Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Eye-Opening Perspectives for Heroic Hearts

Thursday, November 14, 2013


The United States of Fascism
Before Edward Snowden there was William Binney and before William Binney there was
Frank Wallen Snepp.

by Albert Truehart Bush for CPW NEWS SERVICE

      Edward Snowden’s April 2012 discussions with a reporter about his role at the NSA did not come out until 2013.   William Binney, the NSA data analysis expert who had overseen major aspects of the NSA foreign surveillance program resigned from his nearly 40 years with the NSA two weeks after 911 in 2001.  The reason? The NSA was doing exactly what the Church Commission had said was possible, but which should never be the role of the U.S. government.  It was spying on individual U.S. citizens.  If this sounds like what Edward Snowden said, that’s because they each collaborate the truth of the matter.
     Why Binney’s story did not gain the response that Snowden’s did could be a mystery were it not logical.  Binney is hard to intimidate and in 40 years with the NSA could bring an avalanche of colleagues to the gates, though his home was raided by a dozen FBI agents as his son was held at gunpoint while Binney was escorted out of his shower to his back porch for a rude questioning.

Frank Wallen Snepp. For John
Stockwell's account of
Frank Snepps trial click
photo above (video
at 43:35)

     What Snowden said about your government spying on you, Binney has validated.
    When Binney and his friend registered their complaints and filed a petition with the U.S. Congress’ oversight committee, they were told by Porter Goss, acting CIA Director, that they should talk with Bush appointee, General Michael Hayden.  Binney knew from experience that one U.S. business had already given the private records of citizens, millions of them, to the NSA.  That company he identifies on Democracy Now as AT&T.  It is AT&T that James Bamford exposed in the documentary The Spy Factory.  At an AT&T facility at San Luis Obispo, California, where a Pacific Rim fiber optics cable comes ashore, the cable was split and routed to AT&T’s San Francisco office where emails and other electronic messages were intercepted by NSA from right within the AT&T office as The Spy Factory documents.

     In the run up to the 2000 Presidential election which was decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, the campaign manager for Al Gore was Tony Coelho, now on the board of the Bush Presidential Library at Texas A&M University.  When Coelho resigned as Gore’s campaign manager in the summer of 2000 he was replaced by William M. Daley, the son of Richard J. Daley, who during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago established in essence martial law.   One must remember that John F. Kennedy was widely reported to have been elected President on Chicago's votes, arm twisted from the Chicago political machine by his father Joseph P. Kennedy who was expelled from Great Britain at the height of Hitler's rise to power for his fascist leanings by both Churchill and FDR.  It was in Chicago that Weather Underground leader and son of a leading industrialist, William Ayers, became a Patty Hearst-like figure by adopting what was reported as a far-left anti-American stance, which was in all likelihood an anti-fascist stance.   That was during the Vietnam War when another U.S. intelligence whistle-blower, as important as William Binney, flew under the radar of public visibility while Daniel Ellsberg's Pentagon Papers story receive most of the headlines.  William M Daley, would go from Gore's campaign to the top management of SBC with its ties to AT&T.

     The leading intelligence analyst on North Vietnam was Frank Wallen Snepp. The chief strategy analyst in the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, he was one of the last Americans to leave as Saigon fell on April 30, 1975.    A book about his experiences, Decent Interval, written in 1977, brought upon Snepp the wrath of the U.S. Government and intelligence community higher-ups.  While the government could not forbid Snepp from speaking, thus violating his First Amendment rights, they sued him for breach of confidentiality, much like they are going after Snowden.   The contract he had signed with the agency forbade his revelations from going public.   Snepp lost in court and the royalties from his book were garnished.   He was forbidden from future writing without authorization from the CIA.  He wrote a second book titled Irreparable Harm about his battle with the CIA.

     Snowden, Binney, Snepp and a host of other CIA, NSA and other intelligence watchdogs show in combination what no journalist will tackle: that the “Business Plot” of the 1930’s that attempted a take over of the government in a fascist coup d’tat using General Smedley Darlington Butler to unseat Franklin D. Roosevelt, though thwarted then, has resurrected itself in the period following World War II through the same families and their leaders. And how does one know that no journalist tackled it?  What American school children were ever introduced to the "1930's Business Plot" in any social studies, civics or history class? In college history or government class?

Two-time Congressional Medal of Honor
winner, General Smedley Darlington Butlet (l)
and FDR (r).  Butler is author
of War Is A Racket.
     Snowden, Binney, Snepp and even Daniel Ellsberg tell us what’s relevant, but not the depths of it.

