Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Walmart Asks For Thanksgiving Donations To Supplement Its Employees

By Sara Lee Pillsbury, CPW News Service
    Most people do not know that Sam Walton’s father made his fortunes from foreclosing on American farmers during the Great Depression.  In keeping with this history and tradition, Walmart is asking its customer base to help supplement the Thanksgiving cheer of its employees during the 2013 holiday season.
   “This is an ‘unlucky 13 thing’ isn’t it?” asked Festus Pusley of Hope, Arkansas.  “I mean this is like an April 1st thing that they are pulling off for kicks….a kind of joke during 2013?   Like, if you are unlucky enough to be alive in 2013 working at Walmart, then we’re ballsy enough to throw you guys a bitter bone?” asked Pusley.

Home of Sam Walton's youngest daughter, Nancy, a
former owner of the St. Louis Blues.
"Walmart has me singing the blues just
as we're going into Thanksgiving and
Christmas," said Pusley.
   Pusley is organizing members of his grass roots group, Grass Roots, to visit every Sunday between now and New Year’s Day, the Bentonville and other Arkansas churches where they know that members of the Walton family worship in order to drop grass and hay shavings at their feet.
   “Marie Antoinette the royalist said to the poor French ‘Let them eat cake’.  But whose cake was it?  Her’s or theirs?   That’s right.  It was theirs not hers.  Such is the progress we have made in our new high tech age of enlightenment,” said Pusley who said that he anticipated that Walmart would experience record shoplifting figures in 2013's last quarter financial results.

    Meanwhile, Suwhetti Mozbozim, a 14 year old garment worker in rural Sri Lanka, has asked that Walmart consider also taking up a collection of three cents per garment sold and passing it on to hungry undie-stitchers in his hometown....a 20% pay increase in their hourly wage.

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