nothing says “Anglo” like “Sterling”….. “Pounds Sterling,” and Don Tokowitz Sterling has put on the pounds!  My yard man, Maclovio Rios Claveria, changed his name to Marcus Rivers Law, thus showing his longstanding appreciation for the Claveria Laws that forced indigenous Philippinos to choose a Spanish surname under their brutal Castilian rulers.
     State Director of the California League of Latin American Citizens' chapter of the NLLAC, National League of Latin American Citizens, Jan B. Tucker, thinks that its time to haul Mr. Sterling before the California Bar.    Mr. Tucker also claims that Tokowitz is a Ashkenazic Jewish name.    Ashkenazi Jews are an elite group within their race and include an astounding list of prominent Jewish leaders. 

     Tucker has written to his constituency and asked them to appeal to the California State Bar to censure Sterling, a lawyer,  for his public testimony that he has often paid women for sex at about $500 per sexual episode.  Tucker has also insinuated that Sterling's loose living brought on his current crisis.  Hookers are often known to put their Johns in fruitfully rewarding,  but compromised positions.
     Tucker believes that Donald Sterling’s actions are consistent with a tactic used by double-agents in identifying with captors in a type of Helsinki or Stockholm Syndrome also consistent with overseers on old Southern plantations or middle managers in the Morgan, Rockefeller or Ford companies.  This makes them great targets for civil rights advances or so Tucker claims, but it also means that they must at some point betray their captors to make their own social advances.  Tucker writes:
     There is a long tradition (not a time honored one but a quietly carried out and usually unspoken one) of shaking down racists by so-called civil rights movement organizational poverty pimps when they get into public trouble for their depraved behavior.  I saw the Anti-Defamation League do this when they accepted a huge contribution from Marriott Corporation to give them their organizational seal of approval when an Ethiopian Jew stood up to Host International’s refusal to allow him to wear his Yarmulke at work.  ADL accepted Marriott’s word that the guy was delusional without any semblance of a legitimate investigation.  So carrying on that sordid tradition, NAACP was prepared to honor Sterling and whitewash his longtime pattern of discriminatory behavior, but apparently with his statements on tape and being made public for once, it’s too embarrassing.  These Negroes are not just embarrassed, they’re apparently afraid that honoring him will so discredit them that it will interfere with their further poverty pimping in the name of civil rights, so the estimated $10,000-$15,000 he gave Los Angeles NAACP in the past year alone is no longer enough to buy the organization’s loyalty.

     Tucker did not make the connection, but the Anti-Defamation League also said that George Herbert Walker Bush’s father, Prescott Bush, was not supplying Nazi’s with supplies in defiance of the American neutrality laws for which Leo Crowley, FDR’s policeman for violations for “trading with the enemy,” impounded the assets of Union Bank on whose board sat the elder Bush as a director.
     If Jan Tucker is correct, Donald Sterling Tokowitz is a member of the Jewish elite that’s as segregated over time as the America’s New England Brahmans, Europe’s royal families, Russia czars, Saudi Fauds, Hapsburgs and Hanovers.  “Worrying about their social standing is what these folks do.  Water runs down hill, but that's not for them.  Water is for making obscenely expensive fine wine.  These folks think that water is for pissing in and dumping their toxic sludge so long as it moves way down stream quickly where Mother Earth can do her duty of turning it back into acid-less rain upstream.  It's a big myth,” said Hilda Gruman of  Water Babies a German-Irish-Pakistani-Indonesian-Siberian-Ugandan  America environmental group whose motto is “People are mostly water.  Heat them up and they all turn to steam .”

     Gruman believes that nothing much changes in the current scenario.   "Changing one group of lighter or darker skinned assholes for another group of lighter or darker skinned assholes is just business as usual and meanwhile Mother Earth's bosom is feeding all these little suckers who continually bite the nipple that feeds them."


  1. In case anybody's wondering as I'm quoted above, Jan B Tucker (me) is Jewish in spite of my surname. Mine was changed at Ellis Island by the immigration clerks. My Grandfather's Slavic surname was Tokar, which properly translated would have been Turner, as a Turner of a lathe is a millwright in Old English. Instead it was transliterated into the American sounding "Tucker."

  2. Dear Winsip,

    Please post my response to Mr. Tucker, Sincerely, Hyman Levine.

    Dear Mr. Tucker,

    Thank you for your response. You are right to suggest that there is "poverty pimping".

    That is what Joseph was doing in the court of the Pharaoh until such time as Moses reversed the dynamics.

    Today we live in a world where mind sciences are quite sophisticated and mass manipulation is the name of the game. I am concerned that Disney is a company that has moved toward a racist and anti-inclusive edge under Michael Eisner's leadership. Consider the Lion King with songs like "I Just Can't Wait To Be King." Or the clearly racist song "A Coon In A Mercado" which plays both the African American and Spanish American race cards like a New Jersey fight promoter pitting two minority fighters from Harlem or Little Havana.

    The Joseph tradition chose supporting the governed spaces that led to enslavement. Moses chose a different path with the flattening of the pyramidal models and the appointment of the rule of law. It was a good idea then and a good one now, or as Churchill said...."Democracy is the worst damn political system on the planet except for all the rest." Thank you Moses and the U.S. Constitution that assumes we are all equal under the law. Now if Judaism can just figure a way to include the Palestinians and Sterling can genuinely embrace the "Coon in his Mercado"! We're home free!


    Hyman Levine