     It is well established that the “Business Plotters” seeking to remove FDR included Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, William S. Burroughs, Charlie Lindberg and even Prescott Bush whose Union Bank was the American-German bank of Hitler’s money man, Fritz Thyssen.  Former Hoover Institute and Stanford professor, Anthony Sutton, has written extensively in books like The Best Enemy Money Can Buy and America’s Secret Establishment and National Suicide provide the crux of the issue.  National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, has affirmed Sutton's assertion that U.S. business leaders provided massive transfers of Western technology to the old Soviet Union that was used against U.S. troops in Vietnam.

Anthony Sutton
   Sutton explained how the United States was commandeered in 1833 by a group of power elites that became known as “The Order”. Domiciled primarily at Yale University it had tentacles throughout the county's major business and educational institutions morphing from its roots in whaling, shipping and railroads, munitions and mining, precious metals and oil, into what is now known as the Military Industrial Complex that builds the satellites and drones, fiber optics, switching stations and tracking devices that are so much the concern of Binney and Snowden.

     If Sutton is correct, which he is, you would expect that his writings would link even Snepps’ criticism of our lack of principled leadership in Vietnam to this group.  He does inadvertently.  Sutton claims that this group was selling technology to both sides in the Vietnam War as evidenced by the trucks made by Ford at the Gorki and other plants throughout Russia.  American pilots identified them while flying over the Ho Chi Minh Trail and registered their complaints.  Sutton covers this extensively in The Best Enemy Money Can Buy and shows how the German Frankfurt School’s dialectic provided the backbone of “The Order’s” core values:  create war, the people scream, offer the solution to peace in the form of weapons….for profit….and do it under the guise of warring political ideologies…..and don’t worry about cleaning it up….it’s a messy world.

     From the embarrassing U.S. filibusterer, William Walker, to “the Order’s” leading elites, the roots run back to the Germanic Thule Tradition that gave Winston Churchill so many headaches from within the German Saxe-Gotha Royal British "Windsor" family.  When the heir to the British throne married America Nazi spy, Wallis Simpson, whom the Duke of Windsor met in San Diego, California where today the U.S. Navy Seal headquarters was built in the form of a Nazi swastika, Churchill exiled them both to the Bahamas to sit out World War II where they could do the least harm.  

U.S. Navy Seal Headquarters,
San Diego, California
     Churchill removed Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy from the British Isles because of his Nazi sympathies.  The Boston bootlegger could not, as an unwashed Irishman, have done anything apart from his puppet-masters back in the states.  FDR, himself a part of “The Order's” circle of power was, like Theodore, at odds with the "Order" on many levels as evidenced by Teddy’s opposition to the plans laid out in Honduras for a privatized canal controlled by William Walker and his family.   By the digging of the Panama Canal Walker's old Central American ambitions were thwarted until Iran-Contra which used the Monroe Doctrine to conceal brutal family ambitions as William Walker's historic leanings toward privatized strategic acquisition increased nearly unnoticed by the American electorate until private contractor's bodies were dragged through the streets, not of Central America, but Iraq.   It was in Central America that General Smedley Darlington Butler, two time Congressional Medal of Honor winner, learned that he was a goon on three continents for the National City Bank boys and the Union Bank’s fascists.  To whom did he turn when they turned to him for help in leading the fascists 500,000 man army against FDR?  To FDR.  Butler still believed him to be the best hope for a nation and world, not utopian, but still built on freedom and liberty.
     With a core of fascist business leaders in the U.S. which included, according to Dale Harrington (Mystery Man: William Rhodes Davis:  Nazi Agent of Influence), William Rhodes Davis, Hitler’s oil agent in Texas, Davis supplied Hitler’s Fred Koch-built refineries in Germany.  Koch is both a founding member of the John Birch Society and his sons created the Tea Party which at its titular head is not anything like the original Boston Tea Party.   Rand and Ron Paul are from William Rhodes Davis' old 'stomping grounds' in Texas.  Germany…..knowing how important its philosophical traditions were to “The Order” needed in the early 1940’s to fashion an alliance with the American Nazis so that the U.S. supply line to Britain could be easily severed.  

Rudolf Hess to Hitler's left flew to the
estate of Lord Hamilton near Glasgow,
Scotland to secure an Ayran-Anglo
world alliance.  The offer was summarily
rejected by Winston Churchill who
cited the intended death of the Magna Carta and
of Western Civilization and democratic

