Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Monday, November 18, 2013

Bill Clinton Wants Woman President in 2016

Miley Cyrus Considering Run In 2028
Oprah Winfrey Best Chance of Beating Hillary in 2016

by Rachael Levinson for CPW News Service

     Ex-President, William Jefferson Clinton,  is hoping for a woman President in 2016.  While he is not saying “who” many believe that he is thinking about Hillary.  Washington insiders say that if elected, Hillary may or may not allow her husband back into the White House.  “How would you like to be making critical decisions about everything from trade agreements to the use of nuclear weapons sitting next to the anteroom where Monica Lewinski 'did not have sex' with your husband?” asked a Washington laundry and dry cleaning company owner, Sid Moon.
      Levi Tupperman, a cigar importer, agrees.  “Hillary may never get Monica and the smell of cigars out of her mind and in the event that some foreign nuclear power has a leader, even an Ambassador or high ranking government official that looks like Monica and ‘pow!’……World War III."
      Reginald M. Bolmer, President of the MANW, Morticians Against Nuclear War, has made it clear that Hillary Clinton would not be a good President for the same reason as Tupperman.  Critics of Bolmer, however, say that MANW's position and Bolmer's is disingenuous.  "They don't want 'nuclear war', but they are okay with conventional wars.  Nuclear war vaporizes the bodies and makes monetizing death impossible for MANW's members," said Eve Adams of Masada, New Jersey.
      Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus believes that she will make an excellent Presidential candidate in 2028 just after she turns 35, but is also concerned that she may not reach that age if Hillary is elected and Tupperman and Bolmer's fears are realized. 
      An unofficial poll of Americans asking "what woman could best handle the rigors of the U.S. Presidency better than any other?" showed Oprah Winfrey with a 2 to 1 margin over all U.S. women except among those who raise beef cattle.  In second place was the British Queen, indicating that the American electorate may be losing some ground in its understanding of its political traditions.

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