Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


FLASH BOYS’ Michael Lewis and the Money Balling of the Big Short, Again!

By Winsip Custer, CPW News Service
    In the Academy Award winning film, The Sting, two Chicago con men rig a horse race by controlling the wire….the wire delivering the news of the race to the off track betting site created by Henry Gondorf and his friend, the two played by Paul Newman and Robert Redford.  Following the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act during the Clinton presidency which cleared the way for the well lathered and deeply penetrating copulative assembly of banks and investment houses, it was no time at all until, with the arrival of GWB, that a compassionate and principled watchdog, Noreen Harrington, was barking up Eddie Sterns' and Ken Lewis' legs.  Bank of America had pulled off with Sterns a Henry Gondorf wire-rigging, but not at some off-track link to Belmont, but to the entire Wall Street mutual funds money barrel.  President Obama has done nothing to reinstate Glass-Steagall.
   “There’s nothing jaw dropping about the recent revelation that the FBI is looking into the legality of faster computers and their stock trades,” said Nanda Iggohsok of  WWSS, World-Wide Stock  Sifters, an association of independent technology investors.“
    “I heard on Squawk Box this morning that the important thing in stock purchases is not the stock’s fundamental value, but the “buzz” about it on the street.  That came from that little manic, sawed off bald-headed guy who reminds me of the Vicchi police officer in the classic film, Cassablanca,  "What?  There's rigged gambling going on at Rick's Cabaret?  No!"....."Ah, here's your winnings sir."  Well, Michael Lewis is all about buzzing.  Lewis is the king of buzz.  In fact, you could say that he is a buzzard making his living off of the gullibility of the average Wall Street investor and who reports about their gullibility when they finally figure out they are road kill lying in the middle of the four lane at rush hour.  Moneyball and The Big Short, he was the one who gave Wall Street plausible deniability and the appearance of self-analyzing integrity.  It’s all bullshit, folks and it’s bad for you,” said Iggohsok.

     Iggohsok believes that the only real "Wall Street Revolt" came from the Occupy Wall Street Movement that in the wake of the Hank Paulson bailout of “too big to fail” banks organized their contempt for the buzzards and their buzzing.  Iggohsok points to the hype given to Moneyball and The Big Short and the obvious flaws in Lewis’ previous best selling books.
     “I don’t need to tell you,” said Iggohsok, “Your postings have clearly connected the dots between Michael Lewis and those he seeks to white wash in typical Albert Lasker 'don’t tell’em the truth' bimbology. “

    “Your own 2011 articles…. Boomerang: Michael Lewis, Kyle Bass,Meredith Whitney and Charlie's Fading Rose: Big Short is Big Bull and Why Short Selling Should Be Banned in the United States : Random Copulative Assembly and The Healing Power Of Banning Short Stock Sales, did as much to shine a light on these buzzards as anything,” said Iggohsok.

    "Now," said Iggohsok, "You have to ask yourself 'who does the FBI work for?  Joe Six-Pack or the big corporations?  When in 1992 they closed up the FINCEN investigation that would have made 911 incredibly difficult  nine years later and since it was exposing the issue of Saudi influence peddling in the U.S., the paths down which the 15 of the 19 hijackers, being Saudis,  traveled....and leading the U.S. leadership to the conclusion that it was an Iraqi job?    Well, you get my drift.  But don't stop there.  Did the FBI really do their job on Iran-Contra?  You see what I mean?  They bend over, lather up and elevate their bums when told it's for 'national security'.  You can't go by the buzz.  The buzz is coming from the buzzards and the munching you hear?  That's not you eating your profits....it them picking at your liver."

    "If you are trusting the FBI to protect you from them?  Then you believe that TWA Flight 800 was mechanical malfunction!" said Iggohsok.


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