     The attempted alliance was the mission of the number three Nazi leader, Rudolf Hess.   Hess from the Saxe-Gotha region of Germany, but who was born in Alexandria, Egypt, would have found that even John D. Rockefeller's deep interest in Egyptology with its emphasis upon pyramidal power structures,  would have earned him an audience in the U.S., but he had to get there.  Where in the British Isles could he land?  Not in London, the Nazis had bombed it.  Not at Dover’s cliffs in Kent.  Kent was Churchill’s home and hopelessly democratic and egalitarian.  In Scotland there was the chance of linking the old Teutonic knights with the Templar Scottish Lords of the British manors in an alliance that stretched across the Atlantic to America.  In America, conspicuously absent cavalry officer John Ewell Brown Stuart, had linked the Confederacy with the Scottish Stuart and Brown clans and JEB Stuart had been the first at Harper's Ferry to capture John Brown among whose "Secret Six" backers was George Luther Stearns, the Boston lead miner who stood to make a fortune from the Civil War.  That war had been triggered by the fugitive slave laws which test case was that of James Hamlet, a runaway slave from the Brown Merchant's Shot Tower in Baltimore, home of Alexander Brown, father of Brown Brothers Harriman and key player in the evolution of the National City Bank.  Neither historians Shelby Foote nor Ken Burns have ever really spoken of the power of the Civil War to fuel "The Order's" ambitions for opium and a railroad across America to secure it.  Burns is married to Julie Deborah Brown and Footes' mentor was Walker Percy.  In competition with the "Orders" Middle Eastern opium supplies evolved the Golden Triangle, as much a reason for the Vietnam War as any other booty.  This opium production region was also competition for the "Orders" Middle Eastern supplies which, like the British opium peddlers, were dumped in China in exchange for spice, silk and other goods which led to writers like Pearl S. Buck and other Americans to decry the treatment of the Chinese and to foretell of a coming Chinese Cultural Revolution.  Silk was spun with American cotton into exotic cloths while putting smiles on the faces of New York's garment district workers who often compensated for their long hours and poor working conditions with a snort.  Meanwhile, American blacks who had rightly exited the South's poverty discovered that the Civil War was fought mostly for alternative reasons, else they would not have been the target of the CIA's Iran-Contra sale of drugs-for-weapons-for-hostage policies that funded the "Orders" Central American ambitions.  Furthermore, Reconstruction would not have ended with the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869, leaving that job to the 1960's Civil Rights era a hundred years later.

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, W. Burroughs and Harvey Firestone,
some of the core 1930's "Business Plot" leaders that General
Smedley Darlington Butler countered by his testimony to Congress.
     From Glasgow in 1930, a leading Scottish CPA and businessman would immigrate to the U.S. and become a key cog in the Order’s ambitions.   According to Sutton, the company that pivoted quickly within the dialectic of the Order’s principle of money-making and power-consolidating was that  company that made tank tracks.  Wars are always won with boots on the ground, but boots are no defense against bullets.  Tanks were the ticket and Caterpillar owned the international patent on tank tracks.  William Blackie, CEO of Caterpillar, had a sister, Jessie Hyne Blackie Hamilton, who unlike William remained in Glasgow, but William ascended to the top of Caterpillar Company becoming its leading force for Post-World War II expansion. 
     Rudolf Hess flew to Lord Hamilton’s estate a few miles Southeast of Glasgow where he bailed out of his plane on May 10th, 1941.   One need only know the history of the Manhattan and Chase Banks in New York to see the Hamilton influence in America, but Rudyard Kipling, a Free Mason of the Washington and Franklin bent as opposed to the Prussian Scottish Blackwood group to which Albert Pike was beholding,  had pegged the Hamilton influence in his poem One Viceroy Resigns.  Lowland Scots are historically beholding to either their Highland Kings or British monarchs, the Hamiltons were no different, and when they are Jacobites they show clearly their passion for pleasing those atop the pyramidal pinnacles. Most have no Cromwellian DNA and hate the anti-primogeniture elements of Churchill's Kent with a passion.  Colonization meant recreating their own empire elsewhere, while Queen Elizabeth had said of Kent and it's anti-primogeniture traditions that the Puritan Congregationalists celebrated, but upon which the power elites depended elsewhere in England, "Were it not for Kent the kingdom would have long ago gone over to the Spanish."
     Hess was in Glasgow for some time before being taken by British Intelligence for questioning by spy master, Ian Fleming, who reportedly pressured Winston Churchill to use the occultist, Aleister Crowley, as a go-between, because of Hess’ German occultic beliefs and perhaps because of Flemings knowledge of the American "Order's'" dark occultic traditions.  That part of their history informs even the emergence in the 1980's of the Satanic Priest, Col. Michael Aquino, within the U.S. Intelligence community's pantheon of dark stars with extremely high security clearances.   Churchill denied this request from Fleming.  After the war, Hess was held under tight security in Spandau Prison until his death which his family claims was not a suicide, but a murder, not unlike so many of those deaths connected to the Iran-Contra scandal.....Danny Casalaro, Mark Lombardi, Gary Webb, or like the death of West Point leading ethicist who had confronted General David Petraeus about military and private contractor corruption in Iraq, Col. Theodore "Ted" Westhusing.  Soldier, Pat Tillman, likely had a similar fate.  Yes, Ian Fleming is the creator of the 007 spy mysteries.

    It is no mystery that Hess, from the family name from which German Hessian mercenaries came and who fought with the British against the Colonists particularly in the Southern Colonies of Georgia and the Carolinas….would fly to the Hamilton estate.  It is no surprise that Alexander Hamilton was the founder of the Federalist Society which domiciles the core of the elitists or that  the 2012 Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, is a direct descendant of the Hamilton clan.   It was in Glasgow that Scotch whiskey known as Johnnie Walker was distilled and in Georgia's Walker County,  Scottish American lords of the lesser manors gathered on the links of George Herbert Walker’s beloved and exclusive Augusta National Country Club.  Not able to easily return to Germany after the American Revolution and disliked along the Eastern Seaboard, the Hessians migrated to the American frontier where they built German communities that proved invaluable after World War II in helping the CIA chief spy master, Allen Dulles, incorporate the Third Reich's leading industrial and scientific contributors through Operation Paperclip.
     It was, however, in Akron, Ohio, home state of “The Order’s” progenitor, Alphonso Taft, that Rudolf Hess would likely have traveled had his mission worked.  The American “Business Plotter” Harvey Firestone’s tire business was in Akron and his company and Hitler's chemical engineers were holding tight reins on the secrets of synthetic rubber upon which armies also roll.  Together with Henry Ford, Burroughs, Lindbergh and the rest, Thomas Edison provided his own light to the Order’s mission in America.  Indeed, the son of William Blackie, Rev. Bruce Blackie, would attempt in the 1980’s and 1990’s to take over America’s schools through the privatized Edison Schools Inc, with the core elements of what Anthony Sutton said is the Order’s real mission….which is not so different from any totalitarian tactic, leftist or rightist….to create willing subjects, not independent thinkers.

     While in 1972 Frank Wallen Snepp was fighting it out in Vietnam, William Blackie was heading up Richard Nixon’s Blue Ribbon Panel and justifying through the same dialectic that Anthony Sutton so carefully disclosed, the justification for our bombing Vietnam, like Iraq and Afghanistan, into oblivion.

Tiananmen Square (l), Liberty Square (r)

      We suffer from limited vision and anemic, parasitic leadership that tells us that they alone create wealth and anyone else is simply transferring their wealth even when, as with Henry Ford, they hit the public coffers to fund roads upon which the cars roll or to bail out Wall Street and Madison Avenue when its celebration of greed tanks  the economy. We have long believed that the core Western values of freedom and liberty cannot really be embraced in Tiananmen Square in China or Liberty Square in Egypt and the West has its love of empire and power to thank for it.   Just as castles in Europe sank into the collapsing coal mines beneath them, so our dream of empire is collapsing as other people are accepting, embracing and spreading the very valuable core principles that we once championed.  Kipling's advice in One Viceroy Resigns is, as the Arab Spring has shown, false.   His words ring hollow as Churchill, on his best days, understood.

Rome and leisure. All roads lead to Rome.
Or books—the refuge of the destitute.        
When you … that brings me back to India. See!
Start clear. I couldn’t. Egypt served my turn.
You’ll never plumb the Oriental mind,
And if you did, it isn’t worth the toil.
Think of a sleek French priest in Canada;        
Divide by twenty half-breeds. Multiply
By twice the Sphinx’s silence. There’s your East,
And you’re as wise as ever. So am I.
     Not even Egyptians like serving a Pharaoh and when tyrants rule with the backing of the supposed champions of Democratic principles, they too rebel, looking as we do for a solitary figure standing in front of armored tank in their Tiananmen Square.
     For Binney, Snowden, Snepp and the rest its a carefully planned trap and one that snares people slowly until it is as Senator Frank Church warned.....too late!  And they, Binney, Snowden and Snepp, have added to the "books" that leave us anything but "destitute".


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  2. Dear Aangirfan,

    I agree with you. Albert Truehart Bush has written a powerful assessment of the current social crisis. He has made quite clear that he would love for this story to be widely told as have those to whom he said he has looked for inspiration. Lowell P. Wigglesworth has indicated that he would like for his investigation into the history and myth of American heritage to be published by leading U.S. magazines and that he would in no way require publishers like Lewis Lapham or Mort Zuckerman to receive copyright protections if they repeat his assertions in their entirety, though he is sure that Yale, Princeton, Columbia or even the University of Chicago’s presses will not welcome his corrective to the prevailing American myth. Justin N. Tyme, whose article on Wigglesworth’s thesis has also been published here finds Dr. Wigglesworth asserting his desire to get the truth out, too. “Drop it from airplanes. Print it on billboards. Email it to your friends in an unending cycle of truth telling,” said Tyme reading Dr. Wigglesworth’s hand written note, a copy of which was faxed to me.

    Winsip Custer